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28 May 2013 16:14:03
Any news on modibo diakite deal?

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Possible offer from inter milan so I wouldn't hold out much hope

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Diakite not going to liverpool because they have just got kolo toure to replace carragher instead of diakite + inter milan haven't been linked

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Think you'll find he has been linked with inter

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28 May 2013 18:42:03
Have been reading comments on the Mags site.
Some are pricing Cisse at £15m.
They are still good for a laugh.

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Hes misses far too manty chances and is offside alot, good player though, but not as good as first thought. He had a good start and has now found he's level, a decent Prem striker. He's under a contract so he's worth ten to twelve million.

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Done well to me playing as a loan striker 2nd half of the season his last minutes goals kept them up

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This is a sunderland rumours page, who cares what they do. Just concentrate on our team not what those deluded people are doing!

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Team they need to get that message too, everyday they get on OUR site just to make us hate them all that little bit more

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28 May 2013 17:44:10
Roberge and Cabral to sunderland, done deals. Janmaat of Feyenoord also on the radar having impressed at right back through out the season. With arsenal and Spurs also showing an interest, if it doesn't come off a loan for Kalas is most likely. Also if sunderland don't sign Danny Rose, a loan deal for Kyle Naughton is on the cards. Di'canios representatives have also made contact with Zarates agent in a bid to bring him here for free, having gone haywire at Lazio. Alfred finnbogason is also a likely signing, though both west ham and west brom have also shown an interest. Di'canio has made no secret of thr fact he wants to bring in attacking options at sunderland and Arsenals Gervinho is also of interest, if Arsenal are willing to listen to offers of 10million. Expect to see elmohamady, ji dong won, danny graham, james mclean, david vaughen, seb larsson, phil bardsley, titus bramble and matt killgallon gone

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I don't think your far off with that.

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Would be very happy with Gerviniho

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I would take that but can't see gervinho coming here. safc93

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Who knows, who knows
Anything in football is possible

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Danny Graham will stay

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Danny Graham will go back to Wales if the Toon don't come in for him.

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28 May 2013 15:59:41
I think we should go for Mattia Destro
Di Canio is looking for players from Italy with a bit of passion and flair, he fits the bill
He 21, a striker who can score lots of goals and is on the bench for Roma
8m would be a good bid

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Would be a dream
See if Di Canio can pull some great signings off like him

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Would sell him to Newcastle
Knowing our luck it will come back to bite us on the arse and he'll get 15 goals

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28 May 2013 16:21:18
I see Super Kevin Phillips fired Palace into the Premiership!. we should have signed him I Janurary for the 2nd half of the season and I feel he'd have scored the goals that would have pulled us clear of the relegation zone after Fletcher was injured!

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Hope he goes into management, he has unfinished business at sunderland, left under a cloud but still loved.

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28 May 2013 15:56:48
The mags are trying to wind us up by saying we can't afford anyone, that's bulls**t
Our super, super rich owner has agreed with Di Canio that he will give him whatever budget he wants to get top class players for 1st team
The players on bosmans we are looking at are for the future, to be on the bench, they won't be 1st team

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We are letting a lot leave so we need Bosmans to add numbers as we have a small squad to begin with. So quality Bosmans with quality signings to add to the quality spine of the team in, mig, oshea, Johnson, sessegnon and Fletcher. Come kick off we will have a good squad.

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28 May 2013 11:23:19
Any more developments on Finnboggason Ed? {Ed024's Note - All gone quiet}

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28 May 2013 09:14:32
Ed are we in for Matt Ritchie? {Ed024's Note - Got to hope not}

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Have you even seen him play?, I have five times live and he is a really good player, a risk for the Prem but he's good. Cheap so is a risk worth taking in my opinion.

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I'm a bournemouth fan and season ticket holder. Ritchie is brilliant but not to sure if he's prem standard yet. But will be one day for sure :) just don't take him off us yet :) need him this season :)

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Won't be that cheap. Bear in mind PDC said he was worth 2 million when we tried to sign him. We got him on the cheap PDC left Swindle because of that. Ritchie is a great player. A season in Championship though before you take him from us!

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28 May 2013 13:15:24
Supposedly we're interested in Milos Krasic (according to a web site). I think it's unlikely to happen but would be a great signing if it came off!

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Yes he's highly rated. at least PDC is going after quality. but Short should know after last seasons debacle quality costs money!

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I agree would be class do you know how much he is worth

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I've herd this too
Is he any good, apparently he is on high wages so that might corrupt the deal

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Probably about 5 or 6m yeah he's on big wages but his agent says he wants to play more often

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He was one to watch about 6 years ago but seems to have lost his spark. Been reading about him and man u were after him for 15m 3 years ago. His agent has said he would consider a move to the prem. About 7m would do it

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He was a good player but then got dropped at juventus and suddenly turned crap

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28 May 2013 12:38:56
Sunderland have clinched a deal for a new sponsor, it's called BFS group limited and will be our main sponsor next season

Sunderland officially announce the appointment of Italian scout, Roberto Di Fanti

Di Canio has said he wants at least 6 signings this summer, anyone know if any big names are on this list

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El hadji ba
Basel guy

I reckon those will be your signings.

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No, those are the subs apart from Diakite
Di Canio has said he wants loads of money for top class players to be on the first team
The owner is willing

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These would be our signings if we got relegated

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According to sources we've almost signed Cabral - the defensive midfield player from Basel, i'd also try and get Stocker from Basel

Hoping we get at least 6 players who will come into the 1st team straight off then another 3 or 4 good quality for the bench

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28 May 2013 12:09:18
Ex Safc man Ryan Noble in talks with Hartlepool United

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27 May 2013 23:53:23
Alright Ed, is there concrete interest in Bas Dost? The striker that were linked with from Wolfsberg? {Ed024's Note - Would be a good signing but nott heard that we are in for him}

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27 May 2013 21:46:13
Ed what the latest on the Rose situation
Last I heard, he would be happy with a move to the SOL and Spurs want 9m for him {Ed024's Note - My understanding is that he is surplus to requirements at Spurs but wants to keep his options open - Liverpool have also expressed an interest}

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Doubt he'd go to Liverpool

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