Sunderland Rumours Archive December 26 2012


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26 Dec 2012 23:36:04
John guidetti
Sylvin distin
James Milner
Danny rose
Jolean lescott

Ahmed elomohamady
We'd brown
Frailer Campbell

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Milner, lescott? Are you having a laugh

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Tottenham will ask for a ridiculous price for Rose though :(

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And we should pay it, by far our best performer this season, a class act!

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A mag here in peace, sunderland won't sigm Lescott for exactly the same reason as Newcastle won;'t sign him 90k a week, best hope for either team is to get him on loan til end of season. Just a hunch but I think Milner will cross manchester to replace Giggs or Scholes

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26 Dec 2012 18:06:15
Sunderland will sign:


Hooper - Celtic
Beck - Cumbrians
Whittingham - Dragons
McGeady - Moscow
Hines - Smoggies
Rose - Spurs


Ji - Korea
Bramble - Ipswich
O'Shea - Celtic
Elmohamady - Hull
Brown - Tranmere
McFadden - Partick Thistle
Campbell - Huddersfield

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We are in talks with the agents of 4 players at the moment shame about the booing of milner today as he was one of the 4

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I said the same, we after Milner and he would be a good signing for us, I think Milner would of took it as banter the booing but A shame if he doesn't come to us in Jan

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What does Beck - Cumbrians stand for?

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Carlisle United - Beck is a young striker from there and is from Sunderland and a Coal Cat. Been told its recist to say Black Cats now.

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Racisit to say black cats why its a bloody nicknme of a team thats based in a multicultural city its uor nick name and im yousing it

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Yeah I agree with you, But got talking to a group of foriegn students and a few of them where part-time Sunderland fans dislike the word black a lad from Somalia said its racist I should call them the Coal Cats seen has the ground is build on a form Coal mine. I just walked away. And looked at him with disgust.

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26 Dec 2012 14:29:30
Ji is heading back to Korea
Campbell off to Hull
Bramble off to Ipswich
O'Shea off to Celtic
Brown off to Celtic
McFadden deal ends

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