Sunderland Rumours Archive June 20 2012


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20 Jun 2012 17:26:37
Apparently were the front runners for the signing of saha. Hope it true I think he would shine alongside sess

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Why,he's 33 injury prone and passed his best-is this the players were getting for our ambition this season,if it is Sess will def be away,bottom 3

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Shine alongside sess bookies have stopped betting on sess joining spurs so some how this doesn't seem realistic. If Saha couldn't shine alongside VDV,modric,arteta then he wont shine with anyone. Should be looking to sign players who are younger and can score goals maybe get in a couple of loans to impress and therefore sign {Ed001's Note - they stopped taking bets on Martinez to be Liverpool's next manager.....}

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I agree with the comment above like we do need some quality to push on up the top half i can think of midfielders and defenders we can sign but strikers is a tough one are there any 20 goals a season stikers that will come to sunderland?

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Listen age is nothing look there a still top quality players over 30s out there Saha would be a great edition to our squad but we still need another striker to play along side that's where agbonlahor will fit in to

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Saha has been finished for 5 years with injuries etc. Whats mon doing? We have too many players the wrong side of 30!! We can expect Cruella (31) Heskey (34). Come on mon get some exciting youth in. safc1973

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Is it just me who thinks agbonlahor would do very little for our club, saha on a free, yes! agbonlahor NO! dont rate him at all

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20 Jun 2012 14:17:49
Just been told that LG and Invest in Africa are going to be the new club sponsors. LG home top. Invest in Africa away top. Hugh financial deal the biggest the club has had to date. LG 3 yrs. Invest in Africa 1 yr

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I hope this is true, but are you allowed a home sponsor and an away sponsor? surely the 2 companies would rather have both shirts?

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Invest in africa has them both it is a large oil company

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If its the same top i saw being posted around ages ago, the home top looks awesome

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Can you repost that mate

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I heard a rumour a while back that LG where wanting to take over the name of the stadium as part of a sponsorship deal?

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Well that would be very good news, and as a sunderland fan i'd welcome it!

if the name does change i'd like to show our stupid neighbours that it can be done gracefully and without a load of fuzz! because im sure we all know its for the greater benifit of sunderland and its not like people would stop calling it the SoL.

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Was told that LG deal feel throw, has Tullow Oil offered more money. and agreed to sign a 2 yr shirt deal and not 1.

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Its only 1 season deal but both partys want it to be a long term deal should it take off

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20 Jun 2012 14:14:07
Sessegnon is in much demand interest clubs are PSGFC, Marseille, Lille, Monaco, Gooners, Spurs, Citizens and new club looking at him Al Ahli (UAE). Who's coaching staff where watching Elmo. But ended up being more interested in Sess. He is away. Hope we do get £20 plus million for him.

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Got 20 mil for Henderson and didn't see that being used to fund more signings so even with 20 mil we wouldn't invest it

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That 20m is for this season's kitty as well as other fees from last season and any sales genorated during this close season. In MON we trust, He will be negotiating for as much money and quality he get to build "HIS" team. This is the season for MON to shine.

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20 Jun 2012 10:26:27
Been a lot of rumours about Louis saga coming on a free. Would take him proven striker but does go off the boil for long spells. Still descent on a free though

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Louis Saha hope not. Total crap

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He not total crap decent striker but we need another striker tho

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We are desperate for strikers.Saha would be a good signing in as much that he would come free. However, I would only see him as back up. We need a striker who can score a lot of goals and that is not going to be Saha,

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How many goals did he score for everton last season and spuds awful signing

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Not total crap, he is familiar with the back of the net, which is more or less what you need as a forward.

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