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25 Jul 2012 22:55:43
Sunderland to announce Steven N'Zonzi tomorrow.

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Don't think it will happen tomorrow unless we also sign a striker tomorrow as O'Neill said he wants a striker first

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Never know

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Hes just signed for saville mate, another one bites the dust

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Nzonzi to sevilla season loan.

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OH....your source must have let you down..You think?

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Nzonzi has not signed for seville no record of it anywhere i can see

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25 Jul 2012 21:43:34
mon to sign darren bent from villa

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I reckon he'd need to come back and start scoring straight away in order to be forgiven

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If he did come back you know he would be banging in the goals , I would forgive and forget but sadly this move won't happen

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I would welcome Bent back, i still think the lure of an England call up by playing for Villa was his motive to move away from the SOL ?

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This would be my dream signing he'd score loads of goals again cant see it happening tho :-(

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Lets be honest bent aint all that seen better in the blue square league harry redchap saw him for what he is a pathetic flop and yes my wife could do better as well....

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No mate its cos hes just a greedy b#####d pure and simple!!!

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Bent only used safc to get a better move..bent comes available unfortunatly he wont come back to sunderland and probably go to either fulham or qpr...

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Ahahah, You got a spare 20 million knocking about for Bent? Nope so stop being muppets. Only place Bent would go is up the table.

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Safc finished above villa but it won't happen

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25 Jul 2012 20:57:31
HUGE rumours of Fernando Llorente move to SoL... no official source, but many premier league rumours pages are full of them! Could we be in for a top quality striker? Short has said that he is willing to pay big to get most out of O'Neill and Sunderland, so it could happen! Watch this space lads...

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I really hope so

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I've heard the same mate, we have freed up alot of wages after selling players and the money is there to spend, both short and O'neill said they want quality not quantity and wouldn't be surprised if we bring in one or two big names,would be a hell of a statement to the rest of the premiership if we did get someone like Llorente, no doubt that some obsessed geordie will come on here saying dreaming, good joke blah blah blah

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I would pee myself if we got llorente just through excitement,at last a big signing with massive talent,imagine this fella gettin on the end of mcleans crosses,meat and drink,or is it ok to dream,no doubt some armchair barcode will shoot me down even though he supports them by buying a pair of donnay socks from sports direct.tk73

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PRICELESS!! ha ha ha Deluded springs to mind. Be realistic, Saha and Heskey are your targets,

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You need to stop getting excited about Llorente coming it is not going to happen. He will not drop down to that level. If he is available every major European club will be in for him with bigger wages and higher transfer fees. Looking at 25 million opening bid.

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Well said the people above who aren't Geordies and it's brilliant how people say there will be geordies coming and they do if any sunderland fans do this on newcastle sites they should be shot

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Would be unreal if we got the boy would indeed be a massive statement doubtg we will get him though but am sure mon has a few top targets up his sleave

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To everybody saying "he would go to a big club rather than sunderland blah blah blah" He wouldn't get first team football anywhere in one of the top 4 clubs. City have Aguero, Silva, Balotelli, Dzeko, Teves. UTD have Rooney, Welbeck, Hernandez, Arsenal have Giroud, Podolski, and Chelsea have Hazard, Torres, Sturridge, Lukaku.... honestly people. think about it. he would rather first team football rather than money.

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Think about it? Seriously? LLorente would walk into any of the top4 teams front line. From that list only Rooney, Torres and Aguero would compete with him for a start. You need to give it s rest with llorente or don't its gives us geordies a good laugh.

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He would get in arsenals podolski will play wider role if anything

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Barcodes need to think who they have signed so far this window the only bids they have made have all been half the value of the players worth just appeasing the dimwitts. if they were serious they would offer market value

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So you think that after the Euro's that Balotelli had he would still beat him to a place? Nah, Llorente didn't even get to play. Balotelli played almost every game and was incredibly influential. Welbeck had a solid season and will build on it again this season. Hazard would definitely challenge Llorente. as would Giroud and Podolski.

