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02 Dec 2012 22:15:33
Liverpool linked with Danny Rose we need him more than they do we need to sign him in January

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Don't think Liverpool care if safc need him more or not!
They a bigger club and a more attractive option than safc too {Ed052's Note - Danny Rose however will not be going to Liverpool}

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Think if he leaves spurs after his loan spell he will end up at qpr after last weeks game the first person he went to was harry redknapp and then walked off the field with all the qpr players especially mackie would love this lad to sign for us but cant see it

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Will stay are spurs

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He's on a season long loan which means season long!! {Ed001's Note - it is possible for a player to be sold while on loan, the loan is just cancelled.}

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02 Dec 2012 18:45:15
how we didnt get a result tday i dont know,norwich are very poor but we couldnt punish themwhen wickam came on we frightened the crap out of them,why oneill has not seen that whickam can make a difference with pure power up front ill never know.i bet next game the lad wont get a is going on.....tk73

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I take great encouragement with our second half showing we played very well.Wickham looked good up front 18 years old and a beast pure strength.

Please please please mr Oneill play johnson on the left wing with wickham and Fletcher upfront and we will win games.Gardner was quality as was rose he is a top leftback wish we owned him.Sessegnon was dangerous too.

Things are brighter than they seem especially once we sign a couple of quality players in january.

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Apparently Mark Hughes was at the game today ?

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If we sack mon Hughes is not a replacement he's gonna to what he did at qpr to us waste loads of money for nwt

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So MoN was disappointed with sloppy defending. Tell you what, I'm disappointed with sloppy management, careless selection and pathetic coaching....

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Agree ! tottally... how much more of this dribble does Ellis Short and the supporters have to put up ! most managers would be shown the door after this record of defeats ! not good enough 1.we are a laughing stock !

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Its down to the players...Pure & Simple!
The same players who where shocking in the first half decided to turn up in the second half.
Mon should be judged on where we are in May after he's brought in his own players in January.
Some people on here need to grow up and see things for what they are. We've been a poor side for the last decade, we dont attract the type of players that most on here sign for SAFC whilst playing football management games on there PC.

We are not a destination allot of pro's see as a step up the ladder as far as there careers are concerned and we cant entice with crazy wages like some clubs. Mon's hands are tied until the transfer window and he's already suggested we lack real power and presence on the pitch so lets see what January brings...then judge him!

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2 wins and we midtable, not the end of the world, if we play like we did 2nd half for the full 90mins against chelsea we will beat them, they there for the taking as benitez has upset the fans and players, then reading at home the next game, time to win some games lads, wickham has to start with fletcher, could play 4-4-3 with wickham, fletcher n sess upfront or 4-4-2 with sess played in centre midfield with gardner, larsson right and johnson or mcclean left, still think we will be ok this season

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Norwich city is a good side we could do with the same steel in belief and under Oneill we going down if dont change tac tics

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Wake up and smell the coffee you O'Neill apologists. We lacked pace, power and presence at the end of the last campaign and he failed to sign any- in fact he signed a centreback and a striker slower than those we already had. And several powerful younger players from even less fashionable clubs than Sunderland moved without O'Neill showing any interest- why didn't he look at Nzonzi, or Moses, or Snodgrass, or anybody that might have woken up midfield? Instead, he signed that powder puff Johnson to play alongside the one trick pony McClean, so now we play mostly with two completely useless left wingers instead of one! O'Neill clearly has no idea how to evaluate young players- that is why he buys geriatrics whose best years are behind them- and then can't motivate the fat cats he does sign- I suspect that Saha thinks of Sunderland as early retirement. O'Neill has been here a year. He tells us we should be satisfied that we have got 47 points from 39 games since then, not worry that we have only got 26 from the last 27. Well I am worried, and I see no signs that a manager with little history of success in the transfer market, no tactical acumen, and no motivational ability beyond the sharp person of desperation has any clue how to turn things round. Yes, the players are a shower, and should be embarrassed to be paid their obscene wages for such stunningly ordinary performances. But who keeps picking them, and sending them out in the same formation week after week? And who spends all week with nothing else to do but coach them in a few basic routines and tactics, and has made no impact on them? I doubt Mr Short tolerates such underperformance in any other part of his business interests, and my guess is that he only hangs on now because the present players and management are so clueless that no-one would buy the club. But why would he give a manager with such an abysmal record more money to throw away in January? We won't see real changes until O'Neill is gone.

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Its a known fact that mon doesnt take training. He leaves that to his coaches. In the past he has had robertson as his main man but he wouldnt come so we have waldridge as his no 2. Looking at our performances,substitutions and lack of tactical changes or team selections, he obviously knows very little about the game.
Please mr short offer robertson whatever it takes so we can turn this mess around otherwise we have a long relegation battle ahead. Mad max

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Tell me a better manager than O'Neil who is out of work and would take on Sunderland? a big club that they are with good support, he will get it right or walk, you'll not need to push him.

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I'm a norwich fan yep we had won the game then you turned play like you did in 2nd Half you will be fine.we have played a lot better and lost that's the prem for you. Good luck for the season qpr villa and reading will go.

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No Villa are building momentum and will add quality in January, not sure norwich are out of the woods just yet. QPR, Reading, and Wigan or Soton for me to go

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Qpr, reading and villa will go down, southampton, norwich sunderland will be fine

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Think qpr will survive and agree with you Southampton. Reading abducted villa look in bother but safc need to be carefull or they might get dragged in but looking at the table pretty much all the teams in bottom half of table need to look over their shoulder.

I actually might be the only toon supporter who wants the mackems to stay up cos I love giibg to the derby games! Not another fixture like it! ..........and bring Boro back up too, ........,,, spenny mag

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02 Dec 2012 16:39:05
Mon will be gone by the Chelsea game lm86

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Just have a look at MON's stats in English football. Does not even have a 50% win rate..

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Not many managers do! If you take that as winning one in to then in the league it would equal 57 points and a lot of seasons that's got a UEFA cup slot

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Why get rid of mon hes the best manager you can get if you buy a good striker and a good attacking midfield playeer in jan you will be fine

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02 Dec 2012 15:30:25
Mon wants bent back on loan but wants villa to pay 50 % of his wages

Also keep an eye on safc approach for lescott on loan as he's surplus to requirements at city.

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Moyes wants him on loan so that scuppers that one

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02 Dec 2012 10:58:09
Hearing rumours of a return to the Stadium Of Light for Darren Bent! Gazza

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Yeah with Aston villa! Won't move back north. Fulham or Southampton is my bet

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Been reported villa will sell Darren Bent for 8 million.

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