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24 Jan 2013 22:07:51
bent is heading back to the North East I just hope its with us very close with bookies ...also don't know why a lot of people are negative about danny graham the kid can play football great first touch great final ball andcan score goals in the premiership not the french league and 5 mil is a snip

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Darren bent, Stuart downing c'on MON.

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What a load there is no way ellis short would sanction deals for downing bent mcgeady and some of the other players being metioned on here the wages these players are on would not only break our wage structure but the club there is no way you will see players on those type of wages at the sol

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24 Jan 2013 21:57:57
Gutted sissiko gone to mags brilliant player we should of went for him

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Its typical of us though isn't it. Know for a fine fact he would have been a good player. They now have cabaye and sissoko in centre mid. Whilst our mids arent even close to those two

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He's french
geordie all day

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Tottally agree with that ! Sissiko is the type of creative player we badly need and what worries me about MON is that his team will be full of physical grafters and have very little of the skillfull type of players the fans want to watch and what will push us up the leauge ! dissapointed that we didn't go in for him as he's a great player the fans would love and at a bargain price !

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Sissoko is not a creative player, he is a smaller N'Diaye. Why would we want to buy someone who is exactly the same as someone we just bought?

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Stop being negative.
Start shouting if the window closes and we havnt signed a striker etc.
In fact, if we havnt I will join you, as well as other people like minded.


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Hes a dm why do we want him and why big clubs not in for him if he's that good at that price just panic buys these and mark my word it won't work

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I can see a lot of 10.59pm signings this Thursday !...and a lot of fat agents wallots !

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Clearly MON puts a lot of thought into these signings, no panic buying. He has decided on graham and I suspect if that doesn't come off we won't sign anyone. This is a sensible approach, we will be fine with fetcher and whickham, forget the 'what if he gets injured' doom-merchants.......he won't and we won't buy hooper just because he scored against Barcelona!!!!

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He's a box to box player and very quick with amazing feet.

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Its not a lot of thought just single minded stubborness. I want that player and that's it. No back up. We paid over the odds for fletch and we will have to do the same for graham .who is AVERAGE at best. Cummon mon you making us look like muppets. Also what is this about scharner? 32 year old never was. Is that the best we can do? Typical s###e sunderland no scouts with any quality or idea same as coaching staff really

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I wudnt have Bruce as manager but he'd be a great scout and same for niall Quinn

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24 Jan 2013 20:00:32
just seen we might be getting bent back?any on that Ed? {Ed001's Note - I haven't sorry.}

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I would take him. It was Bruce he fell out with, not the Fans! + They are broke and still owe us a lot of money for him so some sort of deal could be sorted.

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BENT BENT BENT come on Martin get him back guarenteed goals scorer had issues with the Geordie money burner but has spoken highly of safc and fans to cuellar...(mind you I wish he hadnt and that plank of wood might of stayed at villa)

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Bring back darren bent please.

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Id get Bent Graham and Hooper !

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3 strikers? 3 new strikers to add to Fletcher as well? so at least 2 of those wouldn't get much game time...

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24 Jan 2013 19:33:12
Looks like sissoko is off to the Geordies, tbh I think alfie could do a job further up the field, looks like he can pass the ball and cross well, however I would like to see another striker just to be safe any news on that front ed ? {Ed001's Note - I haven't heard anything other than the bid for Graham, though I would be shocked if the club didn't have some kind of back up plan in place, just in case they can't get him.}

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24 Jan 2013 18:38:38
Now 1/10 to sign Graham - got to be something in that. Also short priced favourite for Bent and Downing .... those 3, or either of the first two + Downing would do for me.

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Hope so, rumours geordies were saying is that he has said he is staying at swansea on twitter, funny that coz he doesn't have a twitter account anymore, geordies typical sign a few no name frenchies and think they going to win the league.

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3 players who would be on 50 t 60k a week to sit on the bench just can't see them happening

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Sit on the bench are you joking, if o'neill gets a couple of strikers he will play 4-4-2 or 4-3-3, I'm sick of negative fans go and support the unwashed wee french club up the road

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Would love to see bent back, downing would also be great. Not sure about graham but then I thought fletcher was a waste of money so shows how much I know

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The jury's out for me on whether Graham would be a good signing for us; I'm not convinced. Also, if I was him, would I really give up a Wembley cup final and, in all likelihood, a winners' medal and Europe to go to the team playing in the city I said I didn't want to set foot in? He must be really unhappy in Swansea to even consider it!

