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27 Jun 2012 20:56:27
Gyan to leave the club next week to join Al alin for a fee thought to be 8 or 9 million lets say we'll get our money back also Aiden mcgeady to sign next couple of weeks along with Louis Saha (princey1995)

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Heard the fee is 15m, mcgeady, fletcher to sign soon

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It around that 6mill of loan + 9mill for signing so we got 15 million for him (princey1995)

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9.6 million plus the 6 mill from the loan we got
mcgeedy a done deal so i hear same as fletcher

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Dont see what all the fuss is about fletcher myself . Average at best. For the money we will be paying for him theyre are a lot better out there

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Total crap your getting 4 million plus the loan fee from last year h

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Actually it isn't total crap after further reading were getting 9.5 million for Gyan and he's going to be on 140k a week not bad (princey1995)

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The fee is 4 million now and the loan fee 6 million is 10 million and he,s on 135k a week which is pretty good in todays climate...he cost 13.5 million to but then you had his wages for a while so u probably lost 5 million...............but tbh just about every safc fan on here thought you where getting 15 million + for him

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Mcgeady looks crap simple as that if he was any good there will be lots of prem teams chasing him and there aint possibly qpr who are a bigger team than safc and pay more wages

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Trust me don't let the euros fool you mcgeady is a very good player at club level and worth every penny that Marty will pay for him (princey1995)

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Mcgeady is quality & so is Fletcher, There is only 1 better header of the ball in the prem than Fletcher & thats Tim Cahill. With McGeady on the right & an improving McLean on the left he will get us goals. Fletcher is also good on the floor he has excellent movement, is strong, and with a good creative midfielder behind him dont worry the goals will come.

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Gice your head a shake tim cahill and fletcher are the best ball headers in EPL...

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Once again we'll explain to the Mags....Gyan fee was 13.5 million Only if all criteria of the deal were to be met. These Criteria (add ons) were never put in place as he never hung around long enough . my understanding is SAFC only ended up paying 7million for him! So the bulk of that figure has already been paid in the world record breaking loan fee SAFC negotiated for him. Give SAFC board credit here, Gyan was trouble, he was effectively booted out and SAFC more or less made their money back by the end of the season with further profit with a sale and no doubt add ons for the future, remember Gyan is still quite young and any further moves he may make SAFC may profit from.

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27 Jun 2012 09:57:14
Ricky van wolfswinkel rumoured 15 mill

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The mail are saying that he is valued 15mill but sporting may have yo sell cheap. Would be a good signing though. Ed is there any truth to this? Cheers
Muddy {Ed001's Note - I don't know, difficult to say as his agent has been trying to sell him to anyone and everyone. He isn't very good from what I have seen though, in fact he has the touch of an England international.}

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Haha fair enough cheers ed I haven't seen him play before like was just going off him being linked with man U before. Cheers
Muddy {Ed001's Note - I have watched a lot of him, he was linked to Liverpool a while back, then United, then Spurs etc etc. All his agent talking him up, though all did scout him before deciding not to bother. He is tall and quick though, which MON likes, so it is possible, it is just that I would not want him if it was me.}

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Ahh cheeky yeah I think that happens to a lot of players. Well im taking your word for it ed. He doesn't even look too good on YouTube and I can make my gran look better than messi on YouTube!
Muddy {Ed001's Note - he might well be the first player not to look good on youareatube!}

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He's a beast!

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27 Jun 2012 04:06:34
Daily mail (not the best source) says Sessegnon is going to spurs.

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