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26 Apr 2012 07:44:34
tlks for victor moses wil take place soon as the season is finished as RM needs to offload players to raise some funds for the clubs future. and this is a fact.. sgb

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Victor Moses will have his pick of clubs. He is not going swap one relegation fighting club for another. FACT! SMB.

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Wont happen theres some big clubs looking at him..

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Yeah bigger clubs like Newcastle.

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Why would he swap a releagtion club in wigan for next seasons relegation club newcastle? sunderland will be top ten next season, spewcastle will be midtable and will get knocked out of europe by some latvian team

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Relegated once since premiership began wheres sunderland have been relegated so many times in FACT is there a club that has been relegated from premiership more than sunderland?? i mean they are the original yo yo club.....smb

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I meant just relegation club not midtable, been a long day at work

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You must have been talking to him since march, that's when your season finished

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Sunderland many average players
The Greek horse
and many, many more

Name 5 good players?

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Migs belgium international goalie, the greek is on loan, campbell england international and was under 21s for years, sess benin international, bardsley, gordon scottish internationals, bentdner denmark international, mcclean ireland international, larsson - sweden, catts former under england 21's and could be getting a call up for the Olympic team, bridge on loan but former england player, brown, o'shea championship winners with man utd for years, cup winners, champs league winners, don't get me wrong we have alot of players who aren't good enough but O'neill will get rid of them and bring in some flair into our team for next season. Anyway did you enjoy the wigan game 2day! HAHA SGB!

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Brown and oshea where nothing more than squad numbers if they where or are as good as you think ferguson would not of sold them and a host of other premier teams would of been in for them and you lot would not have getting them....

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I was expecting the wheels to fall off next season, but obviously after the Wigan debacle, its started already!! SGB, by the way expect a different Sunderland side next season. Watch this space!

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The wheels havnt falling off we will be in europe somthing your club would love to be in.
it will be you lot that will struggle next season the onelly factor has well and truly worn off,should of stuck with bruce.

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Good luck to europe ye squad is wafer thin and will be in relegation battle next year

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Oshea squad member? is that why he was captain in champs league semi final you spud. please get facts right before spouting off

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What was it you sad Geordies were saying after you were knocked out of the F.A. Cup?
It meant nothing unless we won it.
Well same goes to you. Being in it isnt enough, you have to win it.


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Wow thats a stretch.


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Wafer think squad? do the makems realise we have plenty of young players ready to come Into the first teamnext year, eg, vuckic,abeid,taverneir,sammy. then we'll be buying 4/5 top players along with 15m worth of young talent. smb

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Another smb fortune telling what's gonna happen next season! Get a grip! As for wheels falling off? 1 defeat in 7. 6 wins in those games isnt too bad, looking at the smb's and talking of wheels falling off, looks like you lost all your wheels about 6 week back, and have been walking ever since.
Looking forward to next season, hoping for some nice trips across the continent!

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Oshea captain what year person as it was vidic in 2010...smb

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O'Shea is average. he was made to look half decent cos he was surrounded by world class players. Ferguson never played him in the big games unless he had injuries.

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Obertan anyone?

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26 Apr 2012 00:34:00
Ha'way the Lads!


Have been told can find a new club has not in The Lads plans for the furture.

Linked with a move for Stephen Fletcher.

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Sunderland are terible newcastle has better players in every position

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Those players above are squad players and barely play, sorry but don't think your squad players are better than them, 6 international players in that list SGB!

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6 internationals? LOL for some of the worst international teams in the world. In Newcastle first 11 there are 9 top class Internationals not to mention the rest of the squad.

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Argentina, Paraguy,Ghana not good sides? you really know your football over there in barcode land dont you! Think before you type!!

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The only good side there is Argentina. which one of the players plays for Argentina on a regular basis?? SMB.

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Argentinian International.... Cheers then 3 caps. Hasn't played for them since 2009. Clutching at straws there SMB. Compare that to Jonas and Colo who have played over 20 and 30 games for Argentina respectively. Think YOU might want to think before you type. SMB.

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Scotland, Egypt, Paraguy. Those well know big hitters on the international stage. SMB.

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Newcastle squad 100% better, How many points are you behind use. and are you challengerning for Europe. Your team will never finish in the top half. We will finish this season in 4th. You lossers will finish 14th. Ten places behind. You City is second best to use and all will be. Shame has your club.

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Ok for 3 seasons we have consistently finished higher than you, you then signed one decent player who you relied heavily on, and learn to spell as well mate it just makes you sound like more of a person tbh. Also i think you will find sessgnon is a better player and higher scorer than your ben arfa

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3 seasons is that it. Really it's only 2. You cant really count our season in the fizzy pop league can you? You only finished above us due to us conceding a last minute goal against WBA. Nothing really to shout about is it. Out of Ben Arfa and Sess. I would take Ben Arfa all day long. See you in Europe.....Wait we won't, your not there. SMB.

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Fizzy pop league still counts fool, 3 seasons as the best team in the north east, will be top team again next season as we won't give you a head start this time as we don't have a clueless geordie managering us, sess is better than ben arfa, its close as I do like ben arfa, I think sess's allround game is better but think ben arfas finishing is better

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You are deluded beyond all belief if you actually believe that seas is better than Ben area.

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Who is seas and who is ben area? sessegnon is better than ben arfa, wigan showed all you need to do is put a foot in and you win the ball off him as chelsea will do 2mora night!

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If the best come back you have is to correct a couple of spelling mistakes then that says it all really. Ben Arfa is better that Sess in every aspect of the game. I would say we will see next season but that more than likely wont happen as Sess won't be a Sunderland player come next season.

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