Sunderland Rumours Archive July 28 2011


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28 Jul 2011 18:43:06
Does anyone else agree that Bruces last comment about sessyong being a striker and we do not need another, should have read, Ellis Short wants a return on his investment and we now have no more money for transfers after my splurge.? Just a thought lads

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28 Jul 2011 14:23:16
i doubt Gyan will be going any where this season .at least not until janurary . .bruce has said hes happy with the strikers we have . . .i disagree as we need another striker whether it is meirhoffer , defoe , crouch or pinonne hopefully before the end of august

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28 Jul 2011 13:28:22
I work at Seaham Hall and can confirm that Stefan Maierhofer has just checked in.

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28 Jul 2011 13:05:40
Defo on his way to Sunderland, swap with Gyan + £5mil off spurs, you heard it here first, Scotty spurs boy

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28 Jul 2011 11:24:11
Bruce out of a job by Christmas if the club are not in a good position in league. Board sick of the chops and changes and total lack of direction that has been apparent under Bruces's leadership. There is a feeling it's not the players but in fact Bruce himself and no matter how many millions are thrown at the club, he is the one fundamental problem.

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28 Jul 2011 11:03:35
atletico madrid asking 12 mill for forlan. ino its unlikely but we have apparenetley put a 8 mill bid in for him. malbranque leaving as he is currently on 40thousand a week.turner going to bolton

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28 Jul 2011 09:16:22
shock move by bruce. the black cats gonna pay 10 mil for berbatov. gonna come because of sb relationship with fergie.

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We couldnt afford to pay the zog £65k per week so where's Berbatov's £100k per week going to come from?

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28 Jul 2011 06:01:46
27 Jul 2011 23:15:07
Defoe's agent booked in at Seaham Hall tomorrow. Wife works in reception 100% true
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Just like a few weeks ago when him and N'Zogbia were both booked in at Seaham Hall, right?

Despite the fact that Defoe was training with Spurs, and N'Zogbia wasn't even in the country.

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28 Jul 2011 00:59:31
i was playing golf at "ramside hall" today and i heard that alan shearer was coming out of retirement to play for newcastle again. well seeing as no one else wants to play for the GOON ARMY it sounds genuine. FTM

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