Sunderland Rumours Archive May 24 2012


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24 May 2012 21:00:55
West Ham United will sign Richardson, McCartney and Elmohamady with Carlton Cole going the other way plus 3 million.

Bramble is going to Ipswich.

Gyan is keeping his options open and linked with several clubs, But Al Ain still clear favorites to sign him.

Angeleri will sign for home club Gimnasia de la Plata.

These deals are 50/50 done deals.

I am a resourse assistant for Sporting life and have good connections with agents.

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Would rather have vaz te

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Cole very average dont want him

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Cole is worth how much? 10m? Not a chance.

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Says Cole 6million if you look at it plus 3 million cash to Sunderland and Richardson, McCartney and Elmohamady to Sunderland. Mate look at it properly

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I highly doubt you are a resource assistant considering you spelt it wrong... What person cant spell their job title? No way Cole will leave West Ham- he wont be allowed.

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24 May 2012 10:43:08
I've heard a few rumours about ins and outs has anyone heard anything serious? No stupid repkies from sgbs please

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Just WHU interested in elmo, McCartney and Richardson with everton also interested in richo. Then Gyan pretty much a cert

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Colback allegedly a target of arsenal and man utd source from the readytogo site through his agent

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Colback has a lot of potential and someone lime fergie could really get the best out of him. 15 mill I would say

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15 Million for Colback? LOOOOOOOL

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There is no way fergie will give 15 million for colbeck....

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Well we got 16 for Henderson!!!

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And look what happened to the guy that signed him....

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Why would we get ride of one of our best assets, need to keep what could plays we have left and get fringe ones of the wage bill ie McCartney, Angeleri, Bramble, Elmohamady, Gyan and Richardson who has said he wants a new challenge and would rather play for a London club. We need to keep Colback, McClean and others. And bring in Academy players like Laing, Noble, Egan thats what the club spend so much time, hard work and money, I has a fan want to see these plays come up and not keep on buying plays in with some of them just being he for the money and playing for the club the likes of Bent and Gyan come to mind straight away.

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Yes you did and we got 35 million for carrol but they both where not worth any where near that probably about half what we both got and as you probably know its very rare fegie paying real big fees especially for kids

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Newcastel fan speaking common sense a rareity but right on henderson and carrol but would you take him back for half what you got for him i would for henderson

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