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23 Jan 2013 22:45:25
just heard that we could be singningmauro zarate and aiden mcgeady and we might still sign danny graham

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Graham would be a good signing ! remember pop robson he was a mag and we accepted him...great striker !

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Pop robson is a hetton lad and a mackem he just played for them, tuert horswill guthrie and young were all mags in 73 team

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Horswill a Mag ? He was born in Anfield Plain, joined Sunderland as a 12 year old youth. As he would have told you if you'd suggested this on the Legends, 'Give your head a shake' !

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Bryan (Pop) Robson was born in Sunderland and played for the mags, us and West Ham. You are thinking of Keith Robson who was born in Hetton and played for the mags and West Ham but never played for Sunderland.

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The point I was making was Pop Robson played for BOTH Newcastle aand Sunderland ! ..i don't care if a player comes from the upper reaches of the Amazon as long as he gives 100% for the club !..why are people so narrow minded !

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The Graham transfer would be interesting as Swansea have made the micky mouse cup final !..

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The youth of today eh !

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Pop robson bob stokoe bobby moncur bobby kerr yes all geordiess but non ever said they do not want to set foot in sunderland I would rather support gateshead there was more respect from both fans and players in those days

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I wish we had made the so called mickey mouse cup swansea will be playing europe next season we wont

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Bob kerr was a jock??

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23 Jan 2013 19:22:31
rumour Graham signing tomorrow and possibly McGeady aswell

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Don't want a mag

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I don't want a biased fickle fan who can't see past pure hatred for the but you replied to my post, graham can score goals in the premiership, I bet you doubted fletcher aswell!

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I feel we've been here before with mags in our squad and it hasn't worked. I say we look at botofembi gomis and mousse sissoko, brilliant players coming to the end of their deals and bargains waiting to be snapped up!

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Will Graham deal include loan back to Swansea until after League Cup final on Feb 24 so he gets medal (presuming Swansea see off Chelsea)?

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Why mention Fletcher? He wasn't ever quoted his hatred for SAFC! You blind!

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What another winger ?that makes 4 !

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No but a lot of fans said fletcher is not good enough and you now eating humble pie, just coz graham is a mag means nothing to me he would improve our team and can score goals

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23 Jan 2013 01:04:39
Just heard about renewed interest for McGeady. Is this true ed? {Ed001's Note - no idea sorry.}

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Right, I just saw an SAFC source on Twitter say us and Wigan linked with McGeady in a lot of Russian papers. I checked on wikipedia and it said we had a bid, but then again it's wikipedia and some mags have changed Cattermole's page to say he played for Savilles 11 {Ed001's Note - it is well known MON loves McGeady as a player. It is also the case that he is not happy out there and has been looking to move back to the UK. Apparently he can't leave the house without an armed guard!}

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I don't think this would be a step forward; if it is true, MON needs to stop looking up old friends and start to look more closely at the needs of team he is managing now. While McGeady seems a skillful player (though not tested in the Premier league) we invested in a a tricky winger when he brought in Johnson- there are other much more urgent positions we need fill. The CBs are a liability, we have no premier quality fullbacks contracted to the club, and we are still short of pace in midfield. Just having more players to pick from does not mean a stronger team on the pitch.

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Theres plenty of strength in the midfield but little skill !

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I don't rate him he is hardly setting the russian league alight and it isn't the best in the world can't tie johno boots no bettet than mcclean

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Is better than mclean at the moment but for the price being quoted and the wages his on can't see him bringing anything to the team to improve it.

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Iy is in Russian newpapers

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To the guy who doesn't rate mcgeady.

put him up against an in form james mcclean and I would still want him in a red and white shirt

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