Sunderland Rumours Archive June 24 2011


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24 Jun 2011 23:22:09
Sunderland to sign nzogbia in few weeks time while steed malbraunque is leaving with bolo zenden to join wigan or QPR

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24 Jun 2011 22:29:23
heard news that sunderland are in for scott sinclair 5mill

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24 Jun 2011 19:21:25
i have heard directly from an agent that sunderland are in for darius vassell and Emile Heskey to play off Gyan

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24 Jun 2011 17:32:19
sunderland in bidding war with liverpool for connor wickham. the highest bid so far is £8millon, i do not know which team it is that has offered the £8million but it is belived bruce will pay up to £15million for the england under 19's striker

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24 Jun 2011 13:32:48
bruce has enquired about the availability of defoe and scott parker! the news is they have to make a signing that will apease the fans

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24 Jun 2011 11:41:41
22 Jun 2011 15:38:15
To who ever put gyan is leaving, what a load of tosh i was talking to him at barclays bank today and he claimed he is staying.

When you make stuff up can you check your facts. when you posted this Gyan was posting on his Twitter account that he had arrived back in Ghana from America

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