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22 Aug 2012 22:29:20
Why is everyone persistent about McGeady, we're linked with him every transfer window. Wake up, he's not signing.

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Agree and hope he does not sign overated we have better already here

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Back-up option if we don't get AJ but it seems we will get AJ so not to worry then.

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22 Aug 2012 22:26:56
Berbatorv at seaham hall tonight, hopefully be the second player


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Total nonsense I work at seahan hall berbatov not there

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Dont think anyone belives the seaham hall thing anymore haha

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22 Aug 2012 21:43:38
Ed can you confirm fletcher deal has been accepted and that 2 players will sign tomorrow can't see this anywhere else if so who is the second player thought to be {Ed024's Note - Fletcher deal being finalise. Not aware of any other imminent deals}

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Only scores against poor teams total waste of money hes gonna be a huge disappointment {Ed024's Note - Facts tell a different story - last season scored against Spurs, Arsenal, Liverpool as well as Sunderland and Newcastle}

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Add man Utd to that list ed superb headed goal aswell that was arkward position of his body when he scored it. Best striker with his head last season. He actually didn't score many against smaller teams to be honest.

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22 Aug 2012 20:57:03
Steve Fletcher in Sunderland at the Seaburn Hotel tonight. Medical tomorrow morning. £12.5m plus add ons.

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Really ? just been havin the crack with him and aly cissokho outside the radisson in durham where they are staying !

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Just glad we got him will be great for us

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14 mill plus add ons enjoy but don't go down we gained 8 mil you will loose 8 mil he is a loser and a quitter. But you got your money for bent don't be bitter but you ain't got a 14 mil player you got a 6 mil player. You really should go get jarvis he puts it on a plate for fletch west ham have got the real deal.

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Seb Larson set pieces + fletch = goals I think our deal is just fine enjoy the championship

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Just had the crack with fletch n
Cissoko don't take nonsense, fletcher havin medical tonight if personal terms get agreed, he will b only signing fog reading game

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Im sorry but i think larsson is a little better at deliveries than jarvis

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Larsson better deliveries than Jarvis? Dont think so m8.. Jarvis got 218 crosses in last ssn.. Larsson got 158. Plus 8 Prem goals scored by Jarvis.. Think i can work out who the better player is?

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22 Aug 2012 20:54:35
press conferance tomorrow with 2 players expected to sign one will be fletcher anyone have an idea who the other one will be lads

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Adam johnson i hope

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Heskey or owen

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By what im seeing it adam johnson fingers crossed

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Must be a mag(green eyed monsters are surfacing)

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Emily Heskey sorry but it's true. {Ed024's Note - Bet its not}

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Adam johnson arrived at newcastle airport tonite

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22 Aug 2012 18:35:22
Hiya ed, any more news on aj or jenus, jenus seems like tabloid nonsense tbh, what are your transfer expectations and Seasons expectations, who do you reckon for top 4 and bottom 3 ?

Mb {Ed024's Note - Agree that Jenas is nonsense - not convinced he would add that much to the squad. Villa apparently expressed an interest in AJ. But I still see a Euopean Club (Liverpool / Spurs) as the greatest threat to us getting him. Newcastle were interested but as I understand it only prepared to take Johnson on loan - Man City not prepared to loan him out.
I would expect Olsson to come in and Richardson likely to go out.
Other than that its a bit of a lottery. Wouldn't be surprised if we are quietly trying to do some business on the continent.
Don't see Berbatov or Guidetti coming.}

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Yeah I completely agree with what you've said, would be disappointed of guidetti didn't come mind

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Man city hanging on to their strikers as they expected aguero to be out for 6 months however he looks like he could be back in a month

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Never heard anything of nufc trying to get aj on loan as pretty sure with there scouting system at present theres a lot better player out there for less money than andy johnson and also i,m pretty sure andy johnson is well known for being a party animal and likes a good night out...what you think ed. {Ed024's Note - They enquired but for loan only, not convinced there are a lot of players of his standard available - source pretty solid. He does have a bit of form for enjoying a gargle but that could be said about a few........}

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Adam johnson ya mean {Ed024's Note - yes - my mistake}

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Come on adam johnson be a legend and a hero in the safc history books,

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22 Aug 2012 18:20:26
Ed is there any news on adam johnson {Ed024's Note - -It's gone a bit quiet - no one else is shouting they've got him so we just need to keep them crossed}

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Who is ed {Ed024's Note - Ed short for Editor}

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Thought we were talking to the horse, bumma

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Ed is well known for his long face !

