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23 May 2012 21:26:07
Richardson, Bramble, McCartney, Angeleri, Elmohamady and Gyan have been transfer listed:

Richardson: WHU, QPR, Everton and Fulham

Bramble: Ipswich

McCartney : WHU

Angeleri: Gimnasia de la Plata, Quilmes +

Elmohamady: WHU, Al Ahly (Cairo) , Al Ahli (Jeddah), Fenerbache +

Gyan: Al Ain +

Linked with the above clubs

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Not a surprice here, All fringe players on high wages.

Hope we can move them on.

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Gardner could be on the move aswell, detination probs west brom, not villa

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23 May 2012 17:52:08
MON hoping to sign Sylvan Distan and may be used as part ex for Richardson. Also a deal is being negotiated for Matt Jarvis

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WOLVES WANT 10 million for him we wont pay that

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I've heard 7 mill. Would be good for us but we will wait and see

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10m for jarvis? no chance

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Past it. And is only worth 2m will not go to Sunderland more likely finish his career in China.

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Distan is still a good defender

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He's a very skilful classy defender, can play the ball out of defence and is still quick- this would be a good signing

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Why would we want jarvis over priced over rated

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Distin has signed a new contract at Everton so even though he would be a great acquisition, no chance.

Good luck to Richardson wherever he goes.

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23 May 2012 09:44:39
Carlos Cuellar on his way to the club...

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Top signing. Another defender speak volumes for O Neil's tactics.

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The next 38 games oneil will park de bus.......smb

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Another season of poor Geordie banter don't you mean

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Given that at one point this season we had no option but to play 3 midfielders in defence this is a good move.

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Poor geordie banter yer about you have no money,french flops,your selling all your decent players,you will be relegated....etc etc...we will be top 6 we will get to you remember that sunderland banter.....

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He'll be 31 by the time the season starts, so thats O'Shea 31, Brown 32 and Cuellar 31. We should get someone youngr!

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Even boro are above you in the all time prem table laugh at the unwashed

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Boring geordie banter yet again! god its sad!

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Geordies come back with some good banter sgb

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For crying out loud you SGB you are 160m in debt !! Again look at company check website. We will invest decent but wise while you are off winning the league with the French revolution. Something tells me we will probably have a better season than last and yours can only get worse. I for one am looking forward to the Geordie bump back to earth.

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160 million in debt? To who the owner of the club. So he really owes himself. Same old boring Sunderland crack. SMB

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So you saying the owner won't want his investment back then? any businessman would so your talking balls, pardew has already said that if the bigger bids come in then your better players will be sold and ashley will only give you a fraction of the selling fee to get in replacements, hence looking for the younger stars or frenchies of the future. If you disagree then your more deluded than what I thought!

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And yous are over 100 million in debt to short it would be more but your clubs only worth a 100 million

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Ok then how much all in as short spent to buy every one out and pay off your debt..??then theres your transfers come on tell me...

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Didn't excite me at all when I heard this first, but after hearing positive reports from some villa fans I think this can only be a good investment

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Short has gave his money so the club owe him nothing

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So short just gave his money away without wanting a return? These guys who own clubs are business men first owners second. They all want their money back. Deluded SMB.

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So abrahmovic wants his millions back same as sheik monsour. Of course not what they have spent would only be taken in tax so they arent that fussed. Ashley worth around 800m. Short is worth billions there is a huge difference

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Ashley is now worth 1.8 billion again roughly the same amount as short all due to some deals over last couple of months...check the times paper of uk rich you need to get your facts right.......nufc stands him what 200 million and we are the only club who could meet the new financial plan for premier league..and season coming up our club will make 30 million profit without even selling a player due to hig premier league finish and europe...short will have problebly the same amout of out lay on safc the only difference is our revunue is more than yours... {Ed001's Note - you are not the only club to meet the FFP rules, that is a downright lie. There are a number of clubs in the Prem that make a profit, all are within the FFP rules, Stoke being the example that stands out.}

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