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25 Jan 2012 10:56:41
Erding has turned us and Fulham down to sign for Rennes. Source SSN.

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Why are we disagreeing with this. Its on Sky sports.

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We are disagreeing because he didnt turn us down as we were never in for him

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If we had put a bid in for him like cisse then you could say they turned us down but the fact is we never bid for either of them because O'neill was never after them in the 1st polacve, just tabloid trash as usual

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We did not put in a bid for Cisse either Mon has not bid for anyone this window

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Come on, at least don't make excuses that you were 'never' in for them... Sky are 95% correct most of the time. So that's cissé and erdinc that have turned you down, don't blame them like, I wouldn't want to live in bumderland either {Ed001's Note - Sky are nowhere near 95% correct, they make up most of their stories in order to stir up betting markets.}

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So now you see muppet

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95% truthfull ?

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Just to clear this up it came from the player himself. If he was lying then he would have said he turned down bigger clubs than Sunderland and Fulham wouldn't he?

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A transfers rumour site saying Sky is not 95% right come on they have a motive for saying this. {Ed001's Note - do I? I have a motive for saying they are correct, not saying they aren't! Having them stir up betting markets with lies about players moving brings people onto the sites to find out if it is true. But I would prefer them to be honest instead and admit nothing much is happening.}

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Even the ED has made you look a fool, another geordie put in his place, getting abit of a regular thing now, cheers for that ED

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The comment had no reference to betting markets or lies just simply saying that the player stated that had turned down Sunderland and Fulham. Which is a fact. Not a lie. Same old SMB hiding behind whatever hope they can including ED to shield them from the simple fact that player has turned you down. As for rumours I would take what sky sports says over this site. {Ed001's Note - have I ever said this site is more accurate? Mostly because silly little boys believe everything Sky says and take it as gospel, then come and post on the sites about it.}

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Don't see how ED made anyone look a fool. The lad is right rumour sites do have motives for looking better than other sites. If only to get more people to look on them and to accept that they are more correct than the others. Its the same with any site of any description. {Ed001's Note - don't talk soft, we don't make any claims of being more correct at all, so why would that matter? Supporting Sky as being correct would make it easier for us to attract new people, as Sky are always making up new stories. All we would do is, like Sky itself, sort out some ads for bookies and stir up the betting market like they do and get people on there spending their money so we get a cut.}

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Looks like the makems are taking up their panic stations! March the 4th is just around the corner.

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The ED put the SGB in his place because, the deluded geordie said SSN are 95% correct and they are not, those geordie clowns up the road believe every story going, I bet they believe every story in the papers aswell! {Ed001's Note - to be fair they don't, same as every set of fans they just believe the bits that suit them. It is the same on every site and is really frustrating.}

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I know this is off the point a little but are you for real claiming that sky are 95% correct?? unless you have missed the decimal point then you are have lost the plot - altho' even 9.5% would be stretching it!

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Regardless what percentage was mentioned or rumours control smokescreens, the point which was original made was the fact that Erding turn you down. Which is a FACT.

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No it isn't FACT as the ED said it's fans believing the story that suits them. SGBS

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So if newcastle fans believe the fact it is them being stupid, but if sunderland disagree with it they are right....silly mackems, put their spin on anything (although i do agree with Ed that skysports lies to get more interest, same as any media)

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Right how can I say this for you in a way you can understand. Endrig said he turned you down. Right that means it came out of his mouth. Sky reported what he said. So that means its a fact because he actually said it! Google it if you have the capability.

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This is how pathetic you geordies are saying a player turned us down is your best bit of banter you have, very pathetic little deluded geordie friend.

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For the last time we are not saying it. We are just pasting on the message what the player said. I guess you only tell some people something so many times. One word SOLID!! SMB.

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Safc did also say they had made a loan approach and have erdic watched! this was all reported on ssn and the lad said it himself so therefore the argument is stupid! ALL rumour site and sports news sites can only guess until fact is established!

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25 Jan 2012 09:40:45
Kevin Davies on his way to sunderland today for talks

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Would love this to be true i know he is getting on a bit but be perfect partner for sess.but, unfortunately i doubt it cos it ooks like only freebies this window and build in summer

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Mon's type of player.he's been under-rated for years,a real handfull,would like to see him here.

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Davies is 34 year old now, shame he werent 5-6years younger and I'd have him straight away coz he is quality but getting on abit for my liking

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Fair comment maybe past his best,think he could do a job on loan till end of season?

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25 Jan 2012 09:07:25
ridgwell for 3 million from birmingham

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S**te dont want him

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