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26 Aug 2012 23:21:45
Heard of various sources that clint Dempsey is due for a medical tomorrow and could be signed in time to face morcambe aslo we are now odds on to sign Defoe but I don't think the deal will pull through I'll be happy with just clint Dempsey on board (princ£y)

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This Dempsey story has same strength as when johnson rumours were going around. All seem to be from the same source. What a player Dempsey is.

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So would i signing defoe could mean sess going to spurs which to me is unthinkable

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Would never get rid of sess, superb player and very hard to replace.

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Sess got unfinished business with the sunderland

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What source is it

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26 Aug 2012 22:47:06
jermain defoe is now 1/2 to join cats with sky bet also clint demsey now 1/3-chris

{Ed024's Note - If we get them both will we lose Sess to offset the cost ?}

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Sess best player we have had in years if it meant letting him go for defoe i would be absolutely gutted-chris

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Don't think I would mind Sess leaving as much if we had Dempsey and Defoe.

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I said earlier, Sess is away on Thursday. Heard this at 4.30pm this afternoon from a source within the club. But if we get defoe and dempsey i would be over the moon

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Could have torres and rvp up front but we still wont score goals without a midfielder who can can actually play football-chris

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Is the Clint Dempsey rumour genuine, if so I do sadly think we could be losing Sess

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As much as I love Sess, I can't help but feel that we'd be better off with dempsey and defoe instead

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I for one really do not want defoe, if he comes it wont be because he!! wants to come it will be decided by the spurs board, and he woudnt settle up here to far away from the bright lights of london.

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We're getting Dempsey for 8 million and I don't want Defoe if sess is goin to spurs

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If we were so close to signing Dempsey like you all seem to think, do you not think it likely that either skysports or bbc sport would have reported it by now?

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26 Aug 2012 22:43:00
odds now 1/3 for dempsey to sign,,,,,no smoke without fire,,,,source sky bet

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Same for defoe, shaking with exitement

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26 Aug 2012 21:04:10
Hiya ed, heard any news on sess? Really hoping he doesn't leave, and any news on Dempsey or Dawson ?
MB {Ed057's Note - Sess is staying unless something silly happens but AVB criticised him at Chelsea so don't think that will happen and Dempsey 70% chance I would say and Dawson 10% chance. I think we will sign one more though

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Love the nickname for AVB like the 'meerkat' haha and did he really, what did he say about him ? Mb {Ed057's Note - Lmao and a reporter asked him when he was at Chelsea will he sign sess and he said something along the lines of he's a too ball greedy and dosent pass often enough.

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26 Aug 2012 20:48:08
Dawson will have a medical at academy on Tuesday. Info from my reliable friend very close to club. He also said sessegnon will be sold Thursday but didnt say which club but that a major signing will be made to replace him.

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According to ssn his move to qpr is back on

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Dawson to injury prone and9mill is too much 4 him.tk73

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26 Aug 2012 20:24:29
Just heard that Steve Bruce has but an offer on the table for Ahmed Elmohamady and Titus Bramble. Given up on other players has want to stay at the club.

Also been told that Sessegnon is not leaving the club, no offers have been made.
Said just Skunks trying to upset use lads.

Campbell is staying.

Richardson off to WHU.

We are not in for Dempsey.

Omar Rouffah

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26 Aug 2012 19:45:38
Walcott is heading to Juve, The one more signing Wenger was talking about is Sess to Arsenal. (Rumour has it this was set up as part of the Bendtner deal quite a while back) Liverpool are making a move for Dawson as Man City are going to grab Agger (They wanted him to serve out one of his game bans before coming)

MON got Fletcher in because he wants to recruit Scottish players, The extra money he paid to get Fletcher is part of his plan to attract Charlie Adam.

Adam Johnson is going to be played as a right wing back in a new formation shuffle.

Whickham is going to be sold (asap) and replaced with Rhodes. {Ed024's Note - why a Scottish recruitment drive ? }

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Never heard so much crap in my life, why would we have a Scottish recruitment drive when we can clearly see they have 2 good players in their whole national team, not including fletcher,

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Think hes been on the scotch

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26 Aug 2012 18:46:13
An extremely good source of mine has informed me there will be one more BIG signing next week.

Not sure on the outs though.

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Window shuts this week not next

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26 Aug 2012 18:55:00
Possible first team after deadline day?




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Bardsley O'Shea Cuellar ollson
Larsson cattermole/colback mcclean
Johnson Fletcher sees

That's what im hoping for anyway, thinking that could be one of our better teams. Can't wait for Liverpool match! So excited im like a kid at crimbo! Thank you MON and Ellis!!
Ps. Any word on that caminata lad ed? Cheers

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AGAIN.... why are you not putting Gardner on that list? He should start. Solid midfielder works like an engine. Definite in my starting XI...

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Exactly gardener has awesome work ethic if no lb comes in he possibly be rb with bards going lb when fit if not then in the middle instead of colback. Yt?

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bardsley o'shea cuellar?
johnson sessegnon mcclean
fletcher. ?
2 players still req LB CF

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26 Aug 2012 16:12:24
Next week. Anderson Man Utd loan or Henderson Liverpool Loan. Rose Loan Spurs. Dawson Spurs 5 million to us, plus Sess going other way. Defoe or Dempsey for 10 million. If Dempsey then Rico & Campbell to Fulham & 5 million for Dempsey. Other outs, Bramble to Blackburn 1 million, Whickham to Blackburn loan. Vaughan to Swansea 2 million.

