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28 Dec 2012 16:01:55
Tom Oostinjen is coming for a trial with us in Jan. 21 year old midfielder who plays part time in the third division in Holland. Can't find anything on him. Just though id mention it.

"wee club in the north east"

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Nothing to do with earlier post just thought i, d let people know.
was in hospital other week as my son was having an operation when sunderland players came round.was talking to oshea n gardner telling them my lad was not to walk for a fair while but he was determined to go to the boxing day game and oshea promised we would win, my lad was over the moon haway the lads

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Hope your son gets to walk soon. Get well soon

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Hope youre son gets well soon, best of luck!

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28 Dec 2012 14:36:33
Rose to sign permenantley from Spurs, Dawson from Spurs, Grangqvist from Genoa, Downing from Lpool, Demsey (loan - spurs), Guidetti (loan - Man C), Sinclair from Man C all to sign for safc in jan. Ha-way the lads. FTM FTM FTM FTM FTM FTM FTM.....

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I doubt all them, I'd say, Rose, dawson, Milner n a striker

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What a crock. Besides who would even touch Downing.

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Im changing my mind everyday on who o could see come in. Atm im thinking dawson, Huddleston and guidetti. Safc93

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I could see some of them like rose and granqvist and guidetti maybe downing and Sinclair and Dempsey are unlikely

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Bloody hell man we won't sign all these in january, dear god, 3 in at the most, guedetti, diame and downing would be my guess

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Why downing he no better than mcclean dont need 3. Left wingers man

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28 Dec 2012 14:29:32
Chamakh the only signing in January, Mignolet going the other way.

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Had the opportunity to join us before he went to the gooners, but was 'too good' for us. An under achiever i dont want here.

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To be fair to him mate it was the manager who made the comments not the player, i think it was Blanc(I'm sure that at the time Keano reacted in his usual manner lol)

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Mignolet is NOT leaving sunderland, why would he want to leave when he is in the first team, if he went to man u, he would be a 3rd choice keeper

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I dare say he would be first choice, deffo better then lindegaard, and dare say hes better then dea gea

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Is that why they beat us 3-1

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28 Dec 2012 11:53:24
Rumours Ive heard circulating are that Hutton is to be brought in as full back cover, Dawson and Huddelstone from Spurs, Bent from Villa and Graham from Swansea, but as I say pure gossip.

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I would love to see Dawson and Huddleston at safc but don't want Hutton.

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28 Dec 2012 09:03:06
I see 38 fans have be banned from the sol for persistant standig theres also a picture of taped up seats all over twitter

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Should stick to the rules when they buy their season tickets, not fair on other supporters standing all the game

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Ive sat behind people who stand and it is terrible. Untill the rules are changed everyone should be seated. Dont like it, dont go.

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I have sat through games and got to feet when we are attacking just for people behind to complain .this season i, ve moved to sw corner and stand all game as do all around and noone complains. much happier and much better atmosphere and no danger.

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I totally agree if people want to stand then stand. It's about time all clubs provide one area in the ground for people who wish to sing swear and have a bit banter thats what match day is all about. The choice is sit in another stand.

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There should be standing areas, then there wouldnt be a problem

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Exacly get a ticket in sw corner then u can stand sing swear and nobody will care

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