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26 Nov 2012 22:04:20
Report in the daily mail says its es that saying it will take mon time to build a decent team and get the club to where he wants it.

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It takes time to build any successful side, so ES comments means he has more of a venture planned.

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Of course it takes time to turn a poor side into one than can compete for trophies. But it is usual to see progress- albeit slow progress- along the way. There are few signs of progress here. The team still has no competent CBs, still relies on one striker- that it can't get the ball to often enough- still has no-one in midfield who can control the game, still has no-one who can beat his man, still lacks both pace and creativity, still makes too many schoolboy errors.... Rose- the deadline afterthought for a position that has been a priority for two years or more- has put the rest of the squad to shame, and as a loan signing that who has significantly enhanced his reputation he is likely to go. So, the only player whose performances have regularly been premiership quality is not even contracted to the club- it seems that ES must be a very patient man indeed if this is a satisfactory rate of progress.

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26 Nov 2012 16:43:04
mon told ellis short if he wants to find a new manager he will resign as he is only working 2 days a week as his wife is ill again he has also said he would not hold the club to ransom and ask for a payout. The offer of resigning has nothing at all to do about the results losing the dressing room or other reports being put abouton message boards it purely comes down to family reasons. From a reliable source in the club so lets wish mrs o'neill a speedy recovery and that mon at least gives it a go till the new year.

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What a load of bulls***e . Mon has come out today and told ssn he has never thought about quitting. Safc93

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Thats exactly what I heard so must be something in it

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25 Nov 2012 22:37:57
Heard that Ji is leaving in January off to Augsburg will be a loan deal, but Augsburg would love to make it a full time move.

McFadden is leaving.

Sessegnon is staying.

And if the Lads do not finish in the top ten Ellis Short will sell the club.

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Who to .

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Load of rubbish. Ellis Multi millionaire buisiness man involved with Banks and the oil industry who's buisiness is built on discression and secrecy has told your mate something that will effect his investment price IF he was to sell?
Get a grip mate , give yer heed a shake!

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25 Nov 2012 21:54:18
First. Goal. Out the blue. 2nd goal. Uncaractoristic. Mistake. By minolet. He s been outstanding this season. 3rd never a pen. 4th chasing an equaliser. Team didn't get booed off. 12 shots on target. 7 off target. Wba are a good footballing side 4th on merit. Better team won no complaints there. A couple of things tho. We had. Mcclean. Johnson larsson. Sess. 4 wingers. On the park. Yet not one of them could get the ball beyond the first man service for fletcher was terrible. That guys got pace a great turn and first touch. Yet he s wasted if we don't gert a decent partner for him to feed off. SEss aint the answer. He's more effective. Wide. Don't know who they can get in but they need someone decent. We've got a decent squad. But. We aint gettin the breaks in games. Missed catts 2nd half. Got to win tues. Or we re headin up rubbish creek without a paddle. On the fletcher subject. Someone like benteke. 2 big guys upfront instead of the little and large show

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Wickham should be playing up front with fletcher.

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