Sunderland Rumours Archive November 25 2012


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25 Nov 2012 19:34:13
definetly think theres something going on at the club heard a few weeks ago short was thinking about selling up maybe this has filtered through the players and staff tx

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Typical american buisness man ..only interested in the dollar not in the club...if Short thinks otherwise he should come out and say whether hes up for the fight and duration or cut and run...nial wouldnt have left this soon !

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If he is interested in money he is not going to sell a club that has stability in pl and will receive more for finishing last place next than winners this nearly 20 million extra each place, plus all the extra finance from advertising, I the fans drive MON out I hope ES goes, as I will not support anymore, the delude dudes are boring now,

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24 Nov 2012 19:15:40
Mon needs an assistant.
If this doesnt happen soon, I think he needs to consider going. It is obvious he cant do it alone.
(Ed what happened to his old assistant? )

Jeez. {Ed002's Note - I thought Steve Guppy and Steve Walford were around?}

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TOTALLY agree with that hes needs help !

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Would like to see Ray Wilkins as his assistant

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John robertson or ray wilkins would be decent

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