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24 May 2013 19:52:45
Ed any thing in the Roberge talk? {Ed024's Note - This one's gone a bit quiet - a couple of weeks ago it was apparently nailed on ......not sure if the details are being sorted or if the deals dead.}

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Don't think anything will really start happenin until this time next month possibly even start of July

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Heard he has signed today

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24 May 2013 16:08:59
I don't know why people are saying we don't stand a chance with signing big players (obviously not Cavani etc)
Mr Short has said that the club is going to spend big, and I hardly think we're going to spend a load of money of crap players, do it shows that the club are looking at a number of top players

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We should try and sign didier ya konan striker playing for fc Hannover in Germany just watched him in bundesliga what a handful small but absolute power house, also stocker from Basel

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We need a forward who is quick, strong and just a handful
Along the lines of Ya Konan or Kone etc

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24 May 2013 14:08:45
Ed is there any truth in Mobido Diakite to sunderland? {Ed024's Note - I believe we've made an enquiry - but no more than that.}

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24 May 2013 09:42:45
Paper talk about Danny graham to Cardiff for £4m, I hope this is true. I will happily give him a piggy back the whole way there!

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Disagree I think we should give him another season. why is it he scores plenty of goals elsewhere?. but not here?. surely that is down to managers tactics coaching etc not his goal scoring ability! if we let him go ill bet hell score lots of goals for Cardiff as Campbell is doing. its our misusing these players rather then their lack of abilty which hasn't has been shown at other clubs!

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Id rather get rid of Wicham!

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Get rid of both, in fact get rid of all the strikers we have apart from Fletcher and youth and today's signing Duncan Watmore.

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Once Graham scores one goal, a bunch will come after

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Whats that grapes or bananas

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Graham has never produced a high volume of goals in the top tier and never will. He is getting slower as he gets older, cannot lead the line (or take defenders away) & will not stick his head in where it hurts (not brave at all). In summary he is useless! {Ed024's Note - Harsh !!!}

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He's only 24
And was Swansea's top scorer last season

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23 May 2013 23:52:59
the only player's to be showed the door will be
1. bramble.
2. kilgallon.
3. bardsley.
4. vaughan.
5. ji.
6. el mohamody.

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Might just be naive, but I still have hope for ji

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Agree with JI he's scored 5 goals in 17 games in Germany that's almost 1 in 3 games a good strikers rate. like Campbell and Graham so why sell him. I just hope PDC makes the right decisions in strikers as that was our big failure last season!only fletcher came up with the goods. we need 4 top strikersin the squad !

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6 players shown the door? i'd get rid of most of the squad if I could! big summer for PDC! will he make the right choices in players? time will tell! I just pray and hope we won't have another season like the last one!

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Hi all sunderland fan's just want to say we can not keep changing 10 players every season I agree with 6 out 6 in.

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Hi all the mags saying danny rose will sign for them in the summer on there site.

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Well that's a crock a sh*te
We are in talks with him, and I doubt that Rose would go to our rivals, too much respect for us
I'm sure we will get Rose
Tottenhams after a few Top class LBs
Rose won't want to be a sub

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Danny Simpson did! . Why would he go to Sunderland? Used you to get a foothold in premier then looking for a big club. {Ed024's Note - if he doesn't come to Sunderland he'll move to a top half club - no chance of him going to Newcastle}

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Danny Simpleton wasn't wanted by the club or the fans, we all wanted his mucka Evans. Him going up the road meant nothing to us but a lot to the useless bitter little toerag as he saw it as a way of getting at us, Deluded.

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23 May 2013 21:47:16
What's all the rumours with richards ed? is there any truth in this {Ed024's Note - nothing in it, just banter the real progress on transfers is a few weeks away}

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Would love him
Strong, quick, good tackler
Everything you need in a defender really

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Will go to someone like AC Milan over 10 million rated we wouldn't go for that

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More likely get Cliff Richard then Mica Richards lol!

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Didn't think we'd get Johnson
Any thing is possible

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AC Milan have abate
Don't need to but Richards

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He has just signed a new contract last week.

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