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29 Aug 2012 22:45:33
Reports of sir mon in London to talk to three players Dawson, Dempsey and Defoe

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We dont need another CH,i'd take defoe only player who could replace bent.we all know a LB is needed probadly one of j.olsson m.olsson d.rose or i.stirnic.if we cant get someone like defoe we should try for chamakh season loan.

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How many times? Jonas Olsson is not a left back he is a CB which you've just said we don't need!

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J olsen is l back who can play c back

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29 Aug 2012 22:29:46
Berbatov on way to SoL after rejecting a move to Italy

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Its actually Fulham

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Crap mate, He is off to Fenerbache

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Come on who writes this?

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Read the news, it's fulham

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29 Aug 2012 22:14:45
Just heard that Stewart Downing is heading for Sunderland tomorrow for medical as he's fallen out with Brendon Rogers as he wants to play Downing at left back.

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Why wingers because you need players who can keep the ball in the oppositions half ,if you have players who can use either foot, the opposing team tend to double mark, which means you dont need overlaping pacy fullbacks as you have wingers who can cut inside and swap wings which creates gaps

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Yes but we have Larsson Johnson and Mclean if we get Downing thats 4 wingers for 2 berths doesnt make sense rather have another striker cos if Fletcher gets injured we are back to sq one !

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Larsson is no winger, more of a central midfielder. i can see some truth to this as rodgers is on llorente chase and needs funds to fund a move for him and dempsey.

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29 Aug 2012 21:18:45
Danny Simpson on the radar, Only a year left on his contract.

Fee could be as low as 200k if that lot get a replacement, Part of a reshuffle with King Kiero on the way out.

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So we take their leftovers. Hell no

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200k u having a laugh fee will be 2 million otherwise he just stays why take 200k when its going to cost us us 6 million to replace him......k

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A big fat no to Danny Simpson plus he wants to stay with Newcastle

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This wont happen,not a hope!

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Are you a mag just trying to get rid of your rubbish? Honestly, sort yourselves out. Some of the stuff on this page is pure tripe!

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We had him b4 newcastlw he is awful he ry is a championship player

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According to pre stats last season he was one of the best defenders in country with most assists........k

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Slagged us off when he signed 4 them, no thanks

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29 Aug 2012 20:13:02
Real radio have just reported sunderland interest in clint dempsey. Woo hoo haway the lads

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He won't sign for less than 80k a week, greed greed greed, let's just give sess a rise

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Bit behind (ie. 5 days behoind) that info I reckon..?

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Agree with first post give sess a pay rise the lad deserves it show him how much we value him

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29 Aug 2012 19:28:31
Jordan Henderson coming home!

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To see his mam hopefully

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Hope not...

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A midfielder who doesn't tackle ? That"s a luxury we can"t afford right now, or need. Where's Fletcher's partner ? Come on MON we need another striker - should Fletch get crocked (God forbid), we'd be back to square one !

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Wots wrong wit saha ?

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If Fletcher got injured then Saha would be the striker. We aren't gunna sign a top striker like Defoe just for him to sit on the bench

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29 Aug 2012 19:09:21
rumours going around from mignolet that sess is going to join gyan at al ain dont shoot the messenger as i have said this is a rumour

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Load of bull, don't bother posting messages anymore if your just gonna make stuff up

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I've also heard this

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I heard this rumour myself, Money talks.

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First why wud he say anything if it was true or not why wud he have tha right to say owt two sess cud play for a team in europe easily mayb not man u or man city am not sayin tha but spurs or arsenal wa a fool this poster is!

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29 Aug 2012 17:58:01
A workfriend also works for safc part time and says that the club are trying to persuade clint dempsey to move north and are also looking at a huge bid and big wages to lure leighton baines . My source says this is what has been told to him from people in the know. Hope it happens watch this space.

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Why would Baines leave a team that will almost definitely be playing European football again next season to come to us?

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Baines turned down the chance to go to Man Utd, I doubt he's coming to us

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We were after Baines before he joined Everton, and had more chance then than now. Fee for Richardson seems small, considering his versatility and attitude, which has always been good. We still need specialist LB, speed at CB, and bite in midfield. Looks like there is enough creativity now, but not many ball winners. But two more days......let us hope there are a couple more arrivals- and that Bruce recalls he forgot to take Bramble and Elmo with him when he left!

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Hi im only reporting what has been said by someone I know inside the club. As for a ball winner is cattermole not oe

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Cattermole is a headless chicken at times would rather have Huddlestone from spurs at least he can pass a ball

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Baines now linked ?! more chance of Elvis joining us !

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Dont think catt's gets the credit he deserves. has his moments of madness,but the pressure he puts on opposing players is immense,imo.

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With reference to more chance elvis joining than baines, uhhuhuhuhu

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Baines is class and could pretty much walk into any prem team bar 2 why would he choose safc......k

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Ha......funniest post Ive read!!!

