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23 Jan 2012 21:37:59
Gardner gone to Brum Cant be true can it?

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If he goes it's a shame but mart o neill will have someone lined up and we need a striker urgent

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In paper tonight,he's going nowhere in this window,comment from mon.

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Is this true or is a sgb just having some fun for a change?Hope not!

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SGB thinking they funny

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We are funny
Also. You need a striker, we need rid of one... Solution= shola ameobi.

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No you keep him, he has been there 12 years and he can play for you for another 12 years when your in the conference with Agent mike in charge

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Funny how agent mike seems to be double crossing you by doing well for us and agent bruce did his job good for us down there! even our agents are proving sharper and better than yours! haha

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No really you can have shola, he's s**t, he'll easily mix in with the players and fans

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He is already mixed in with a sh*te team and fans at newc9st1e be a shame to unsettle him where he is content to do great at your pathetic club SGB

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Why can't these sgb leave our site alone. 4 months with a few decent results and they are only where we were this time last year. Yet they are harping on about champions league and Europe again. Ashley would sell his nana to the afghans for a profit. 1 point and 1 point alone Ellis Short, Naill Quinn and Martin Oneill or Ashley, Llambias and Pardew!! Not 1 person can argue we are the better structured club and secured for the future and if you do think you sgb have the better management team then best of luck in the champions league next year, I hope you pip Man city to the Messi signing when he moves on and take those magnetic NUFC away bus stickers off the Benwell sunshine coach. Best of luck with your first spelling test for the Ashley out banners in February and happy 25th birthday.

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NUFC fan here, on your site. Enjoying not only the content of your lengthy posting above, but also the way you have articulated it. Well done.

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August to January is 7 months and I don't agree with your point sounds very bitter. Afghans have very little use for young women never mind old women.

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23 Jan 2012 15:27:50
Bendtners loan deal to be cancelled has not scoring. Runoured that he is off to Malmo FF

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So wish this was true doubt it tho

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Fingers crossed for you! But whats it gonna feel like to lose the self proclaimed "best player in europe"!

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It will feel good only he thinks he is great everybody else knows he is average at best

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I do agree with you on that and it wasnt a dig at safc or you mackems but was genuinley asking cos that is what he says!

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