Sunderland Rumours Archive July 26 2012


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26 Jul 2012 20:10:40
Michael Dawson
Gary Hooper
Ola Toivonen

I heard where MoN targets?

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If celtic get European football hooper won't leave

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I think gary hooper will leave either way but it will be for 8 million plus

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26 Jul 2012 18:42:14
Seydou Doumbia to SAFC, as CSKA Moscow have signed Matias Suarez, a replacement for Seydou Doumbia.

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Don't think so, surpriced everyone is agreeing, postee most be the only one agreeing on it?

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It's like the Llorente rumour! As much as I'd love it, I just can't see it happening

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26 Jul 2012 15:19:54
According to SSN, Martin Olsson has handed in a transfer request at Blackburn. Interesting...

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Really like this lad hope we get him but we still need to sign a star striker

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Had a nightmare we got heskey last night ,i didnt sleep a wink after i woke up in a cold really worried about who mon will sign,and have a horrible feeling hes gonna buy crap.tk73

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If we sign heskey where gunna b a laffing stock! doubt we will go for him but if we get despret towards the end of the window and aint got 2 strikers in i wouldnt be surprised lol

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Its no laughing matter mate,all our fans and season ticket holders are brickin it ! if we got him wed lose at least 5 to 10k fans at home,season ticket holders havent much choice but the paying customers wont come.tk73

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..No one's bricking it.. what a load of sh1te.. you can tell the mags by their stupid comments!... no way will MON sign him ..

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Sign heskey and my season ticket goes back

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With any luck he's good mates with larsson and he can have a word.

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Why is everyone panicing. Patience lads, I am pleased the has not leaked out any names, because we always loss out. Guys watch the Olympics, and forget the rumours. Everything will be last minute any way.

Karma Jones

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Experienced, as mon said he wanted, Free and mon`s favourite player. We WILL end up with him!! safc1973

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Relax people, emiles agent is working on getting him a contract in mls or the far east,

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26 Jul 2012 04:47:56
MoN wish list: Michael Dawson, Stewart Downing, Adam Johnson, Gabriel Agbonlahor & Gary Hopper. Wants to stick to UK players.


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No chance

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We have had Downing before but now I prefer Adam Johnson, why did Downing leave Boro? because Johnson was threatening his first team place! Hooper no Gaby poss Dawson yes but a outlandish bid for Messey! only joking sgb before you come on here saying deluded! Daz raw74

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This list changes by the day. You been looking over his shoulder?

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