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28 Mar 2013 18:24:59
Lazio's Mauro Zarate looks interested in joining Sunderland
That is if we stay up

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28 Mar 2013 08:07:25
Without Fletcher's goals we'd be bottom and 9 points adrift of safety. We're down. (Source: Metro)

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Very poor transfer window activity at festive period, we were struggling then but MON never addressed, he is to stubborn in his ways and just believes it will come good when it clearly isn't with the players we have,
if he stays he will need a serious clear out and about 6-7 good quality players in LB, RB, CB, AM, WG & ST

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What a stupid post if we didn't have fletcher then obviously we would have had someone else up front who might have scored more than fletcher

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Who exactly? Danny Graham?

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Get off danny grahams back the lads only been at the club 5 mins. if your a proper fan you would get behind the players and manager instead of twisting the club has to many fickle fans like you would rather see us have 20k fans getting behind the team than an extra 20k like you

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Yes I agree we need to get behind the players
However, depending if we stay up,
We need a major re-shuffle
A new back 4

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Fickle fans, proper fans, don't be so insulting to our fans, they have put up with enough now, and certainly don't want to hear the tripe you are coming out with.

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But we expect too much if our players

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In the summer I think Sunderland should target
CB:Dede and Toby alderweireld
Both young with bright future


CM:James Milner
One of the most underrated players ever

WINGER:Aiden McGeady or Dušan Tadić

CF:Mauro Zarate

We should sell
Mcclean, sess, O'shea, Vaughan

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If the Rose deal fails
Lucas Digne
Only 19
Plays for Lille
Can see this player as a future star

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Newcastle (much better team) was rejected outright by Toby Alderweireld. He is happy. Heard he doesn't want championship football.

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Might reconsider
Think about that

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Graham? he can't keep us up! We're fighting teams like Villa with Benteke & Wigan who have Kone.

We're in the championship!

Thanks Martin! -. -

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Ha ha fletcher #headsgone, more like #legsgone?

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Ankle actually mate ;)
Bob stob

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