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28 Aug 2012 23:17:37

Richardson - Fulham
Elmohamady - Hull


Warnock - Aston Vila

Offers made


Sessegnon - Arsenal, Spurs, PSG, Marseille, Monaco, Lazio & Juventus.

Bramble - Blackburn, Hull, Ipswich, Apollon, Orduspor & Mirsin.


Dawson, Gibbs, McGeady, Defoe, Hooper, Graham, D.Fletcher, Carney, Lennon, Fleetwood, S.Watts and 17 others on the list.

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Get real.. Mags make the posts for the same person to comment on it and other mags sick of it

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28 Aug 2012 23:06:49
Sunderland have accepted an offer from Fulham for Richardson which is believed to be under the value that Sunderland want for him, but they acccept it because the player wants to move. Why did they not make one of Fulhams LB has part of the deal someone like Matt Briggs valued at £1.3m. Richardson was valued at £5m, because the play wants out Sunderland reduced to £2m, but it is believed Fulhams offer was £1.5m. and Dempsey can not be made has part of the deal because he is valued at £13m, which Fulham has reduced has want him out of the club asap now valued at £8m.

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Read the report,but didn't see any figures quoted. cant believe 1.5 or 2 mill would be accepted,as mon states he'd be happy to keep him. i do understand he wants to leave,but cant see him under valued.

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Thanks for that goal kieron, I never get sick of seeing it!!!!!

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Best of luck to Keiron - unselfish and a great team player - always a legend!

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28 Aug 2012 22:54:25
Kierans off to fulham, massive shame but cheers to the lad, he's been a diamond. Let's hope we're getting something out of this deal (like clint Dempsey maybe) ftm

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28 Aug 2012 22:38:16
Sunderland hav accepted a bid for richardson from fulham ssn MADDOG

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Aye Thanx Kieran and good luck for the future mate

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Still think we need left back, and another striker.... Kind of have mixed feelings bout our transfer as other teams around us have strengthen also, fletcher & Johnson good hope I'm wrong...ftm

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28 Aug 2012 18:25:20
Daily mail reporting we are in talks with Dempsey. Thats the guardian, metro and daily mail. Maybe there is something to this rumour. Safc93

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Problem with this is that all these rumous come from Twitter and Ready-to-go

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Dempsey to sunderland 100%

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The Mail is only picking up on the story re Dempsey that is quoted in the Metro column and the Guardian news is out of date. Dempsey is NOT coming to us. I fail to see why so many believe this is a serious story.
I note Richardson is not in the squad tonight, will sign for Fulham. We must now replace him with hopefully Olsen from Blackburn or Rose on loan wuld be ok.

We should still look to bring in a class centre half like Dawson and try to offload Bramble/Killgallon.

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London evening standard dempsey on way to sunderland, expect 2 maybe 3 new faces ,happy days . FTM

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28 Aug 2012 17:08:38
Joey Barton on route to SOL to sign free contract with sunderland

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No hes on his way back to scumcastle

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Just read daily mail web site,liverpools long pursuit for dempsey set to end in failure after the american opened talks with sunderland, after asking price is met by sunderland £8 000,000

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Not a chance...

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Yeah like he's gonna choose sunderland over liverpool! fulham have got a better team

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Didn't Johnson choose sunderland over Liverpool ????

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According to sunderland echo we havent even enquired about dempsey. We are after sodding poxy jermain jenas.WOW. Will really improve the squad will sicknote

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Joey barton to sunderland. haha makes me laugh. an x mag playing for there rival team. what a joke. honestly who is it that posted that

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An x mag like Barton? What about bramble Saha let alone jenas! Colback was born in Newcastle cattermole was born in boro! It shouldn't matter who they have played for or where they're from as long as they want to play for safc! Jc

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Saha ex mag johnson was released by nufc when he was kid,lee clark was a mag ,bramble was a mag,u bid for nzogbia he was an ex mag should i keep on going.....k

