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24 Mar 2013 12:07:14
celtic manager Neil Lennon is beling linked as a possible replacement for martin oneil who looks set to resign at the end of the seasn neil lennon done a fantastic job at celtic with little money guiding them to the last 16 of the champions league in the 2nd hardest group

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Would he be interested, in managing a championship side. same goe's for moyes. We would need a russian oil tycoon to bail us out. The whole squad needs scrapping and starting again.

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We're not a championship side were too good to go down so you need to calm down

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And the russian oil tycoons are literally dying out

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Also David moyes is also likely to be mons replacement

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Yeh I would like neil lennon he's young firey would get the best out of an player plays good football alreadymanages one of the biggest clubs the world so yeh I think he would do well he would certanly do better with the 20 million mon has spend on what you can say are duds

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Get real pal! too good to go down? how many teams have said that. that's a tottaly naive comment!

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Whatever your just scared

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There is no way Moyes would come here.

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Club up the road getting 50k plus crowds were to big and to good to go down but they still went down like the titanic

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I don't really care or not if MON stays or not because every manager we get was a good manager and will save us from relegation
But then becomes a bad one
Same old same old with Sunderland

Chances are getting thinner and thinner of stayin up
Fletch out, sess out
We got no scorers
Graham wasn't worth the money and don't put that much faith in wickham
Still young lad, might bottle it

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Hope moyes would come here however unlikely
He has created a strong great squad
MON has done the complete opposite
We need to stay up though before we look to the future
Tense few weeks ahead

My only complaint is that we really need to get behind our team and show them some love (like Stoke do) not leave them in the dark

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Lennon would be perfect for Sunderland, just another Roy Keane.

He proved he can park the bus so that would suit you lot down to the ground too.

Alan Shearer got the best of him, which would hang over you.

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Lol how is neil lennon another roy keane neil lennon is actually a good manager and plays attacking football not defensive he would do well at any club he is at

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Anyone could manage Celtic.

Your current gaffer is testament to that.

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I think there is a strong chance we will get relegated
The games ahead are almost un winnable with only a few left
Sess out
Cattermole and fletcher out for rest of season
I think the challenge is too big

People say we are to good to go down
That is not true
We have not goal scorers
No chance creators
And an awful defence
Sunderland need to wake up and fight for survival

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Lol any 1 can manage celtic one of the biggest clubs in the world ok in not the best league in the world bur still one of the biggest he got celtic to the last 16 in the 2nd hardest group with no money look at man city and chelsea couldn't even get out the group

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24 Mar 2013 10:57:36
Just read that we're interested in moyes in the summer. Its on a few sites and in a few papers, apparently he would consider it as he would be granted spending money. Don't know how much truh is in it but just thought it was worth a mention. Safc93

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It's bull mate there is no way moyes would come to sunderland as it's to much of a step down, and so what that he might have more money to spend but even with that there no way he could better what he's done at everton at sunderland.

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LOVE moyles to come here!

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Step down? Both are sleeping giants/big clubs. Sunderland have better stadium, training ground, MONEY something Everton don't.

Sunderland is a potentially good job and if moyes is given time would turn sunderland into a force.

He could take sunderland further than he could Everton, the infrastructure is there.

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Honestly Moyes would never come here.

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Dont mention potential and progression in the future or the sgb will just say your deluded. Safc93

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Moyes is a good manager but his human like everyone else and can't perform miracles after a few months and we are in the same position some of our fans would want rid of him also

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Toffee fans talking about it too so must be some truth in it

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Moyes the next Manchester United manager

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Toffee fans also talking about messi so that must be true too

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I do believe if given time moyes cld make sunderland good as stadium, fans and infrastructure all there except he wouldn't be given enough time, sunderland expect to be top ten and realistically as much as it hurts there are more than ten better side in the epl currently.
We need to just survive and build next season try finish 12/13, then build season after to finish in top then, then build season after to break into top 7, this could take 3-4 years of constant building and spending £35-40 million every season, bare in mind the teams around us will also strengthen!

Short who ever the gaffer is give him your so called millions to seriously let us develop

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Waiting for a foreign investor to bring a spark back to Sunderland

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