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22 Aug 2012 17:09:24
if the fee is 13.5 mil a lot of fans want to get in the real world short will be sanctioning a transfer record for the club we love keep the faith

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I completely agree mate, sick of seeing people posting 'pull your thumb out short' because he is using his own money for most of our transfers ! Our club doesn't generate 50 million a year so when people expect to see 50 million quid worth of signings they really should think where the money is coming from and why short might be a bit reluctant about spending that extra 5-7 million in one deal !


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Think you will find we get well over 50 m a year.20m shirt sponsor 30+m sky. Etc etc

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Are you forgetting we've sold bent Henderson and gyan and more on top of that, dont you think that is helping to buy these players its not all out of shorts pocket, he should be spending a lot more, were a big club that needs financial muscle to help us achieve our potential we need top players to attract the fans to generate more money, we can't even fill our ground because people r sick of watching average players

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How much do you reckon it costs to run the club though? And we are still in debt !so when we sell a player it get divided up into debt,wages, maintance and then what left over gets put into a transfer pot

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22 Aug 2012 13:15:42
hi ed any truth in fulhams interest in richardson and do you think we could use him as part of a deal for dempsey {Ed024's Note - Richardson more likely to end up at West Ham rather than Fulham, Dempsey very unlikely to want to move 'Up North'.

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Wolves fan here. Can confirm that you have signed Fletcher. Although i can't tell you the fee.

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Hope so n good luck for the season

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Yeah its defo. (Wolves fan again). You can check it on Express & Star Wolverhampton. Just google it n click on Wolves news... Yeah good luck 2 you too. Wiill be watching out for him when he plays (it'll hurt! Lol.) Hopefully we'll be back up there with you soon..

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22 Aug 2012 14:31:36
According to Sky Sport News, Wolves and Sunderland have agreed a fee for Steven Fletcher


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Fletcher deal agreed just agreeing terms now, hopefully Sunderland will also get GUidetta on loan from man city new striker partnership at sol n get Johnson for the wing n left back n good signings in window

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Johnson would be the icing on the cake

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Please jhonson come

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22 Aug 2012 14:28:29
sunderland and wolves agree fee so am glad for that as he will be a good striker for us, mon will get the best from him, and that must be good seem though he done well for a basic club last year. S.Rooney

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22 Aug 2012 14:25:31
sunderland and wolves agree fee for fletcher am glad for that because he will be a good striker for us. S.Rooney

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22 Aug 2012 14:24:27
sky sources safc and wolves agree fee for fletcher mad max

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22 Aug 2012 13:49:04

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Been offered a long term deal at citeh,so loan possible

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22 Aug 2012 13:41:08
Let's face it lads. Talk is cheap & that is all we've had from MON & ES. Luckily we got a great point at Arsenal, but it delays the fact that we will be disappointed come 1st September.

Adam Johnson - Spurs or Liverpool
Guidetti - No
Dempsey - Liverpool
McGeady - Run out of time
Defoe - Will stay at Spurs or go to Aston Villa
Martin Olson - Run out of time
Jenas - Not on the radar just a rumour
Berbatov - Italy
Dawson - QPR
Dann - No
Fletcher - Wolves will play hard ball & we won't get him in time.
Downing - Run out of time
Rico - Will stay until January
Saha - Will get injured

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You couldn't be further from the facts ! ps time has not run out, the window doesn't close until the 31/8/12 - Stick to the facts or don't bother commenting.

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Still sure about this mate?

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Wolves agree fee for Fletcher. Fail.

