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22 Jan 2013 21:53:56
Facundo Ferreyra is the Argentinian being tooted!

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Weve been link with virtually everybody ..what we need is signings ..the mags are doing it ...and the Swansea boss has the right idea !... he doesn't sell Graham till he gets Jones ..why didn't we do that with Campbell ??

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Im fed up with all these rumours and whos going to sign tommorow or the next day !..we need some positive action MON !

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Aye but the mags are signing bargain bucket french players, don't forget whoever they sign two of them are to replace Colocini, & Ba. In my opinion Colocini is world class

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I was talking to my cousin who is a toontanic fan and he said if they sign these 3 french players they will have 20 foreign players in their squad but i'm sure the rule is a maximum of 17, can anyone clear this up for me. Safc93 {Ed001's Note - 17 over the age of 21. Though a player who has been in the UK for 3 years before the age of 21 counts as homegrown anyway.}

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Be patient on signings. Mons record on signings is second to none, with our limited budget.
Panic signings are a waste of time and money.
As for the Mags. Ba gone. Colo going.
Simpson going in summer and Ben Arfa coming out and saying that he would consider a move to a big club and actually listed some. Fans don't rate Guitierez, Williamson, Shola and Merveau.That is a lot of tallent to replace before they start to strengthen their squad.
Trouble ahead me thinks.


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Think you are spot on m8 its hard to replace world class players don't think the replacements are from top 7 CLUB in Ligue 1 ?

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Nonsense. Fletcher was a good signing. But Saha? Cuellar? MacFadden? 'Panic signings' that have proven to be a 'waste of time and money'!

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They were freebies

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Saha, cellar, McFadden.
Free, free, free.
Be patient, he wouldn't have sent Ji on loan and Campbell to Cardiff without a decent plan.
8 days left!

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What money? they cost nowt

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Mcfadden and Saha I agree.

Stop being so negative, you are sounding like one of our friends from a wee club.


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Dissagree with the Sissoko predicted signing !..great player at a bargain price why aren't we in for him..we desperatly need a highly skill full midfielder as Gardener Colback Catts and possibly Naydia are similar holding players !

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Agree with the above why sign players at expensive wages when they aren't playing ...Short won't be happy with that !

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Oh, so we weren't paying these players? Sorry, I thought that we had added them to the wage bill- that is the same wage bill we hear has to be reduced to create scope for new signings. Now I know they play for free his judgement looks much better.

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Presume MON is happy with whickam as cover for fletcher, still have noble hanging around there. I predict no new striker this month. To be honest that's probably a good thing. {Ed024's Note - not if Fletcher gets injured its not ! I predict one more striker in.}

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22 Jan 2013 21:53:28
yossi benayoun any1, not sure what his contract details are like but he's the sort of player we need who can make stuff happen

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To old and not worth chelseas prices

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22 Jan 2013 21:50:08
Another 2 for Hooper tonight. Better bet than Graham I would say. Also linked with another Argentinian striker but not Zarate.

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22 Jan 2013 18:23:56
According to Italian media we're working on a deal for zarate and he is keen to join as he wants another crack at the prem. Safc93

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Echo reckons its not happening

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Mon says he wants bigger squad well their is more going out then in at the moment !!! please martin bring better players in then what's going out and lets kick on!!

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What I've heard is he's staying at Lazio !...its a lot warmer than the North East !

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Surely not another just before deadline closes signing !...we need players in now !

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Better dealine than not at all.

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22 Jan 2013 15:58:36
swansea want a player in before D G can even speak to a club MON wil give up on D Graham if deal is not done Wed that might push MON in for Hooper on thursday ?

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Hooper will go to Norwich

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MON seems to have left himself in a precarious position, allowing Campbell, Saha and Ji to go, while facing fierce competition for Graham and Hooper. Perhaps time has come to step up efforts for Hooper following the rejection of Norwich's latest bid, while Graham seems more likely to end up with the team he supports up the road. Zarate has always looked like a non-starter.

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Spurs after Hooper! Back to the drawing board then!

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Graham will be in swansey squad to play chelsea he won't be able to have medical till late thursday maybe friday

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If swansea qualify for final can't see graham leaving till end of season

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Agree with the above post !...Campbell shouldn't have gone without getting someone in first ..!

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