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26 Jan 2013 22:42:09
I don't think Darren Bent but right now I'd welcome him back with open arms. We'd probably get him a lot cheaper too as Aston Villa still owe us money from him apparently.... As long as we get a striker in I'll be happy as we've been picking our performances up anyway so any addition is a bonus.

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or in summer

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Gold digger

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26 Jan 2013 21:02:23
Benteke has just handed in a transfer request according to Aston villas twitter page, wouldn't mind seeing him in a red and white shirt but he definitely gives the impression he is a bit of a mercenary or someone looking for big club move

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No he hasn't its a parody page not the real one

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Fake twitter account

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Even so if villa and QPR go down the will
become prime signing material. just think
come summer

Loic Remy
Christian Benteke
Darren Bent
Bobby Zamora
Adel Taarat

all for allot cheaper than they are now

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26 Jan 2013 20:45:04
hi lads i'm a mag from peterlee danny graham has turned down sunderland he will probs join west ham unless nufc make a bid.... this is from danny cousin my girlfriend

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Hmm funny name for a girlfriend danny cousin ah well whatever floats yer boat

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A mag from peterlee you should be supporting Hartlepool

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Hope so. but now graham has been linked with wba not whu as a replacement for qpr bound odemwingie

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26 Jan 2013 20:29:36
Mauro Zarate agent at sunderland to negotiate fee after £5 million pund was rejected

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Agents negotiate wages not fees.

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That's wht I ment so he might come on oan with view of permanent

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Thought he wa meant to come on loan ?..dont beleive that fee !

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Hope we get Zarate he is a great player who scores goals

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26 Jan 2013 20:13:33
We've been linked with him before, but i'd love to see us go all out to get Didier Ya Konan to SoL to partner Fletcher?

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We are looking for a goal scorer and ya konan doesn't score goal's his stat's back this up and also he's 28 so not as if he is a prospect I know everybody like's different type's of player's but it's a big NO from me on this one

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28 is a peak age

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Henry didn't score many before he moved to Arsenal!

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Henry was a winger before he joined arsenal and was also young so had time to settle into English football and mould his game to suit ya konan would have to hit the ground running from the off to much off a gamble

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Can only apologise. I like the lad, think he'd add to the team, you don't want, your choice?!

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26 Jan 2013 20:09:09
Like if you think bent will come back to the sol or dislike if you think not

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I don't think bent will come back or though I would welcom him back and I would love it if we went in for hooper but who knows hope we hear something soon .

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26 Jan 2013 20:03:48
El Hadji Ba - Very interested in a move to sunderland

Mauro Zarate - Looks a very good player and may be signed for 7 to 8 million or on loan with an option to buy in the summer

Danny Graham - Could be signed but do we want him as he is a mag

Paul Scharner - Very likely on loan

Darren Bent - No way

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Id take scharner on loan !... for a defender /midfielder he scores a lot of goals for a defender !

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Ba was linked before window so is a possible, graham if it happens is going to go to the wire aye, zarate looks nailed on but I think scharner is just agent talk and lazy reporters lookin for a page filler,

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Scharner wouls be another un ambitious poor signing, we willnever improve

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Scharner only wants to move to sunderland for training he will return to hambutg at the end of the season and Ba is interested and zarate is looking positive

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I don't want Scharner, I just don't think he's BPL quality anymore.

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26 Jan 2013 18:57:58
Geordie fans trying there best to wind use lads up. Bent will never come back to SoL. Left for a much large wage bill and fans don't want him back very greedy and only want players who wil play for the club.

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He was forced out, he didn't ask for a transfer, he didn't say he wanted to go, safc accepted a fee, why cause he was forced out because of Steve Bruce

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He was not forced out, bent was already sitting in birmingham before sunderland accepted bid.

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26 Jan 2013 17:14:23
Sunderlamd to sign Scharner, unfortunately Graham and Bent before next Thursday

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No wrong try again best out of 3

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I bet out of the 3 names you just made up we sign none of them, because you've just made them up! {Ed024's Note - This is a rumour site and theres a lot of people posting about Graham and Bent - do you think they've all made up the same thing .....or do you think that MON has enquired about Graham but Laudrup wont sell without a replacement and Bent is certainly available and lets be honest must be looking to leave Villa}

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Won't buy both strikers and looking more likely be neither with Zarate now becoming favourite. As for Sharner, doubt he come anyway just to fill the bench. Is also his age factor.

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26 Jan 2013 17:09:31
My dad lives near the academy of light and said marou zarate was there and is close to signing on loan with a permanent offer at the end of the season

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Would love 2 see him here hope its true

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Hope youre right buy I will beleive it when I see it.

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Wont he have work permit problem?

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Your dad must have good eyes to see from the houses

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Its permanent if he comes think they want 7 mil

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Could be more likely than Graham. Hooper almost certainly going to Spurs.

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Inter have turned down 5million euro bid but his agent is at aol now

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He has binoculars not good eye sight

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26 Jan 2013 15:01:25
Mauro Zárate on his way?

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26 Jan 2013 12:17:02
luccian becchio being mentioned a lot.....proven finisher but never been given a chance in the prem, what's the verdict yay or nay.....?

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We don't need average championship players we have plenty of those.

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Tribal football says that neil Warnock thinks becchio will go to us or Wigan

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Id take Becchio 1..hed be cheap ..and great finisher !

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26 Jan 2013 00:06:32
Graham deal looking increasingly unlikely, looks like Bent is heading home

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Hope so .

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Don't want greedy Bent back, More likely go to an arab country or china in a big money move. Because that's all Bent cares about money my Geordie Friend.l

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Of course money was a factor in Bent leaving Sunderland, but not the only one. The club snapped Villa's hands off with the transfer fee and Cappello told him to move to secure his place in the national set up. The simple fact is he's a proven premiership goalscorer which is just what we need.

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Was a lot more behind the scenes than simply labelling Bent as greedy. Bruce was never famous for his man management, more the opposite. Overall, not much loyalty left in football whether be players, coaches or owners.

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Neither of them want to play for Sunderland lol.

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BENT coming home lol we stand more chance of getting BENT then mags stopping up

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Did MON say he want DG ? all he said was mags are welcome so why is every1 saying he's coming ? if he was the deal would be done by now playing them tuesday no chance and BENT well yous allforgot why he moved ? because villa a bigger club right got that 1 wrong

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Swansea are just screwin teams around with k jones, they just want to keep graham

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