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Why would we bid 5 mil plus Sess for Dawson? Not a chance. Sess is worth at least 15 million.

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You`re an absolute baffoon, if you think this will happen.

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You've just made all that up totally pointless

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He is saying dawson plus 5m for sess. Still not worth it in my opinion

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26 Aug 2012 15:07:35
Bramble and Elmo out next week to hull

Richardson west ham 2 mill
Campbell could also leave

Couple of other will go out to championship when window reopens in sept

Another couple ( maybe 3 ) in next week - 2 loans plus one more established premier player

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Funny that mon says nobody leaving

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Mon already said richardson leaving.

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26 Aug 2012 14:52:42
I received a text today asking if I had heard that berbatov is due for talks on monday as sky have been asked to attend the academy. My source works in the sports department at itv

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I hear he could be available for as little as 3 million Galatasaray,Zenit and Fiorentina interested.

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Every time he plays he seems to score so would like to see him at the sol for a season or two but would like guidetti better.finally would just like to say I am absolutely delighted with the signing of adam Johnson.well done mon

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No..1st hes rubbish 2nd He wouldnt want to come to us

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Berba's already going to Fiorentina

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Why would he not want to come to us? Sick of all these supposed supporters who do nothing but try and down grade their own team...hang your heads in shame!!!!!!!!

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If you ask any footballer, The north-east would be the last place they would go unless on good wages. On not bothered about where they play. The North-East is a poor run down forgotten area of the Uk

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You obviously have never left you little hovel in you life if thats what you think the north east is like, i have travelled for work to most places in the UK and abroad and nothing beats the northeast!!

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The north east has it's bad point but there are some lovely area's around to live in

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Whats this??? location location location. get a grip lads

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26 Aug 2012 14:35:34
Dawson in O'Neill's sights as Sunderland boss plans to continue spending spree

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Sometimes can be good player but makes to many mistakes I think

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We don't need another center back.

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Another oap.

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Would love to see Dawson here but cant see the point in spending 9 million on a CH we dont need.

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No chance

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Oap?? he is 28!

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OAP? the lad is only 28

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Oap ? Do u know anything about football

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Bramble and Kilgallon could both go.
I think we are still interested in signing better quality centre back.


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26 Aug 2012 13:45:26
Anyone got a source for the clint dempsy rumours. I dont think he would come to us but if he did he would definitely give us a huge boost. Safc93

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Why wouldn't he play for us, he plays for a small club with a tin pot ground, we've got a large brand new stadium top of the range facilitys top manager and some top players

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Have heard rumours but don't think that they are true

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Exactly would love to see him at the sol.

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He wants European football otherwise he'd stay at Fulham, end of story

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Rumours are true,Dempsey will sign Monday or Tuesday.Dawson also expected at SOL for talks on Tuesday.Left back to sign also and enquiries about Anderson have been made.Source is from people at the club.All the info has now been found out by sports journalist and is doing the rounds now on Twitter

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Who thought that adam johnson would sign for us so who knows who we can sign next
all thanks to mon and short for doing what they say

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26 Aug 2012 13:23:38
Just heard from a club insider ther is going to be a massive signing this week it will be a marque for the club that's what persuaded Adam Johnson to sign this is the absolute truth don't know who it is or what position but apparently it's going to be massive watch this space

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Might be fernando llorente

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Yeh who

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More quality signings due this week,just goto get the deals over the line.Watch this space folks good times ahead wink wink :) BLACKCAT

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I hope your right we could do with a top creative midfielder to play along side Cattermole.

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Is it Heskey - Only Joking ! Hope it's another striker, still think we are short up front.

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Heres to hoping for a top quality signing, got to be a striker or playmaker!

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Its nani

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26 Aug 2012 12:50:10
We have offers in for:

Michael Dawson
Martin Olsson
Clint Dempsey



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Warnick... good brazilian player? Or did you mean Warnock?

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Pressed i instead of o mate. Don't think MoN is a fan of Brazilian players. Not his kind of players. Likes your typical hard working British players.

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26 Aug 2012 11:13:09
WEST BROM defender Jonas Olsson could be the next new arrival on Wearside.

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Would rather have olsen from blackburn

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I can see 2 players coming in next week a LB either ivan strinic,danny rose but my moneys on jonas Olsson as west brom are interested in martin olsson from blackburn,a CF somebody to play off fletcher am hoping someone like jordan Rhodes or a loan deal for marouane chamakh from arsenal or even Defoe (depending on who AVB brings in)

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26 Aug 2012 10:03:02
I heard that Jonas Olson from west brom next player to sign this week

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By heard do you mean read it in the paper

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Are you sure it wasn't Olssen from Blackburn?

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More likely

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Local rag sunday sun

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26 Aug 2012 00:32:51
This is what I have heard from the Oracle:

Richardson - West Ham Unitd (Out)
D.Murphy - Birmingham ex Elmohamady (In)
Olsson - Blackurn ex Bramble (In)
Dawson - Spurs (In)

Next year

Sessegnon leaving

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Who's murphy?

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Oracle is wrong.

Richardson is going

We are after


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Not danny murphy?!

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