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21 Apr 2012 16:28:24
Wolfsburg Greek loanee player will never get a deal at the lads, but the Lads will but a offer in for Wolsburg striker Rasmus Jansson.

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Are you having a laugh? just checked up on who he actually is, he is 21 played 11 games for wolfsburg 0 goals looks like the actor gene wilder god help us if you where a scout for sunderland

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Haha, I like it. Got to remember your a poor club.

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It was a sgb who posted original

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21 Apr 2012 15:20:36
A lads scout was spotted at Lyon believed to be looking at Kim Kallstrom and others.

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Kim Kallstrom? Dear oh dear are Sunderland fans deluded...

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Kim Kallstrom. You are kidding right? My guess he was just wanting to watch a side who play good football.

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That rules spewcastle out then!

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Its rules Newcastle out simple because he was in France watching Lyon. Do you need a geography lesson to know where France is. Lyon don't play in the Premier League. We might meet them in Europe next season though. SMB.

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You look good to be playing lyon next year as they look like europa league as well

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No lyon will be in the champs league where you won't, you gonna do a stoke and finish midtable because of the extra games you play

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Funny old thing more fortune telling from our unwashed neighbours. I ll ask again how did that go this season??? Regardless what net season we can still play Lyon nextt season in Europe. Might want to read your comment before sending it. SMB.

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How far do you think you will get in europe, you haven't won anything in 60 years nearly, you in europe again but typical glory supporting mag thinks they are going to win it, suppose you think you can win the premiership next season aswell? Going to be funny when reality sets in next season for you and it all comes crashing down when your better players are sold SGB!it's not fortune telling clown its called an opinion, maybe you should try it sometime instead of preaching about your black n sh*te team on a sunderland banter page. SGB SGB SGB!

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You have to expect this ribbing if you tell us its all down to luck and oh yes you ain't played anyone yet bull. Well we are back in Europe and 4th and we never slipped out the top 7 all season .

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If it was an opinion you would say I think. You have said WHEN meaning its going to happen, which suggest fortune telling of events that you have already seen. My opinion is we will only get stronger and add to an already talented squad. SMB.

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Not one comment here says that we will win any European competition we may enter. Simple saying we could meet Lyon in Europe next season. You are looking and reading through bitter and teary eyes. Give them a wipe lad. SMB.

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Instead of disagreeing why don't comment back to why you think it is wrong. It is a banter site. Not all SMB are sheep, are they???

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Like geordies don't disagree to comments?? wake up SGB!

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I do disagree but always say why. Bit of a childish remark wasn't it? Still haven't answered the question though. Is your crystal ball not working?

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Lyon only look like finnishing 4th dont follow french football but sure they only get 3 champions league places

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Kallstrom will cost double figures easy so no chance! sell to buy this summer im afraid!

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