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25 Jan 2013 20:33:23
Ed iv heard we will 3 more players this week would you agree it most likely scharner stone and bent loan deals except stone if you know any diffrent pray to tell please don't say graham because I'm sick of this rumour now {Ed024's Note - Graham still seems to be the No 1 target. Looks like it hinges on Jones going from Stoke to Swansea.}

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Fed up with this hatred against Graham ! if we are to move forward as a club we have to get rid of this petty preduce !

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What about his preudice like against us don't FORGET THAT

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Forget prejudice. It needs some folk to start growing up.They are an embarrassment

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Why are some people being so petty, Danny was obviously goaded into saying what he did if you read the column in a Geordie paper! He's a professional so it won't make a difference if he comes, however I doubt he will with a date at wembely soon.

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Hi right like clark and Chopra ok

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25 Jan 2013 22:06:47
iam a newcastle fan but would like to say why at this time would Danny graham sign for either newcastle or Sunderland when he has a chance to play at wembley, may have to wait until the summer.

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Well if he does move now it will only prove his commitment to whoever gets him

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Because, as had been said umpteen times he's going from the subs bench at Swansea to the subs bench at Wembley. Who would do that when he could sign for a Top Notch team south of the tyne

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Would still get a medal on the bench, even a losers.

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25 Jan 2013 22:04:23
Hope it's not true but just heard we are getting Kevin Davies!

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I, m a mag and tbh with kevin davies hold up play(32 year old or not) would be good for fletcher for you, s very physical player and still has this and next season in him imo....k

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Hes just passed his coaching badges think he will join bolton staff

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25 Jan 2013 19:37:23
Sunderland may sign Darren bent back to the stadium of light

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Bent loves SAFC, just had a problem with Bruce because DB was seeing his daughter and for unknown reason did not like it.If he comes and bangs in goals he will be a hero again.
If it was for more cash how many people slagging DB off would change their job for a better paid one, does'nt matter if 60,000 a week or 20,000 a year, be honest you would!!!

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Bent loves Sunderland... do not make me laugh.

He only went to Sunderland to get game time and seek a move away.

Villa are small fry and he still considered them a big mark up on you lot... haha.

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Bent is a journey man only interested in the money !

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Don't forget benty tried to get away the previous season, but brucie blocked it

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Just like demba ba left your club. You are also a feeder club these day, don't forget that SGB

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Why is everyone saying he wants money, it's his job, at your job you want money.

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25 Jan 2013 16:28:46
Sunderland agree a deal with Hamburg to loan Paul Scharner

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No they havent

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It may not be what we want to hear but he's on his way

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Not a particularly exciting signing, but looking quite probable at the moment

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Like the lad solid pro chips in with a few goals and can play in midfield and defence so overall not disapointed

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He can job share with Catts and Managne

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Hope not, definitely season ticket wasted again getting players past their best like this in

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25 Jan 2013 15:41:14
Just read that the Danny graham deal is off tv

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25 Jan 2013 10:21:17
The Journal reckons MON seeking at least three more players, including two fullbacks, one from South America, but not Jesus Rabanal. Maybe Bolton's Marcos Alonso.

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The journal is a geordie biased paper don't read too much into it mate

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Makes sense though, Echo only reports official SAFC feeds.

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A left back from peru

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Lad from peru on loan that will be 3 the other players mon is after must be buys

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Wish people would stop all this Geordie crap because it mite cum 2 a point where us Geordie sunderland supporters take the huff nd stop supporting our great club ! Then you would be lucky if you fill the north stand !

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French connection at Sid james, dodgy dealings I think something not quite right x

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Dodgy dealings how ? don't make silly statements.

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25 Jan 2013 06:50:43
The reason the mags are signing french no names is beacause they are cheap and could easily be sold for profit . It is a mike ashly thing

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Apparently joey Barton is being lined up for a return to the club, Alan pardew feels he is the man to interpret with his new found language skills. Ha ha.

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We have more English players than you do.

Fail or Epic Fail.

You decide.

Silly Mackems.

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Well I for one would like that sissiko in the team they got him for a song,

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The reason newcastle are buying french gems is because they have potentially one of the best france scouting networks in england and it boosts morale and helps the team gel more.

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Mbiwa, Sissoko, Debuchy no names ! really, do you homework silly boy .

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Sour grapes?

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Look at the geordies crawling from under their rocks coz they signed a few french players and if they get beat off villa on tues night they will be back under them rocks, pathetic SGBS

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Is that the same rock Sunderland fans come from when they win a couple of games? It was not so long ago O Neil was clueless and needed sacking. Stone and glass house spring to mind.

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You are right mate but its only 2 weeks ago ashley was a fat useless so and so and pardew had to go now you have brought a couple of french lads in who look good on paper ma and ap are back in the good books this happens at all clubs who hit a bad patch even clubs like chelsea and arsenal as for your french lads they need to hit the ground running or you could see your beloved club freefall again

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Pi nerver sed anything about we had more english players than you I just said you were signing french nonomes so go and crawl back under you rock deleudid sgb

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Have you heard
Newcastle to move to France and pardew to have name change to parduex lol

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25 jan 2013 00:56:20
what sort of scouting organisation do we have? the mags have signed four players this week that would have significantly improved our squad, and did not pay over the odds for any of them. when we continue to see good quality players join key competitors- as we did all summer- while o'neill dithers, it is impossible to believe we will improve signidficantly under his management. i am sorry martin, but your brian is oo small to cope with the pace and complexity of modern management. you think one player at a time, one strategy at a time, one excuse at a time. the reason we have no creativity in the team is we have no creativity in the in the management. i know that many fans affirm their faith in you, but you have done nothing here to merit that faith- at best we have been average under your stewardship. either buck up your ideas or go- you are as ineffective in recruiting as you are in organising the players you have, and you seem to have as little idea about how to sign the players we need as you do about motivating those we have got! {ed024's note - {Ed024's Note - do you really think all 4 of those players would improve Sunderlands team - I'm not convinced they will play each week for Newcastle - difficult to improve any team when your not playing}

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Panic buys after being beaten at home by Reading - give them 6 weeks in the EPL and see how many are getting a game.

