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02 Jan 2013 21:34:13
safc trying to get distan and lesscot but niether want to come to NE

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If they don't want to come what's the point.
We need players that are committed to the club.
After to nights fiasco a center back 2 midfield players and a good goal scorer is desperately needed.

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Why would distan come here when he's playing for Everton that's challenging for the top four. We are going down

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We should sell colback instead if Meyler colback is not even championship standard

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Go all out and try and get Tom huddlestone from spurs and tell him to bring Dawson with him as well

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We need 2 cb 1rb. 1rw 1cm 1rw 2cf at least. Mad max

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He is better than larsson and gives 100% people need to lay off colback. Larsson isnt even conference standard!

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Distin used to play in the north east for nufc. short time only but still played for em

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02 Jan 2013 21:25:56
mon wands to sing gary hooper

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Mon likes karoke???lol

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So he has given up on getting in anyone with Premier League credentials before he starts...?

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Hooper is a goal scoring machine he was better than jelavic and I'm a rangers fan

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Wont pay 10 mil m8 got that 1 wrong

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02 Jan 2013 15:08:33
Sunderland are currently in negotiations for...

Guillaume Hoarer from PSG (loan with view to perm move), Tim Cahill (loan) and Stewart Downing (£5).

Loan move for Lecott on the cards potentially, but unconfirmed.

The Prophet

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Fiver for Downing sounds about right

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Thats all downing worth 5

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Stewart Downing for a fiver? GET IN! that must be a bargain surely?!

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Ha ha ha, 5m...sorry, typo :-)

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Meyler has gone to Hull for 1.5 million !...dont agree with that ...wheres all these signings Martin ?

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Not LESCOTT hes as injury prone as Brown ! bad move !...well soon have a team of crocks !

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The PSG number 9 is not signing for Sunderland, Dream on.

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5 for downing that's a bit expensive for him.ha ha lol

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Where's all these signings? Are you kiddin me, it's jan 2 man, give him a little bit of time man, jeez


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A bit expensive for stuart downing more like 50p

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Downing is twice the player McClean is! lets be fair and give them a tenner at least


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02 Jan 2013 15:01:17
Vossen from f&c geek for six million. Good buy for me as we are lacking a decent cm ATM

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Isn't vossen a striker?

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Vossen is a striker, better than anything we have in that position aside from fletcher

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But wats the point we need some one to actually give him the ball Nouri Sahin is sat on the bench for Liverpool we need a player like him

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02 Jan 2013 09:57:54
Mon interested in signing anderlecht centre half Roland Juhasz.chris33

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