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23 Apr 2012 22:47:08
The Lads will give Aiden McGeary a change to start his career again my offering him a 4 yr contract.

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Worst kept secret in football that he going to villa! wont ever play for MON again after massive fall out at celtic!

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Never say never lad. Look at Tevaz situation

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Don't think he wants to play in the championship so that rules out villa.

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Villa going to get relegated, only 2 wins in 2012 the only other team to have a worse record is wolves and they relegated, cheap bids for bent and agbonlahor

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Sunderland only have 2 wins 11 games. Similar form don't you think?

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We ain't losing tho! And we are safe!

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Safe! It's a far cry from your top 6 and European squad from the start of the season that Sir Bruce put together.....

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Bruce is a Geordie therefore didn't have a clue! Next season you won't get half a season head start!

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Its funny how Sir Bruce didn't have a clue. Go back to the start of the season and according to many of your unwashed faithful said Sir Bruce had built a squad for the top 6 and Europe. Its the unwashed Sunderland fans who didn't have a clue. No wonder we call you deluded. SMB.

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Sunderland fans are realistic, the squad was good enough the manager wasn't. Newcastle fans are the most deluded in the country, you lot will expect to win the league next season... Funny how magpies are supposed to like shiny objects yet can't get near one.

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We deluded you said you where going to eaurope and we where getting relegated due to the bad buys we purchased in the summer...TELL ME WHICH PART OF THAT CAME which set of fans is deluded...smb

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Sunderland are realistic. Cheers for that. All talk. We will be in Europe, we will be top 6. Now that has happened this season it will happen next season when we finish above Newcastle and sign the fantasy player we keep putting on here blah, blah,blah. I ll think you will find it is Sunderland fans are the most deluded in the country.

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Like that one about the shiny object mate

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23 Apr 2012 21:28:05
Sunderland will make offers for 4 Rangers players:

Steven Naismith
Steven Davis
Kyle Lafferty
Kane Hemmings

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Wouldn't have any of them

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Davis and Naismith can play and would not be lost in the EPL....also there are rumours you guys are interested in Scott Brown does anyone know if there is any substance to this? Cheers.Sopot Celt

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Wouldn't mind hooper if the price is right

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Davis 2mill Naismith 1 mill Brown 10 mill Lafferty dont both lads waste of time diver

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Brown 10 mill what are u smoking 2-3 mll at the most


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23 Apr 2012 20:52:17
12 mill bid in for agbonlahor

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More like 8m

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More like wouldn't bother. Agbonlahor is terrible. Only used for pace

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Yeah he's quick that's about it, him and sess would be good to watch up top. But I don't think we can relay on his finishing

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23 Apr 2012 09:51:48
just spoke to adam johnsons sister faye, adam has said that he could be comin on loan to sunderland but hes not 100% yet but all his family are sayin that he is comin home for the year, as he doesnt like been on the bench all the time, as you already have worked that out. its all in there hands but he will be comin to safc if it goes his way. and thats a 100%

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Rubbish. Faye as is Andy Carrol ex the one he has got a kid to?

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Whats andy carrol got to do with original post the lad says he was speaking to johnsons sister not carrol

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No chance I live just round the corner from him he is defo not going Sunderland at the min he isn't going anywhere from the horses mouth

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Faye a kid to andy carroll wtf u on about she has a kid to david her boyfreind who doesnt even play football you sad geordie mug you havnt got a clue if you think that. and this is the origanal poster fsgb

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So he,s going back to easington then think thats hard to believe smb..why would he want to take 10 steps back and play for bottom half team....

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If you notice the question mark from the second poster you would see it asking a question of which " Faye ". How does that make him a mug. I would say your use of the English language makes you the SMB mug. As for Andy Carrol he has a kid to a girl called Faye Johnson. So that is the relevance. Never mind all that your comment is B*****KS.

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To get 1st team football SGB and be near his family of mackems!

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Maybe like shearer wants to play for the club he supported as a boy

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Tbh he could go to either sunderland or newcastle as his fam are sunderland fans and he a newcastle fan

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Adam is a newcastle fan and allways has been even though he played for nufc first when they released him at 10 years old is family are all makem fans this does not make a difference at all just can not see him going to us (toon) or going to sunderland at all i may be wrong but think its a big back ward step going to sunderland your mid table and going no he supose to be a party animal....

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Nothing like shearer at all and he will never be the player shearer was as shearer was a model proffesional not some football player out partying all the time which is the reputation adam has.....

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AJ is a bad egg likes the party life to much.

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If you all remember a few years ago when AJ was just a young lad at boro there was a massive scandal when his agent offered him to nufc without boros permission so could have had him but declined cos it was illegal even though his agent said he wanted to play for the team he supports!

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Im a mag and live not far from johnsons sister in easington village and yes her name is faye, her lad is a mackem supporter and a canny kid

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Newcastle fan calling alan johnson a party animal and a bad lad ye want to put ye hand over ye mouth does a certain newcastle player spring to mind nile ranger

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Its a known fact that adam johnson has a bad deal with it smb

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Aj bad reputation never seen him in the news for any of this not like ranger carrol and catts where do you get ye story from the beano sgb

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23 Apr 2012 09:48:30
reports in todays papers that Mon will have to sell before he can buy. Ellis Short saying that money was wasted by keane and bruce so the books need balancing.

If this is true (big if as papers talk rubbish 99% of the time) i can see Mon leaving....he left villa due to lack of investment, he has ambitions and wanted to get them champs league.

What do you lot think.....and before you start I am not a bitter geordie....just asking a genuine question.


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Don't believe it myself. He would of been told the budget when he joined the club. He will sell some players cos our squad has a few players O'neil doesn't fancy but that's the case with any club that a new manager is brought it..

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Been told MON needs to sell Angeleri, Riveros, McCartney, Gordon, Bramble, Gyan and Al-Muhammadi before he can buy any players. And to sell Sessegnon only if he gets a excellant offer. Ellis Short does want to balance the books and wants to offload these players has soon has possible. Then Ellis Short will give money to MON.

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What papers that in i would imagine he will sell players but that doesn't mean he has no money

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Over 80% of turn over goes on wages.ellis carnt keep it going this way,we need a massive clear out in the summer and start again,and if it means mid table for a few seasons so be it.
all that matters is staying in the prem.

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80% of turnover goes on wages? Well get your ar*es out of the pub and boost your P**s Poor gates!!

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Am a toon fan and in this day and age think shorts just been sensible we have all watched managers waste money on s**te look where that gets you i mean look at liverpool...

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Didnt spend in jan got 6m for gyan and made profit in summer so cant see why he would have to sell first. But will get good money for gyan and a few quid for fringe players plus wages saved from loanees going back and gordon leaving sould have plenty to spend

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