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Seriously i would have Barton wears his heart on his sleeve and his tremendous passion leads him into getting into bother but MON could probs get him back to his best

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Yeah with barton and cattermole in the midfield could have the most brainless pairing in the league

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Barton is a head the ball 1 good season in 4 for nufc, talks a good game but rarely plays one is a total liability on and off the pitch banned for 12 games banned when nufc needed him fighting relegation, time in jail turned over a new leaf a week before he punched Pedersen of Blackburn if safc sign him they want sectioning

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He turned bruce down when he left the toon so doubt he would come......k

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Barton is an absolute liability and a thug,i wouldnt want him near any english football club,never mind safc.tk73

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Barton is rubbish did u see wot he did to aguero last season

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And also chopra

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Barton are we serious the bloke is a plank a virus, and not welcome or needed at safc we have our midfield enforcer his name is cattermole Barton is a waste of space

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Barton is a good scouser! give him some slack!.....

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28 Aug 2012 15:38:06
Can't see berbatov signing for us, apparently his wages are sky high but it would be great if he did, scores everytime he plays. Safc93

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Apart from that time he didn't score

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He is having talks with fulham

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28 Aug 2012 14:27:45
Hiya ed, sick of seeing yes he is or no he isn't haha so could you please give us the Craic with Dempsey
MB {Ed052's Note - I dont think he will go to Sunderland}

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Only reason Dempsey may be in the frame is if Sess is sold. Hopefully no predator has lined up a bid.

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28 Aug 2012 12:03:43
Richardson to make farewell bow tonight, hopefully bartering over Olsson making progress, hope nothing true about Jenas speclation

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PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ dont sign that load of garbage he wasnt any good before all his injuries what will he be like now. how will he improve squad? not better than mcclean johnson larsson colback gardner or catts maybe on par with vaughan and meyler

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Chill out. If every player we have been linked with in the press had actually signed for us we would have the biggest squad in the history of the premier league

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28 Aug 2012 09:46:50
SUNDERLAND are not expected to pursue an interest in either Clint Dempsey or Michael Dawson in the current transfer window.

Despite feverish speculation in the media and at the bookies yesterday on Dempsey coming to the Stadium of Light, the Echo understands that neither player is on the club’s radar in the wake of the Black Cats spending £22million to bring Steven Fletcher and Adam Johnson to the club last Friday.

Dempsey is in limbo at Fulham, having said he doesn’t want to play for the club any more.

The American was anticipating a dream move to Liverpool this summer, but that now looks on the verge of collapse.

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Why drag and drop the echo into here i come here to avoid that tory rag

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I read the sport in the sunderland echo and considering its a sunderland paper its transfer rumours are poor when it comes to us.

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Yeah I feel down beat after reading the echo, maybe we are playing it down about Dempsey so no one else comes in and gazumps us ie: spurs. As for 8 million for Dempsey being too much you can not buy 17 premier league (last season) goals for less than 20 million. Come on MON do a deal with Fulham! 5 million plus RICO please!

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28 Aug 2012 09:33:36
Dempsey will turn sunderland down he wants to Join liverpool and not Sunderland however Richardson will still join fulham as he wants to move back down south. Berbatov singing looks unlikely unless he takes a wage cut to come up north.

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Fulham arent doin business with liverpool after tapping up saga. West ham only other club to put bid, that was accepted but dempsey knocked them back. the only other club who've had a bid accepted are sunderland. So he either doesnt play at fulham or he comes to us.

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Berbatov wouldn't move up North. Where do you think Manchester is.
I think he will go back south to Celtic

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We haven't had a bid accepted for Dempsey, due to the fact that we haven't put forward any bid for him. Fulham have even confirmed themselves that they have received no bids, as of yet.

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28 Aug 2012 08:18:13
Dempsey to settle for Sunderland after asking price is met for wantaway Fulham man

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Dempsey is NOT coming as I said yesterday, never was!

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