Sunderland Rumours Archive July 21 2011


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21 Jul 2011 16:49:08
According to catalan press we are after ilie sanchez who plays for barca 'b'. anyone know anything about him?

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21 Jul 2011 16:21:40
Not an SAFC fan (Man City) but apparently you lot are lining up a bid for a "marquee" overseas striker according to my source (an agent, but not involved directly). Signing would be a record fee & "statement of intent" if the player agreed terms. I can also clear up Nzogbia & Gibson for you. Nzogbia : Willing buyer, willing seller & willing player. But agent advised to see out contract if £68k wage not met. Gibson : Willing buyer, willing seller & willing player. Agent pushed terms & deal broke down. This my own speculation but you may get Onuoha if you wanted him
- out of favour with Mancini & dropped from pre-season tour. 3 years left on contract so £6m sounds about right. U could play him up front against Chelsea :-) have a good season fellas. BLUEY

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21 Jul 2011 09:06:06
This mornings Daily mail, Nzogbia is stalling on a move to Villa as he wants to come to s/land.

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