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Don't worry about the oui club, panic buys nothing else

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Definite mag alert. "One strategy at a time?" Yeah I forgot Fergie was the best for having 4 strategies on the go. Please explain what on earth you are going on about. The thing about the mags is they have just wasted 13m on players they could get for frees in the summer. The reason they did not pay over the odds is because they are all out of contract in summer, if any club wanted them then they would have to pay more, but no clubs felt that any of those players would be an asset to their club. I agree with Eds comments Gouffran Haidara would not improve our squad, Sissoko would challenge the starting 11 and Mbiwa would be a definite improvement in our defence unless Mangane is good, which there is a chance he will be

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Is this guy a mag?

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...your either a bed wetter or a deluded mag! who's to say the signings the skunks have made will get them out of the relegation zone anyway...

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Why don't you go back to your own site & wait for more more bargain bucket signings for your oui French club in Northumberland, run along now your teas ready

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Look at the league table mate!

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Can't say if this guy is a Mag or not but I'm with him with regards the scouting network and some of the players Newcastle are unearthing. All of the players Newcastle have brought in during this window have played for the French national side at some level and Sissoko is another if he joins. Three of them full internationals too. Add Remy to the list and that is six solid players they have identified each for 8m or less. I would call that good sensible business and I do think they will help their new club climb the table.

I am a Sunderland fan by the way and season ticket holder in the East Stand.

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Don't get jealous because our scouting system is better than yours

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It not really a scouting network, when your just watching one league. It more like, the only scout Newcastle have has a French mistress so just goes there every week.

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You are a mag don't come on here telling us these players are world beaters not 1 has EPL experience in fact the Ligue 1 is more like SPL the only thing these lads will bring to a club is clicks is that a good thing ?

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Lets wait & see what happens in 3 or 4 games, don't forget the French league is on par with the Scottish prem & our championship at best

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You lots are just jealous....every one off the french players we have signed would get into your rabble..sissoko, debucey and maigwa were all wanted by so called bigger clubs...just read what our new CH has said about newcastle you lot can't attract good airport, no train station off any note, not even a decent hotel, trafvel inns just like the tin shed on top off an old slag head you call a stadium. face it you are and always will be in Newcastle shadow. Your just a small town in Durham.........

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Don't know anyone is saying they're world beaters but they are good solid players; all young and signed on long term contracts. As for no EPL experience, people on this very page are waxing lyrical about Cabaye and Cissoko and any good player in the EPL has to come to it with no experience at some point. Admittedly it might be a gamble and not all of these players may flourish but I say well done Newcastle for getting them and I wouldn't have been upset if we'd done the same business.

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The only Sunderland player that would get into a fit Newcastle team in Fletcher, and he cost you 15 million.

We got Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Debuchy and Sissoko for less than 15 million combined.

Chew on that!

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Why are you talking about Newcastle, just reading all the post you make yourself look paranoid this is supposed to be about Sunderland and potential signings, anyone who writes anything that you disagree with you call a mag

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Why wait to get them on frees in the summer when you desperately trying to get players in now coz of injuries. BS on "panic buys" They are simply to improve and add more depth to the squad.

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Oi!!! I'm born and bred Northumbrian and I support Sunderland till I die!!!

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How is league1 like the spl? Sunderland fans worrying because newcastle are making good signings. I've just heard you lot are getting Paul scharner on loan so don't criticise newcastles signings

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Serious 4 signings and the mags are trying to big themselves up, doesn't take away their club is 2 points above the relegation zone, half their best players want to leave, 7 points behind the number one team in the north east and in 2006 pardwho said that teams who don't play mostly english players are a joke and look who is a hypocrite Pardwho, 8 french players with maybe another 1 or 2 to come in still. Mags the scharner thing is rubbish and watch MON make 2 or 3 good signings before next thurs that will have you crying again about us!

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We have been decimated by injuries all season and have had the distraction of Europe as well, of course you wouldn't understand what that's like I know. Anyway we have waited 3seasons for a CB hardly a panic buy there and cover was needed for RB as Simmo injured and a replacement for Ba and as for Sissoko well just because we can, unlike yous .

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Haidara and gouffran wudnt improve your squad? when was the last time you seen them play?

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Crying about you? are you still in europe? actually when were you last in europe?

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Some fan you must be coz even I know them players cost more than 15 mil. 6 mil for cabaye, 6 mil ben arfa, 5 mil debuchy and 3.5 mil for sissoko is more than 20 mil and you would know that if you stayed at school and stayed off the drugs you monger! Fletcher was 12 mill anyway we refused to pay 15 mil. what's that you say? 7 points? Keep lookin up at us mate haha jog on yeah!

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Mags acting all clever on their high horse. I think its sad though that some of our fans think the original poster is a mag just because they disagree with the comment. By the way i'm heartbroken you have an airport and nice hotels, absolutely gutted......

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