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20 Jun 2013 23:43:11
Watch that Duvan Zapata on youtube, just what we need, think we should buy him PDC!

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The thing is I believe Danny Graham could do the job just as good. We just need somebody to supply good balls into his feet. We need more creative players.

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Absolutely agree Ginga. This is what we have lacked for the last twenty years. Someone who is comfortable on the ball and not a sideways or back player.

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Personally think we need to get shot of most of the first team, and buy a totally new first team player. Only players I would keep would be Mignolet, Westwood, O'Shea, B'diatribe, Colback, Johnson, Cattermole, Fletcher, Wickham, & keep all the academy players.

Sell on Bardsley, Brown, Cuellar, Larsson, Gardner, McClean, Vaughan, Elmohamady, Sessegnon, Graham & Ji.

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Were not even linked with him.

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Altidor and Zapata are very similar but would be great supporting either Danny or Fletch. It ould give the boys a frontline which we have never had since Phillips someone who attacks defenders. Bring it on

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Get shot of the players you have mentioned and we are relegated what you on man

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There is not a striker on the planet will score with no service

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20 Jun 2013 22:25:42


Ok, don't have a go at me, I'm just passing on what I've heard

Sunderland did launch a 5.5m bid for him but Napoli wanted a lot more, after seeing Insigne have such good performances for Italy U21, Sunderland could possibly, POSSIBLY up their interest in him, however unlikely it is!

If there were any truth in this I would see Migs going to Liverpool for 10m and put that money towards the deal, whilst letting Westwood step up and become our new No1

Sorry for wasting your time {Ed024's Note - Its been a while since Insigne's been mentioned so I'll let it pass}

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If we get Insigne il shave my lass while shes asleep! Hope we get him, be a right laugh (not for her)

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I think he s valued at £15 million if i'm right!

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Wont get him, sunderland buy players nobody has heard of {Ed024's Note - I sense a barcode !}

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20 Jun 2013 21:58:00
Sick of mags keep sayin we getting players no ones heard of! Did anyone now who all your French warriors were when yous got them, answer is not at all! And they turned out to good for your stinking baggy maggy club. So do us a favour stay off this site and worry about what fat mike is doing to your own club hahaa. What a joke castle are bahhaaaaa. Honestly carnt wait for the season to start.

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Hope you Skunks enjoy Joke Kinnear at the "Wee Club" because his mate Little Dennis is coming next! Ha Ha!

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LOL, there's a lot of fans who heard of sissoko who was wanted by spurs, juventus even you lot. m'biwa was rated at 18m and wanted by man u and milan, debuchy regular france starter, cabaye top midfielder french international, same with ben arfa, haidara wanted by spurs. by the way if we're a wee club, sunderland must have the reputation of a conference club. Newcastle always be bigger than sunderland.
{Ed024's Note - Two Questions -
1. If all those clubs were serious about the french lads than why in all honesty would they sign for Newcastle ?
2. What is plan B - your team performed better without the french lads than with them ? You seem to be celebrating the fact you have the french lads - given their performances - why ?}

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Skunks always in Sunderlands shadow until they win two league titles to catch us up, get 75,000 gate to match our record crowd and beat biggest win between the two, which is Wongaland 1 Sunderland 9.
Now considering these feats of excellence are very unlikely to be beaten anytime soon, I think its safe to say Wongaboy, that you will be in our shadow for a very long time bonny lad!

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Because Ed, he knows nowt, probably been supporting the Skunks since "92".

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20 Jun 2013 17:20:10
Hernandez and Zoet have agreed deals with SAFC will travel to Sunderland early July to undergo medicals along with Diakite Roberge and Cabal and Ba. No news on Cavanda and Orban it's still a waiting game.


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20 Jun 2013 13:35:39
Looking at Harrison Mojica, Small pacey play.

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20 Jun 2013 13:28:28
Sunderland looking at Duvan Zapata. Sorry if I got name wrong. Been told he is just what the lads are looking for, the question is will he be any good for the best league in the world?

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Watch him in action on you tube, this boy looks the part man. Sign him up PDC.

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Googled this lads name and Aye yer right he could end up at the stadium of light, but its Benficas not Sunderlands i'm afraid.

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20 Jun 2013 09:34:22
PDC battling with Steve Bruce to get Carlton Cole.

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I hope not! Never mind hitting a barn door he could not score with a pocket of tenners! rather have Ryan Noble back!

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No no no not carlton cole. totally useless

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No ge0rdi3. As you know all cole goes to newcastle

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Why lie? he isn't anywhere near the type of player we're looking at. safc93

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Was good few years back but not now. rather have JI back!

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If pdc signes him he's mad he couldent score a goal for darlinton any more

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G0rdi3s are pathetic stick to your own site

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20 Jun 2013 09:10:55
sorry to say to all sunderland fans but people who think we are going to gwt 7 mill for ji are mad

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We should keep him! why is it that strikers like Ji and Graham can do so well at other clubs but not here!. somethings very wrong there!

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Apparently ji suits the german league a lot better and even if we did sell him there's no way we would get like 6 or 7 million for him

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We could be mad about the £7m for Gi but in the harsh reality of football a second rate manager could get an 8 year contract in the EPL! and then appoint a fruit and veg market trader from the Hackney Marsh barrow boys in JK! lol lol lol RAW 74

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To be honest rvp would of struggled in our squad last season a striker can only score if he is fed the ball on a regular basis and our midfield let us down there sess was brilliant on his day but greedy until he ran out of options then trying to win the ball back instead of a little show of brilliance and then give and go

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I honestly can't believe we let ji go he was 100% all the time get rid of mclean and slot ji in there
he deserves to stay for his goal against city I have never had such a feeling of euphoria and coming away from sol unable to talk because my throat was raw keep him

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20 Jun 2013 07:35:00
Look lads if Ji is attracting intreast from Broussia Dortmund for around 6 million then he must be special I say give him a go!

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He doesn't want another go and who can blame him. Showed promise and was never given a chance, even when we were desperately short of strikers.
Another big mistake by MON.

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I don't agree. It could be that he is better suited for German football, therefore cash him, get the profit and use it to strengthen other areas.

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TOTTALY agree with the comments JI wasnt given a chance! brought on with 5 minutes to go regulaly isn't being given a chance. why do managers sign players for them to warm the bench! at least Dortmund see what a good player he is and next season hell be playing in the champions league!. lack of ambition by this club has cost us!

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20 Jun 2013 00:03:58
Would not be surprised if we play a friendly against Bidvest Wits? {Ed024's Note -

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19 Jun 2013 23:58:46
Apparently we are in advanced talks with a top striker from the prem
I bet it's Defoe!

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Can't see him leaving London to be honest

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