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You embarrassed yourself stating Baines may be coming, hope no other teams supporters reads this, especially everton fans as they will laugh at us, also why would he leave them to come to us, person

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Baines? As in Leighton Baines? Jesus Christ ... what is wrong with you. From an Everton fan Baines is going absolutely nowhere, he's even turned down Manchester United and is about to sign a new contract with Everton. I went to second leg of the FA cup last year and spoke to several SAFC fans which I found to be proper football fans from what I call a 'proper football club' just like us. They talked a lot of sense as to why I look out for SAFC every now and then and hope you do well, but this is just ridiculous, no offence to be made to your club, but he definitely won't leave Everton for Sunderland. I wouldn't even think about seeing him in a SAFC shirt. Good luck this season guys and finish above them geordies and do us all a favour.

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Money talks my friend. Thats somethimg everton havnt got. Watch this space

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You are right money does talk, it's a pitty you can't afford one of if not the best left back in the league. Turning down Everton and Manchester United for ... Sunderland, ofcourse. Enjoy dreaming about this and I enjoy to see your replies come Saturday. It's that bad you can't even say it's a 'rumour' and you are posting it on a 'rumour' site because it isn't even a rumour. Just a laughable statement for me and everyone else to read.

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Just so happens everton have spent more money on player than safc ever have....everton constinstly over achieve on very little every season and finish higher than safc why would he down grade and go to wonders.....k

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Consistently over achieve? top flight football for over a 100 years, 4th most successful team in England, a long time to over achieve that is. Enjoy your mediocre midtable finish.

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• Millions spent since Jan 2003

1. Chelsea 673
2. Man City 572
3. Liverpool 414
4. Man United 352
5. Tottenham 350
6. Arsenal 214
7. Aston Villa 201
8. Sunderland 187
9. Newcastle 174
10. Everton 129

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Spent 60million more than us since 2003 and you still havnt won anything or even came close and STILL get relegated. < see's Baines outside SOL with MON > haha

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29 Aug 2012 14:44:05
dempsey going to arsenal

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Sky are still taking bets at 9/2 for Dempsey joining Arsenal. GM

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29 Aug 2012 12:32:39
Rumour has it that Sunderland are trying to sign Alvaro Vazquez Garcia, a striker from Espanyol. Swansea also interested.

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GOOD player but can't see this one taking off. Still think Jonas Olsson will be our next signing.

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Going to Getafe by all acounts

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Warnock will be our next and last signing

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Wld take Garcia defi although wld b pretty annoyed if wev let Richardson go to replace him with warnock!! We're gonna run outta time just over 48 hrs same old Sunderland panicking at last minute

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Agree about not getting warnock but i dont think we will be panicing targets will of been identified and enquiries made

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29 Aug 2012 09:59:32
Helicopter just landed at seaham hall, pic on fb. lots of rumours circulating about who it could be. Most people mentioning dempsey and martin Olsson. Could be nothing but I thought I would mention it. Safc93

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I passed seaham hall this morning about 8:15, saw helecopter on grass ( green ) not necessarily a signing, also could be someone signing for the smogs or mags.

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Hence why I said it could be nothing. Safc93

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If Richo is going to Fulham seems natural the fee would be taken off any deal for Dempsey ..2million isnt enough considerig what we paid for Fletcher

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Good to know the grass was (green) very reassuring

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More than likely b Olson or another left back

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Seen that helicopter yesterday after I was leaving about 5pm I was in the crows nest

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Distinguishing between green grass,and the grass he was smoking,lol

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It was george osborne, the chancellor, sorry lads nowt in this rumour

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Amazing what you can get on expenses

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Sorry to build your hopes up mate but that was just me taking the bird out for a spin. Called into Seaham Hall for a swift one.

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29 Aug 2012 09:26:04
Definately need someone to play off fletcher, jordan rhodes to sign by thursday

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Did you just grab that name out of the air?

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What do you suggest we do with sess as that is where he will play

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Thats where sessegnon will play

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Sess to play off 2 front men as attacking midfielder. Just imagine a Fletcher, Defoe (if we got him), and Sess strike force - BRING ON THE MAGS

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Flecther, Defoe(LMAO) and Sess....Or Ba, Cisse and Ben Arfa. Are you sure you want ot bring us on??????

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What did ba cisse and ben arfa do to us last season. Had about 15 touches between them out of both games. Safc93

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Yeah Jordan rhodes to sign for Middlesbrough and before u say I'm a Geordie or a smogg I'm a mackem

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Any day! Cisse a 1 season wonder, Ba injury prone and Ben Arfa of to Arsenal!

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15 touches between them....Maybe so but we still took 4 points. Thank you very much...

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Cisse one season wonder? After 2 games..Cheers. Ba injury prone? He missed less games last season than Sess and that was very few. Ben Arfa off to Arsenal. Not a chance. I know which fron 3 I would rather have. SMB.

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Its great how gyan scores about 11 goals and he,s world class and woth 18 million according to posts on here before he was sold for million......cisse comes in scores 13 wonder goals in 12 games and he,s a 1 season wonder.......wonder what tjr odds would be for cisse to be higher than the 14 million signing fletcher.....k

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