Sunderland Rumours Archive June 21 2012


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21 Jun 2012 16:42:29
Sunderland have announced they have struck a deal with the same online company that represents man city online. We're making all the right moves behind the scenes now just need to make the right moves in the transfer market and on the pitch

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Why disagree, it's on

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21 Jun 2012 14:00:26
This is 100% truth sessegeon will not leave this season he has stated he is enjoying his time on wearside and has no ambition to leave the club Martin o'neil has confirmed this statement by Stephane

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Let's stop kidding ourselves. Last season we were mid table amd he could be in a top four club. He'll go without a doubt!

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If he goes ,he goes... We'll get a lot of money for him and I feel we will use it wisely for squad building! If he stays all the better. Either way MON knows whats best for the team and for the club. I personally would like Sess to stay.

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Sessegeon is not leaving end of he stated he's happy and he has the backing of marty and if Marty put right deals in transfer window we'll easily become a top 6 side (princey1995)

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