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21 Jan 2012 17:31:15
Sessegnon scores on his last game for the club close to signing for Totenham absolutely gutted but wish him all the best.

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We'll adopt the Daniel Levy approach to transfers then, Sess will cost you 35m then please

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Spurs get real if he leaves it will only be back to france

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Load of rubbish

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Hope your wrong as he was great today with fantastic. Goal Mart as team working really hard word is Valencia centre forward commin in keep it up mart and players will want to sign

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Sess maybe struggling to settle in england but last time i looked spurs were also in england. another sgb who failed geography?

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After seeing his celebration after his goal i would say he isnt going anywere

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Hes worth 10m max

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Im a mag and i hope for you lot he stays cos hes a cracking little player! fast and nippy and got a good eye for goal! another cracker from him on saturday! good luck keeping him though cos like has been said many times on here "money talks" but like i said i hope he stays!

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10mil max, i want some of what you have been smoking. His play in the last few weeks has been exceptional. He isnt near the end of his contract as far as i am aware, he isnt nearing retirement. therefore worth alot more than 10mil.

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Thanks to our friend up the road,sensible crack! :)

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Im the mag who posted earlier and ive scoured SSN and local news sites and no where can i find anything about sess leaving or being bought! like i said earlier hes a cracking player and i for one like to see good players up here and not just in london! although i do like to see them at newcastle mostly!

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21 Jan 2012 13:02:58
MON looking at bringing in Drogba on loan with a view to a permanent move. You heard it here first!

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About as likely as me playing but its a great fantasy

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Sgb. At least make them a little bit achieveable.

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Lol nearly fell off me chair, thought you said Drogba loan move to the mackems! oh dear, cough cough....

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Obviously replying to his own post SGB.

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Keep laughing,you might give yourself a hernia!

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Too big wages.. can't see it happening..

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Already stated he is staying at chelsea till the summer at least! will probably head to usa after that or dubai for 1 big payday!

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21 Jan 2012 10:58:21
Ola Toivenen
Stiliyan Petrov
Marcell Jansen
Marc Albrighton
Bobby Zamora

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Oniell has said on tv HE IS NOT LOOKING FOR ANYONE so we shall struggle to the end of season then buy in the summer

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Nee chance of these happening

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Just 'cos MON says he isn't looking for anyone doesn't mean he isn't looking, talk about gullible. actually if he says he's not looking for anyone, it means he is looking for someone but that's another argument

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Why do you say struggle to end of season?

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If struggling is what we have been doing since O`Neil came, then I can only dream of more struggling.

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Struggle because we have no strength in depth no replacement for mcclean or larsson or sess or catts (the way hes playing at present)

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We lack a LB. We can cope with injuries etc. in most areas.

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Colback should be given a go there,strong and quick.

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We need a left back and a striker for the meantime I'd say, elmo can cover for larsson if needed, gardner,meyler centre cover for catts, sess is injured you play another striker Ji or Fraizer if he is back to full fitness, not the end of the world like

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Elmo nowhere near larsson ji or frazier no where near sess

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20 Jan 2012 23:54:57
Aritz Aduriz coming on loan

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Averages 1 goal in 3 games not good but better than bendtner

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The return of Roly Gregoire would be better than Bendtner !!

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Roly! now there was a player,that takes me back :)

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On the contrary a goal every three games, especially for a number of years is highly commendable.

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Thats an average of 13 goals in the league season! not too bad really! who have you got at the minute who scores that many? if you were gauranteed that many youd snap him up

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