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27 Dec 2012 17:38:31
A shock return for Darren bent could be on the cards next month

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Says who !!!!!!

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Darren who lol

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I doubt it, but the bookies have slashed odds apperently, however, it is the metro reporting this


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You on drugs man!!!

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Sunderland news and banter page source

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He was a person, at least he scores goals though -_-

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The odds were slashed on us signing defoe and dempsey in the summer, so ......... :-

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"He was a person"

I believe he still is a person.

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A decietful person, no way should he come back!

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Haha lol

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27 Dec 2012 10:06:08
Seen an interview with oneill in paper last week and he said there will be atleast 3 players in next month and was talking to a lad in the pub lastnight and he said he heard mon already has deals in the pipeline. Anyone else heard anything? Safc93

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I think MON should resist sending players out on loan or selling permanmently and concentrate in adding to the squad as with injuiries and suspensions we need a bigger squad !

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I'd let Ji, Noble, meyler go on loan, maybe wickham aswell if he don't start games

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Not Wickham

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I meant only wickham if we get another striker or 2 in

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