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Got the fletcher one wrong for starters

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Glass half empty much??

fee agreed for fletcher. i suggest you keep your head up because most of us are are just a dementor from harry potter sucking the life out of everything CC

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Deal not done yet. Come back when he is wearing the stripes. As for the rest, I am right.

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The echo grumpys seem to of found a new site to talk testicles on

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You have a totally negative attitude that is not what we need. The fans need to get behind the team and manager. Keep the faith!

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Saha will get injured ! . .. so will most of the players in EVERY EPL squad ----- stating the obvious

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Just to get futher facts right: Downing/Berbatov/Dawson/Dempsey/Defoe/Dann were all on the rumour mill by agents more than likely, not by SAFC.

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22 Aug 2012 13:32:52
huddlestone to stoke having medical now guess he aint coming......dawson going to qpr as he was mentioned....seems every where is a better option than safc. {Ed024's Note - Not sure we were in for these two.}

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We were never in for these, rumours again with no substance.

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22 Aug 2012 13:22:16
Was listening to Sun Fm on the way home from work last night n they reported Sunderland in talks with a number of players: Adam Johnson, Jermain Jenas, Martin Olson, Steven N'Zonzi, Steven Fletcher, a Serbian fullback (sounded it anyway) and a centre back, think it was Scott Dann mentioned.

Also mentioned Danny Rose which has come to light this morning on the interweb

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22 Aug 2012 10:33:03
MON first target is to land Stevn Fletcher, he is very close to signing the wolves forward a fee and terms have been agreed but they just need to sort out the original fee and any add ons there will be. MON is also omn the verge of signing a deal with Adam Johnson of Man City for 10m but this deal may fall through if spurs put in a bid too. If the Johnson deal collapses MON will try and get Aiden McGeady for a similar price. MON is also looking at getting Man City's John Guidetti on loan but Guidetti agent has said 15 clubs have approached him and he is still yet to make a decision. Another loan signing MON is looking at is Danny Rose of spurs due to him unable to make regular first team football at white hart lane. Martin Olssen of blackburn is also a top priority of MON and he is trying to get him for a fee of around 4m. Finally, MON is trying to sign Clint Dempsey as he is unsettled at Fulham and would improve our strike force, however, Dempsey would like to go to liverpool but they are yet to approach him. Looks like promising times ahead lads. In MON we trust.

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Nothing new here then mcgeady same price as johnson? do me a favour. did you watch him last night for spartak? he was shocking. very over rated. would rather have no one than him. high price and wage for average player

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No signings. We will run out of time or get hi jacked

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Yeah would rather go for Matt Philips from Blackpool than Mcready, if AJ goes to Liverpool we should go for Downing and if he goes to Spurs we should go for Lennon? Fingers crossed we get AJ though

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McGeady was voted in the top 10 of the Russian PL last season - can't be that shocking !

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If we dont get johnson we should use the money and go in for victor moses can play on the wing or up front and hes only 21.

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Yeah, the Russian prem name five ggod players in it.

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Doumbia, Dzagoev, Danny, Kerzhakov, Honda are just 5 players off of the top of my head. The Russian league isn't one of the best in the world, but there's still a lot of quality to be found there

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Samuel etoo Chris samba there's a couple more to add to the list

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22 Aug 2012 08:27:13
Sunderland and Wolves will finally agree payment terms for Fletcher in the next 24 hrs. Still a chance for Aj but if it does not pan out then we will go for Dempsey. John Guedetti also close to agreeing a deal at Sunderland.

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15 clubs interested in guidetti so probably rules us out

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Won't get anyone in

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Thanks for your cash.

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22 Aug 2012 00:55:23
Ed: The spurs players we're being linked with do you think Sessegnon could be apart of it?? {Ed024's Note - Would be surprised - don't think MON would be keen to reduce his striking options}

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If it was defoe and huddleston maybe but not jenas and rose.

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Huddlestones slower than turner

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I ment we would have to be linked with better players from spurs for sess to be in the deal.

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Thud gone to stoke on loan

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