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22 Jul 2012 13:53:48
Any truth in we could be in for Matt Jarvis aswel as Steven Fletcher for 18million ed? {Ed001's Note - not that I know of.}

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Try 25mil+ 18 mil joker.....

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25m+?? are you for real 18m for both of them is a joke

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18 million for 2 championship/lower league prem players your joking

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This is a team who flirts with relegation every year and have just been relegated because they have average players would pay 15m at most for both

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Fletcher 21 goals in 42 apps scored v spurs arsenal man u last season good player in a poor team if carroll worth 35 trust me fletch is a bargain at 15

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Jarvis for 14 Million, Fletcher will prob cost about 17 Million. Think we should sign both.

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If you pay those prices for these two you will up there with Liverpool for getting ripped off.

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I know it isn't generally O'neills policy but I would prefer we were signing players from abroad, you get much better value for money

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Carrol was never worth 35 million probably about 15 as for fletcher yes scored more than carrol last season but lfc did not play carrol very much and also never played to carrols me play carrol the right way the last would demolish what fletcher does.......

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22 Jul 2012 09:13:59
Sunday Sun reports that we have just signed James Collins and Stephen Warnock

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Hows that work then as they are both in usa with villa

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I dont believe anything from the sun. Safc93

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One of them could possibly be on the cards.. but why could you not sign someone is they are in the USA.. have you not heard of these new fangled things called plains, faxes, video conferencing and telephones..

..oh!.. what type of mysterious witchcraft is this..

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Hope Martin O'neill gets sacked. No good players coming in, May as well get ready for relegation at this rate.

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Villa fan having a look in, Warnock's women has said she knows of nothing of him joining Sunderland.
I hope you sign him - MON got the best out of both of them & we got rid of Heskey , now for the rest of the tripe.
P.s Good Luck with King Carlos (Cuellar), he's amazing on his day but can be careless.

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Is the person saying hope O'neill gets sacked a sad pathetic geordie pretending to be a mackem? if not then mate you don't have a clue, probs a good job you not our manager!

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..Oh!.. while mentioning that mysterious witchcraft.. I forgot to add that no one had ever signed a player from USA.. it's just too far away lol..

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Aye & they have faxes & computers in lunatic asylums, (sack MON ?) run along son your teas ready

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..(Sack MON).. probs the same person who thinks USA is on the other side of the universe.. nailed on a Mag then..

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22 Jul 2012 09:04:48
According to The People, we are due to sign Warnock and Collins.
Good start.


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Warnock isnt bad, collins no better than what we have. Looks like mon is trying to put villas struggling defence together i think jizz,.

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If this is true why are we signing yet more defenders we NEED FORWARDS!

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Warnock was amazing under MON.


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