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26 Jun 2012 01:30:29
Is there any of the Glasgow Rangers lads that could be up for grabs suitable for us? {Ed002's Note - Possibly.}

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I think aluko (don't know if thats the right spelling) may be worth a look

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Two people disagree, so maybe Im barking (no comments please,lol) up the wrong tree. Dreadful position for the Rangers fans ,you have to feel for them, or fans from any club in that situation . Im thinking of Portsmouth, Plymouth Fans here. All isnt well at Middlesbrough but I think they have possibly steadied the ship.

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Naismith aluko is poor

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Its there own fault

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Its not the fault of the fans how the club is ran and the choices the board make.

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25 Jun 2012 23:12:49
Sess will not go back to PSG so stop saying he is

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Where is he going then? Because will not be want to be playing for a team fighting to stay up, which your site will be.

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Mate do you not notice must of the rumours on here are spread by Toon fans. And they are laughing at you now because they have done what they came to do on the site wind you up and upset you. And who know what's in the furture. Its just guess work. Why don't you do what they do and wind them up and play them at they own game mate. I don't know and you don't real know if Sessegnon is staying or going.

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Ive got the feeling Sess will stay for at least one season at least. Then he'll decide where his options are. Lets be honest and think of the world financial situation at the moment. Italy, Greece and Spain are places you maybe wouldnt want to make a monetary commitment to right now. The Premiership is by far the richest league to be involved in. Russia ( which has many inherent dangers) and China are possible other big money possibilities and maybe North Africa, but Im sure many British based players will be advised to stay here in the prem.

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Exactly right

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Listem MON didnt come to our club to fight relegation battles, Look at the investment coming into the club, do you think Tullow Oil just decided last week to invest?, do you think Ellis Short, Tullow Oil, & Addidas bumped into each other in the Galleries Mcdonalds last week ?. No !!. There is some serious investment about to happen at SAFC Tullow Oil alone are reported to have funds of 12.5 billion , get excited coz the giant is stirring & Sess as an African will want to be a part of what is about to happen.

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Good call, Linking us with good African players would be a fantastic benefit with the sponsorship we have.

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