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28 Jan 2012 18:33:37
mon looking at Kevin Davies,Kevin Doyle and Emile Heskey!! 2 way past sell by date and 1 who doesnt score goals. I know he doesnt want to spend until the summer properly but surely Bendtner,Campbell and Wickham, are a far better bet than wasting fees and wages on them 3 clowns

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I hear o'neil is buying zimmers frames at cost for all your over age players

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It makes me laugh when all the sgb want to come onto our sites!be true to your selfl sgb and as no-one in the unclean province will understand come and join the red and white side as you know you want to!If not then go bak to the joke of a site that write about the unprserved!

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One word SGB BRIGHTON!!!

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Funny did they not beat you this year BRIGHTON!!

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LOL. some of you makems are so stupid... You got beat by Brighton too! Oh Wigan athletic.

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One word boro 1-0 smb

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That's more than one word sgb.

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A canny few words 1-1 and into the draw for the 5th round unlike you lot! HA SGBS

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Its just a wasted fixture for your ageing squad. A full strength side can't beat the Boro. Got no chance at the Boro. Saying that it will be like a home fixture as neither one of you's can fill your ground. SMB.

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Jealously will get you nowhere SGB, we were poor today, but we can't get any worse, if catts plays we will beat them at their place coz boro can't play any better than they did today

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Half empty stadium....The whole world watching.......Oh the shame!

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The biggest laugh goes to the supporters who travelled all the way to Brighton to watch a team suffering from hangovers.
What a bunch of clowns in charge and wonderful professional players.

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Gonna use the mackems excuses here.......we didnt have our first team available and we had our best players missing and we were unlucky but can beat anyone on our day! There we go! brighton did both of us in the cups this season so you cant gloat! your not in round 5 yet! still gotta go to boro! plus no brown who did himself in today!

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I'm sure all the sgb had a lovely time in brighton

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Even if you beat Boro you face Arsenal next .Did you see Arsenal today awesom you got feck chance.

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Mate, if you look at the rules you have to beat boro first before you can get Into round 5. And us jealous of you smb? why would we be jealous?! Only about 1 or 2 of your players would get in our full strength team! Seggesson and Larson!

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28 Jan 2012 15:44:52
Beskiates. Striker on is way to the stadium of light

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Which striker? Never heard of that club?

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Its almeida valued around 3m

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