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26 Jan 2012 21:59:57
In talks with Kalou is a growing rumour

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No chance - Dream on!

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Has The Bridges got a Primark for him? Otherwise, I think he'll stay clear of the North East. Let's stop kidding ourselves!

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Leaving for PSG in the summer! appaerently the worst kept secret in football!

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Its a ;oan deal

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26 Jan 2012 10:19:31
Francesco Bolzoni is ours

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HOPE NOT ONLY 3 CAREER GOALS {Ed001's Note - isn't he a defender??}

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No he's a midfielder only signed for sienna last year {Ed001's Note - ok cheers, I knew he wasn't a striker, was wondering what the number of goals scored mattered.}

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Has scored 5 goals in 18 games for academica this season. not bad for midfielder. lets get him in

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For who????

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Silva plays for academica,bolzoni for sienna

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Again for who. Did you google that team for info?

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Sienna play in 'serie a', promoted last year,currently 17th.

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Someones been on sitting searching s**t players on Wikipedia

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Just replying to a question,takes 2 seconds to search,dont need your sarcasm richard cranium!!

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26 Jan 2012 10:15:43
Gardner off to West Brom

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No he isnt!

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He is. Can't settle in the area.

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Another Mag trying to stir rubbish, stick to your own joke of a site

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If Gardner really goes, hopefully Adrien Silva comes in, he looks awesome!

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Gardner staying lads so chill, he will knock in lots of goals for us the next few years and will be a sunderland legend

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Gardner was getting no end of stick recently and was called all the names under the sun. He scores 2 great goals and suddenly some of you fickle supporters are disappointed if he was to leave. Unbelievable Jeff!

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No end stick from who?? your full of it SGB because sunderland fans have been saying for ages even under Bruce they wanted him to start games, he is very popular to our fans so pull the other one! also why you on a sunderland banter page for? is it because your geordie fans are getting more deluded by the day with talk of champs league and europe! Bye Bye SGB

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Stick from many a supporter. Statements such as 6 million down the drain. Another Bruce flop. Benchwarmer etc, etc. Fickle as anything

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And another thing, its mackems who are deluded. You have gone from abusing Bruce (because he is a geordie) for building a relegation team to suddenly being a team on the brink of Europa League football and FA Cup winners. Exactly the same players, yet all of the sudden they are world beaters. Poor professionalism if you ask me

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Cant recall anybody saying 6m down the drain or benchwarmer you must have been in your little dreamworld where you hear voices and think nufc will qualify for europe

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We all wanted Gardner to play more

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Most of the bad posts that he got came from jealous SGB s.

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Jealous. LOL. Gardner or Tiote? Tough choice. I would Guthrie over Gardner and he couldn't tie Cabeye laces. SMB.

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26 Jan 2012 00:26:52
We're linked with Adrien Silva of Sporting Lisbon...he's an under-21 and 5 million rated midfielder...go for it!

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Currently with academica,5 goals in 18 games,chelsea were after him a couple of years ago,looks a strong player,centre mid.

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