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27 Jan 2011 20:52:37
Any news on a sunderland striker times running out brucie

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27 Jan 2011 19:36:27
Sunderland Rumours
V good source tells me Sessegnon and Muntari at SOL today and deals all but done with medicals passed. Muntari is loan with option. Sessegnon is perm deal (thankfully). Interesting other deals not done. . .Wigan accepted offer for NZogbia but he wanted a big pay rise. Brucey obviously doesn't rate him that highly! Rodellaga & Pavlyechenko offers not accepted. All business done apart from Lacina Traore. Never heard of him but looked on YouTube. Erm. . he's tall.

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27 Jan 2011 19:03:26
Sunderland Rumours
To the chav who said sessagnon staying at seaham hall. I work there and sessagnon is DEFO not staying there. Good player but at 6 mill? Brucie should look closer to home for someone who won't upset team morale and sulk off when substituted. He has a reputation of being substituted every game! 10 minutes play a game no good in prem. Come on Brucie lets get players without egos.

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27 Jan 2011 17:19:30
Sunderland Rumours
Sessegnon is staying at seaham hall 100% true, so looks like he will be signing soon!

27 Jan 2011 17:04:59
Sunderland Rumours
Sunderland waiting to unvail, muntari on loan & sessegnon for £4.8- just seen him on youtube and what a player he looks, skill, speed, strength and goals, its just a matter time FTM

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26 Jan 2011 23:56:55
Sunderland Rumours
Arsenal are going to sign Conor Wickham and then loan him to Sunderland for the rest of the season.

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