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29 Jul 2012 16:59:39
Sunderland bid for steven fletcher. SSN

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Any idea on the fee? safc93

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I can't see anything?

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Ed do you know anything about this being TRUE? It is on some websites but not on
,.,.s {Ed001's Note - they did report it on SSN and I believe it is true that Sunderland have made an approach for him. Not like it is a shock though, we all knew it would happen.}

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Not sure?chris32

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I can't find anything on ssn

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Think itll be about 10mil probz wont accept the first bid but doubt oneil will start the bidding at 15 which is what they are sed to want

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How can someone disagree with my comment when i asked a question? safc93

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Its in the transfer centre part

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Just heard it on sky. Damn. I thought we had more ambition than an average player from a relegated club. Would get much better player for the price we will have offered for fletcher

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I hope he's only started off at like 6mill or something and not gone straight in with like 10mill

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He's not worth 12 mill it's a joke not happy

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Sunderland will not be paying 12mill for fletcher it will be around 8.or.9 mill.collins from villa in to for around 2mill.bramble to hull and kilgallon to part of the martin olssen deal,

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10 million lads thats how it is.....k

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8 mil i heard

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Why wait till half way through pre season before making a bid. Can only asume he wasnt first or second choice target. Mon spoke of getting QUALITY fletcher .hardley falls into that catagory. Worrying times if fletcher is the best we can go for

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10 million.

Not sure id pay that for a striker relegated twice.

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For the love of god 'he has been relegated twice' just shows how much you know about football! if we all sed that kind of banter then players such as robin van persie is no where near the best striker in the world as arsenal haqve won nothing in years but imo he is he scores alot am not comparing them either but in fairness footballs a team game the relegations arnt done to a single player ffs lads {Ed003's Note - good reply mate}

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29 Jul 2012 16:48:59
Shane Long will become a Sunderland player this week. Kenwyn Jones will join him and Martin Olsson to sign on Tuesday.

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Bloody hope not

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He is awfull

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Would take jones back

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29 Jul 2012 11:36:15
Interest in Downing.. MON to put in a 10m bid

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Wouldnt waste 10 mill

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We won't pay his wage demands

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29 Jul 2012 08:46:51
Hearing rumors in Australia that Harry Kewell has been linked 2 Sunderland on a 1 year deal after moving back 2 England with his wife

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What exactly would he bring to the team! he was a spent force seasons ago.

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Rubbish, I live in Australia as well and there is nothing being mentioned. Don't want him anyway.

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Past it no chance we will want him

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Right age group 30 Plus.

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Wtf harry kewell this has to b a joke

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Heard he is heading to spewcastle to help them get relegated next season

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28 Jul 2012 22:41:41
1 of the strikers coming to the sol is maurone Chamek of arsenal sorry for the spelling it will be a season long loan with an option to buy. I think this would be a good move for us the lad has potential

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Would be a gd signing

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Did'nt he knock us back before he signed for the gunners.....not sure about him

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Another could be Andy Carroll.

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Think his lad would be class for us

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Liverpool want 20m plus there is not a cat in hells chance he would come to us

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Are you serious ANDY CARROLL think he would rather play for darlington..pretty sure the lad has said he bleeds black and white..and he wants to go to a club playing european football.....finally wages are a problem and his fee is to much....

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