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He won't go to safc even though I would love it

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According to ed22 we have made no offer for llorente im afraid

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That point about balotelli is pointless. Llorente plays for the best team in the world and Europe who choose not to play with strikers.

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Hold on here we had a 12 million euro for de long refused and 6 million for debuchy refused...wheres safc have been signing.....johnson,bent,nzonzi,holliet,llorete, now kenwyne jones and bent are returning so take a look at safc not barcodes as i,m pretty sure all i,ve read this summer is mon has a huge warchest and lots of top players coming in and so far its cuellar a 31 year old defender on a free...safc need to worry about there team as the toon did well with what they had last season and never struggled or looked like a relegation team...........

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In all fairness why do sunderland need to worrry mon sed he wud wait til the preseason trip was over its only a matter of time b4 we sign sum1 theres no rush mon knows what hes doin! have faith

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This is the funniest rumour I have seen on this site in a long time. one of the deadliest target men in europe would never go to a mid table side. it would be a backwards move. plus, he loves bilbao so would only move to a top side. Inter, Juve, AC, Real, Barca, Arsenal all interested so don't hold your breath mackems.

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25 Jul 2012 20:32:47
Aston villa submitted bid for cresswell (left back) and warn ok told lambert he wants to go to Sunderland !

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Sorry that shud be warnock

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Would rather have colback or bardo left back warnock very average

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25 jul 2012 20:15:42
sunderland to announce steven pienaar by friday!

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Going back to everton

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25 Jul 2012 19:04:55
Sudnerland to sign Steven N'Zonzi, Stewart Downing, Steven Pienaar, Seydou Doumbia, Martin Olssen, Steven Warnock, Gabby Agbonlahor, and James Collins. Other possible targets are Steven Fletcher, Kenwyne Jones, Matt Phillips, and Adam Johnson.

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What are you on?

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Hopefully your right! fingers crossed.

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Kenwyne will not get enough goals rather av johnson than downing pianeur class

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Two quality fowards will do the job , but i mean quality

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Seydou Doumbia... Is that a joke?

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25 Jul 2012 18:36:01
Kenwyne Jones is close to a return and the deal should be sorted by the end of this week. If MON fails to persuade Pienaar to Sunderland he will go for Yossi Benayoun.

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Doubt jones will cum bak unreal ikn the air thou

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25 Jul 2012 18:00:12
Michael Dawson will replace Turner in defence and MON is trying to tie up a deal for Peter Odemwingie. Stewie Downing is also being targeted to create a more attacking team.

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Sounds good. Hope Bramble go's also

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Dawsons spurs captain now

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Downing done nothing for years dont want to spend money on another centre back need strikers think one will be owen pay as you play

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Dawson will be named new spuds skipper so i dont think so.

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25 Jul 2012 13:43:11
Turner having medical at norwich,just need Bramble to follow now.

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Turner was a good servant for us,but his pace was atrocious.hope bramble goes as well,but id keep kilgannon hes still young and could turn into a class act,so please keep him martin.tk73

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If Turner does leave and Wes Browns injury is as bad as they say it could be i can see Collins and Warnock coming here.

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Good luck to the boy thought he was a good defender

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Why all these villa players?they were leaky last year and in the euros they were shown to be a liability.cmon mon show a bit imagination please.tk73

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Why does it seam so hard to find good quality defenders who are British! surely if we pulled our fingers out a little and scouted the lower leagues we would find some gems, leave the money for the exspensive Foreign strikers?

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Villa defenders are the type of players you can attract. Like for like in my opinion.

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Must be a mag...who did they buy today?hmm

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Turner to norwich yes but why replace him? we have bramble kilgallon brown oshae cuellar egan and laing all center halves.

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25 Jul 2012 12:26:59
Warnock from A. Villa to sign for SAFC this coming week.

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Possible as villa lining up a new left back

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25 Jul 2012 10:47:58
Sunderland are intrested in Ivory Coast striker Arouna Kone as the player is only looking for a move to England

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25 Jul 2012 08:58:55
Santa cruz signing immanent, warnock,dunne,nzonzi,ledley,petrov are other key targets


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The only one of those that I would want would be n'zonzi

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