Sunderland Rumours Archive October 29 2012


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29 Oct 2012 16:18:08
See we have extended the headless chicken's contract. Never make a midfield enforcer because he can't win the ball without regular fouling and can't pass when he gets it. Also demonstrates all the creative guile of a corner flag. Glad to see we are not compromising our ambition to build the least effective midfield in the division; let's see if we can hang onto Titus as well, eh Martin?

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Wind your neck in. Cattermole has been a different class under O'Neill

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You forgot to say he can't score either. Really what do people see in him.Uncreative slow mistiming tackler. Before any body says he,s committed and he gets stuck in . I know plenty of minor league players with those qualities. what we need is creative premier players.

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Your clearly a muppet and not a true sunderland fan, let me guess your the so called fan who watched the games in the pubs every week as if you had seen catts play at the SOL you would know he breaks up play well and shows true heart and grit for us! he is the backbone of our team and we play better when he plays!

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29 Oct 2012 14:34:01
Ed what are the chances of os signing Mario gotze {Ed001's Note - about the same as my chances of kopping off with Caroline Wozniacki...}

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Seriously? You must be kidding. That is as bad as you lot saying you were signing Llorente.

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A joke mate

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Again the llorente rumours were started by a sgb on tw*tter.

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No it wasn't it was on here daily during the window. SMB.

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How do you know i dont know the person who tweeted it? The only people on this and the sgb page talking about were mags!

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I don't care if you know the person or not. Makes no difference at all. Llorente and a whole list of players that would never sign for Sunderland were posted daily by Sunderland fans as nailed on signings. . SMB.

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29 Oct 2012 12:13:15
Ed are there any chances of us signing javier Hernandez in jan {Ed001's Note - highly unlikely United will let him go anywhere, it would need him to ask to go on loan for it to happen. Obviously I can't tell the future, so I can't be 100% sure, but he is not looking to leave right now.}

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