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24 Jun 2012 18:48:12
mon is after stevie naismith after he is available on a free

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24 Jun 2012 13:36:24
Just read new AS Monaco manager Claudio Ranieri is going to make a £19m bid for Stephane Sessegnon plus Daniel Niculae who is worth £1.8m. Ranieri is a big fan of Sessegnon. And sees him has an ideal player to get them back in the top flight of French Football. The club is clear favorites to go up. And under the new ownership of Russian Billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev look like they could be a big players in the furture of French Football.

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The only problem with this rumour is that Niculae plays for Nancy and not AS Monaco :)

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On loan to Nancy

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Sessegnon is not a striker, he is a playmaker and trickster, and I think he will have a bad season next yr, has every club knows he is our mean player, will man mark him and knock him of the ball with easy. He is a weakling. He can not score because that is not him. We have better players at the club. If we can get 20m plus for him take it. And get a striker, LB, tall strong powerful players.

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We wont use him as a striker this season but as a supply/playmaker to hopefully some new strikers... WEAK you say ,lol. He has 2, 3 or 4 men around him every time he moves and he still gets past them. I dont know what you are talking about

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Better players who i must be missing someone when i go to the games though it could be dave mcallum

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Sess cannot score!? he was bangin them in last season

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24 Jun 2012 01:05:14
Sessegnon will be sold to PSG FC for £22.5m.
Gyan sold to Al Ain for £10m
Elmohamady sold to WHU for £2m
Angeleri will be sold Estudiantes for £500k
Bramble sold for Ipswich £2m
Richardson sold to QPR for £3m
Vaughan sold to Wigan Athletic for £3m

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Sounds almost spot on but hope sess doesn't go, but should have plenty of money to spend on some quality replacements

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Stop with the sessegeon non sense please

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22.5 million for sessegnon!? Haha having a laugh aren't you.

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He is by far our best player and if we can get 20m for henderson then sess we should get more! why not if PSG have loads of money then milk them for every penny just like spewcastle did for selling carroll for 35m

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20 is decent for sessegon... he's not a well known player.

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20 is decent for the cartoons whole team coz they not well known and are overated!

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Sell Sessegnon. He can not get goals.
We need a new Quinny, Philips and Bally. If all our players had the same heart and passion Bally used to have on the playing field. We would be hard to bet. Just Greedy child. with no skills like plays of the past. Wish I could of seen Raich Carter player sound like a true blood and guts play.

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Sessegon is worth 12m at best.

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If bally was playing now he would have more reds than catts. Cant tackle that way any more

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I think you are all missing the point Sess is a playmaker a supplier to strikers is his ideal role!

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