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24 Jul 2012 20:39:07
Expect Sunderland to be busy the next 10 days, plenty of cash but their 1st signing will be Michael Owen on a free, he'll quickly be followed by Steven Fletcher for a fee in the region of 10m, with Connor Wickham going the other way on loan until January. Stewart Downing will arrive as soon as Liverpool sign Adam Johnson although this one could run and run. Martin and Olsen and Steven Nzonzi will both sign from Blackburn, the fee is a combined 6m. Keiran Richardson will sign for Reading for 3.5m and David Vaughan is off to Swansea for a similar fee. Titus Bramble will sign for Birmingham for a nominal fee. Stephane Sessegnon and Ryan Noble will both sign new, improved contracts

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Please not owen,hes not even interested in football anymore,more interested in horses and counting beans these days.whichever club he signs for will be mugs to take him on.tk73

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Luckily it will be a pay as u play contract

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Olsen twins, Steven N'zonzi and Downing good signings for the club and that would sort out the left sided problem. Michael Owen no way, If he does come to the club, He will get injured in training and never play for use. Steven Fletcher I personlly don't rate him. Would rather have Martyn Waghorn back to least he has Sunderland in his soul.

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That will be you then stu from york. the only person who thinks waghorn is good enough

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Fletcher average owen pay as you play yes if he gets injured it costs us nothing would bring on young players in training mclean on left so dont see a problem downing done nowt for a while now would pay max 6m for him olson twins? why sign both? are they siamese

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Fletcher will cost more than 10 mil, you paid 8 for wickham, joe allen 1 season wonder 15 mil, get real and also he doesn't want to join you. up the wolves

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Dont want fletcher hes average at best you are a relegated team cos your players are not good enough simple

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Up the wolves.. I thought it was down the wolves

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You can keep fletcher anyway ,10-15mill ur havin a laugh,relegated players dont know how to win anyway,scarred and not team players.tk73

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Is everyone forgettin we have James mcclean a really good traditional left winger!

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24 Jul 2012 16:32:43
i think the big striker name your looking for to sign for your club is javier saviola according to local portugal press

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Big Striker --- he is 5ft 6!!!

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24 Jul 2012 15:38:15
Sunderland in for steven pienaar as deal with everton breaks down.

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If he has any ambition then he will sign for sunderland over everton, they have no money, players leaving like cahill, and possibly baines and heitenga, theyre a relegation club in the making

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Don't think he'll go qpr are will offer more wages but would be a good signing IMO

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Would be a real coup if we got pienaar,if we got him just the forwards to sort out.mon really needs a marquee signing upfront or he wont get bums on seats,simple as.tk73

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Source ssn

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Steven pienaar wont be signing he will be going to everton sorry

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Qpr signing everybody so cant promise first team football where we can

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Relagation team? Am sure they finished 7/8th last year after a horrendous start and alot of injuries...and Cahil bearly played/didnt play well last year so their team is no worse...if anything they will be alot stronger. Lets not get above ourselves...were still behind teams like everton and newcastle etc

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Everton losing pienaar cahill heitinger and more they will be a weaker team this season

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Everton are a big club, come on guys, we're being very unrealistic if we think that everton are a small club who are going to get relegated...i can't see pienaar signing for anyone but everton to be honest


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Everton still do well even with a lack of funds,the manager is good and very astute,and he never seems to recruit a bad player.every player he gets he does his homework on and they always play for him and the fans,thats what sets everton apart from other clubs.hopefully mon gets a squad like evertons,very small but so tightknit and hard to beat.tk73

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Everton are a club pushing top 6 this year. Cahill isn't the same player he was 2 seasons ago and with some of the younger players like Barkley, Gueye, ect coming through and improving all the time they are only going to get stronger. Lets not get a head of our selfs lads...

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Are we forgetting, they spanked us twice last season!..everton are the bench mark for us, hardly any money, but constantly challenge for europe!..we need to ask ourselves how everton can do this! and we carn,t......nowotameanla!

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U cant call teams like everton small or say they will get relegated if you do your just one of them ppl who call every team but the top4 and your own club big.. boils my p*** wen people try and say sunderland are a small club where clearly not sum people need to give there head a shake

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24 Jul 2012 14:13:15
Sunderland look set to sign Steven N'zonzi from Blackburn for a reported 5m.

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24 Jul 2012 13:26:53
Sunderland are set to announce Seydou Doumbia as their first big signing, for a reported 15m.

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Would love it to happen but can't see it

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Mate got the wrong CSKA. We are looking at CSKA Sofia Cillian Sheridan.

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That would make my day but like the last post carnt see it happing

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No its Cillian Sheridan from CSKA Sofia, not Seydou Doumbia from CSKA Moscow.

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Haha , good april fools sadly its a little bit late.

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Pull the other one. Wish it was true though.

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Cillian sheridan? god i hope not. hardly the prolific striker we need averages a goal every 4.6 matches career 24 goals in 118 games that is 9 goals a season WOW

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24 Jul 2012 13:13:12
Sunderland looking at Malmo FF Mathias Ranegie.

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24 Jul 2012 12:01:42
Sky sports are saying we are interested in helmed again. Would be a great signing imo

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That was helmes by the way. Hate feckin predictive text!

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24 Jul 2012 02:18:16
Mon has singed two big strikers and taking a chance on 1 other hope it's not Owen we'l here by Wednesday

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Reckon 1 will be owen pay as you play. rather have owen than heskey whos move to hull mysteriously fell through last week. season ticket will go back. not paying nearly 500 quid to watch heskey sitting on his bum for 90 mins

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Never new Mo'N was an arsonist ... Singed?

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