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20 Jul 2012 21:53:33
o neil eyeing up deal for jon walters from stoke for 4million as bendner not coming back if that deal doesnt happen jordan rhodes is 2nd choice big target for defence is richard dunne from villa and tomasz kusack for back up goalie

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What rubbish none of the above are better than the first eleven we already have mon stated he signing quality not anybody

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Every one chasing jordon rhodes and he will cost more than 4 million.........

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Only player i'd have from villa would be warnock and only cos LB has been a problem for us for years.

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Colback can do better job at lb than warnock. Hes rubbish

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You can have Warnock,Dunne & Collins for 4m - deal!


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20 Jul 2012 12:48:03
Our Argentinian friend has finally departed SAFC today after 2 years.

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Yaaayy bought time how many games did he play 5 or somthing..

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20 Jul 2012 09:42:47
Steven Fletcher and Gaddy Agbonlahor are definitely on MON shortlist.

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Heard that mon thinking about signing bendtner permanently,dont shoot the messenger,just heard off 3 people today.tk73

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He has been seen in seaham today

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Bendtner proved last season he is not good enough for prem only in his oversized head

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I think we need to be a bit more ambitious with our signings than the likes of agbonlahor and fletcher

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Disagree about Bendtner.I agree if he was made of chocolate he would eat himself,but he has got all the attributes of making a top-class AND I MEAN TOP CLASS centre-forward.To have the bottle to take a penalty at the ground formerly known as St James Park in such a hostile atmosphere takes some doing and if he could have his undoubted ego reined in to benefit the team in general then we would have one hell of footballer on our books.So if that rumour has any grain of truth in it then I could live with that.

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Sorry but he only scored single figures for us is bone idle and tries to play on the wing. Definately not for me

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I would take bendtner

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I'd rather have bendtner for 4 mil than fletcher for 10 mil

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Did you watch bendtner last season he lazier than jones was and is always out of position we need 15 goal a season striker not an inflated ego never been

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The people who say bendtner is good are people who think that everyone who plays for the top 4 are amazing well its not the case bendtner is garbage thinks he is sumthing he isnt, fair enuff hes a premier legue striker but only just he is so lazy as well

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I think a lot of bendtners critics learnt their football on an xbox etc, the lad is quality and will improve to become a top top player, expro durham

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Thank you sir/madam.As far as many are concerned if you cannot find him on a computer game than he must be useless.If people ACTUALLY STUDIED the game rather than press a button to make SAFC win the Champions League then it would be so much better.

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He won't score a huge amount but I think Bendtner has excellent link up play and his effort did improve a lot when O'neill came in! I think he's a better all round player than Fletcher

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Loll tbh bendtner is much better on a computer game you can make him run and try and sumtimes score a goal! he is actually crap you know it i know it dont kid ya selfs your a joke thinking he is good why cos he plays for arsenal.. your the type of person who would have sed patrick klivert was once the best striker in the world just because he played for barca and was gettin best wage around give your heads a wobble we can get a better striker than bendtner

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Im a season ticket holder and qualified coach so i know more than just x box and bendtner certainly isnt world class. He is average at best lazy always caught out of position many times last season we had the ball but nobody in the box cos he was out on the wing. We need 15-20 goal a season striker not him. He was trying to put himself in shop window last season and was crap what makes you think he can do better if he was permanent

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Eventually someone agrees that bendtner is not a world class striker never has never will people

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I don't think gabby will give us the goals we need. I wouldn't mind having bendtner on a permanent, especially at that price.

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You can offer Mr Villa himself , 200k p/w & he would not leave Villa.

Dream on

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20 Jul 2012 09:20:28
Fletcher deal being held up by money that would be due to Burnley sell on clause.

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Dont want him anyway average at best

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20 Jul 2012 05:05:19
Kenwyne Jones kids go to school in Durham where my brother works and had submitted a letter to say they were leaving at the end of the term however now have been reenrolled. Rumour has it he was supposed to be going to Galatassaray but may now be returning to Sunderland?!

Other rumours I have heard is we have enquired about Santa Cruz of Man City and Stewart Downing of Liverpool. Both clubs only want them to go on permanent deals though.
Antony S

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Which school in durham city is that as i teach p.e in durham city and very keen to know......k

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As poor as he has been for Liverpool, I think that Downing would be an excellent signing! Santa Cruz would be a very poor signing in my eyes as he's far past his best

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Downing left winger no? why have him when mcclean is better

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Wasnt it on skysports that santa cruz was goin to boro lol downing wud b decengt but like the above sed we have mclean

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Its Bow School mate!
Antony S

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