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29 Jan 2012 20:35:51
MON been told to bring in players by short and quinn but must be on loan as they not willing to spend any more this season! This is true and will be proved right by tuesday nite! safc to sign 2 but both on loan!

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Bolton turn down money bid for davies

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Yeah but was under a million! bolton want 1.5 million for him!

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29 Jan 2012 16:31:58
MON confirmed he will be talking to bolton tomorrow about kevin davies

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Think davies will be a good short term option to our forward line - we need some experience upfront. davies holds the ball up well and is not afraid of putting his head in

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When did he confirm this?

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You can disagree all you like - MON has confirmed he has spoken to bolton about KD and he will do it again tomorrow

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Its all over the papers and SSN are running the story! also bolton have said no offer been put earlier but now are saying MON wanting to talk and he admitted this after the game today!

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Owen coyle said on sky we enquired about his availability but he told us he was part of his plans. we wont get him on loan but we could buy him

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29 Jan 2012 20:28:23
Sunderland manager, Martin O'Neill is interested in Kevin Davies

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He`s only 52 year old so will do fine if we keep the zimmer frame well oiled!!!!!!!

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And this from an SGB who took Shefki Kuki last season and he's someone's Grandad.

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Kuki is actually YOUNGER than Davies and to put you right i am sunderland through and through and have been since when you were a twinkle in your fathers eye so before you start calling people,put your brain into gear and think boy!!!!!

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Come back with "sol campbell" he was older! shame you didnt use that one tho! kuqi was only 32 and davies is 34 whereas sol was 36 or 37! i agree with your mackem friend! brain in gear before you embarrass yourself!

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Kuki is 35 davies is 34, your talking a load of balls there

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Yeah so get your brain into gear and get your facts right, boy.

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Shefki kiki born 10 November 1976
Kevin Davis born 26 March 1977
hope this settles the bickering boys :D

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So Davies older than Shefki at time of signing then. Typical Geordie v Mackem debate. No winner or loser, just infinite nothingness.

Course there are those who bear no winners then.

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