Sunderland Rumours Archive July 27 2012


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27 Jul 2012 22:26:14
James Collins to have talks with a premier league club over the weekend.

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It's west ham

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Bloody hope so

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Bramble laing egan kilgallon oshea brown cuellar all center halves dont need anymore looking for attackers now

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27 Jul 2012 19:48:50
Sunderland being linked with Gouffran from bordeux.

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27 Jul 2012 12:17:25
Whats happening with Turner ED, Thought the deal was done for move to Canaries. {Ed001's Note - a fee was agreed, he still had to agree terms and take a medical. Medical results can take a while these days, depending on the thoroughness required and previous injury history.}

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O'neil is waiting to see how bad Browns's injury is before he lets the Turner deal go through

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27 Jul 2012 21:01:12
Norwich have signed Michael Turner from Sunderland for an undisclosed fee with a two yr deal.

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Believed to be knocked price of 1.5m.

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27 Jul 2012 07:22:38
This is the worst rumours I have heard for the lads. I dropped off a work colleague at St.Luke Hospital, London, went to the Village Pub while waiting, and heard some clueless persons, saying Sunderland r going for a Quinny & Super Kev strike force we are going for Jamie Ward of Derby & Cillian Sheridan of CSKA Sofia, has the lads first choices Carroll and Defoe feel throw. Think these people had just come out of thefunny farm. Well I had to leave. Was on the soft stuff has driving before u lot get all political correct on me.

SAFC living in Muswell Hill.

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Why do you bother: a) Listening to such garbage?
b) Making up such garbage?
c) Posting such garbage?

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Bloody hell another SAFC in Muswell Hill, we're taking over.

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Had a great Italian in Muswell Hill, Great part of London to life. Yes been told a lot of Northerns stay in the area. Ed does Sunderland still has the largest fanbase in London of non capital clubs because remember me dad saying that? {Ed001's Note - no idea, never heard that at all, all the Londoners I know seem to think Liverpool and Man United fans are everywhere. They are always moaning about them supporting those rather than their local teams.}

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Yes in the 50s throw to 70s Sunderland did have the largest fans of the non London clubs. Think now its Man.Utd Ed? {Ed001's Note - no idea, like I said the teams that Londoners moan about are Liverpool and United, I would assume it would be more United now, due to their recent success.}

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It used to be second to man u. due to all the migrant workers from the north east, same way we have big support in yorks and notts from mining families, ex miner

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A lot of people from the north east had to work in London has no work up! North, been like that since the 50s to present day. And will never chance. Even my dad had to work there and stay in lodgings. Coming home late Friday night, Back very early Monday. Sunderland have still got a large fanbase in London. Easily in the top 4. Even I've worked in London and went to a West Ham United game V Sunderland a very boring game. Basically you will find most of the work force in London Migrant workers.

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