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Daft lad tell me when you have been to the sol since o;neill took over and we have started with 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 and like I said why pay 50 t 60k a week for bench warmers and if you want to see 4-4-2 I think you should make the journey to sid james and see how there 4-4-2 system is getting on

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We started 4-4-2 against boro but the reason he hasn't played more than 1 striker in the premiership is because our midfield was not strong enough, now with n'diaye we have that option, mark my words he will start playing 4-4-2 or 4-4-3 soon, yeah a team playing 4-4-2 at sid james park who have lost 11 out of 14, wow good example!

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Thats what i'm saying in todays game not many teams start with 4-4-2

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4-4-2 against boro what happened there

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24 Jan 2013 16:25:31
MON to bring in Danny Simpson.

Fee 500k.

He is currently injured by MON sees this as a gamble that represent good value as he will be available for free in the summer.

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Stick To Your Own Site You Boring geordie

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Danny Simpson was very average when we were in the championship and we could have signed him then but thought bardsley was a better option and watching him for the skunks or should that be frog's he doesn't look as though he has improved a great deal so if we didn't what him then why would we want him now so stop posting any crap that pop's into your head

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I'm a mag and I support this. Please take him - he's dire.

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His girlfriend just bought a house in London.
We could have signed him before but we wanted the Mags to have him.
Hes crap, so much for their scouting system.


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24 Jan 2013 14:10:40
Swansea City striker Danny Graham spotted at Newcastle airport. At the same time, Tottenham Hotspur star Jermain Defoe is being linked with Galatasaray..!

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Must be going to Newcastle, he would never play for a bunch of bandits like you.

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Graham is staying at swansea

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If his at newcastle airport lets hope he stops in newcastle waste of 5 mill

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Seaham hall?

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24 Jan 2013 14:03:27
darren bent has just been seen at seaham hall hotel 100% true

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Wondered how long it would take before someone was spotted at seaham hall, I bet they make a fortune in the transfer window months

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Rubbish! I work there!

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Could be his meeting up with steve bruces daughter

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Don't know where he's sleeping at the hall because it's closed for refurbishment

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24 Jan 2013 10:44:01
any news on a new striker ed ! I just think its amazing we let Campbell go when we havnt signed anyone first !...paticully when Fletcher has been carrying an injury !..its that irresponable managment ! ? {Ed001's Note - other than Graham, it is very difficult to find out any interest in a striker at all. Clearly though, that does mean there is an intention to sign a forward, so I would expect the club to look elsewhere if Graham can't be brought in.}

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Odds shortening on Bent returning. Any chance ed? {Ed024's Note - I think not.....but you never know.}

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Theres talk of signing Macready and playing Adam Johnson as a deep striker behind Fletch where does Sess in that system ?

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Campbell wasn't playing most games and when he was wasn't scoring so why keep spending 30 k a week, same with Saha. No need for any more strikers before summer, poss another cb but I think that will be it {Ed024's Note - what happens if Fletcher picks up a knock - Whickham on his own against premiership defenses - we need another striker}

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Think ye could be right on that last post mate mon will do with fletcher and if he gets injured he will rely on sess wickham or mcfadden could even give noble a chance then will look at a cf in summer

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24 Jan 2013 10:38:10
Sunderland could turn their attention away from swansea striker danny Graham and go for norwhich striker Grant Holt instead

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MON have enough problems with ageing central defenders and doesn't need more short-term fixes.

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As a Cats fan if the rumour is not with substance then do not post! Where did you get this from? Have you had your head damaged by talking to a mag? For me a couple of cracking signings a window to make the team as strong as poss in the next few years! mid table would do nicely til we get a full team of Alfie's, Fletch, Migs and Jono's!

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A hedgehog has greater speed and movement than Bramble and Cuelar !

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And O'Shea and Bardsley and Killgalon and ..................

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