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02 Jul 2012 21:31:02
Christopher samba to sign for Sunderland in next 24-48 hours (princey1995)

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Should have bought him when he wanted to leave blackburn,didnt think hed last long in russia anyway especially with the racism,remember odemwingie had loads of bother with it couldnt wait to leave.tk73

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Think he has signed for Anzhi

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Your right tk73 we should have signed him then but he chose Russia instead I don't know why as like you said there is a lot of racial abuse towards players there but IMO he only went for the money should be a decent signing if it goes through (princey1995)

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Wouldn't meet his massive wages. He went to Russia for money only!

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For me samba would be signing of the season he is a beast at the the back and would partner cueller well me thinks would love to see this move hAppen.

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Iv got to say that Carlos cuellar is the twin brother of lorik Cana they are the double of each other lol (princey1995)

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Why? That would mean O`Shea,Brown,Turner,Bramble,Cuellar,Killgallon AND Samba. I can see Mon`s tactics now! Sunderland RCA you now have another supporter through the gates on a saturday.

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Alright lads just got off the plane from france spoke to PSG official about the possible signing of 3 PSG players heading to the stadium of light under 1 condition sess stays put..... Who cud these 3 players be ????

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So psg would sell 3 of their players on the condition they dont get sess? this makes no sense

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Imagine the combined pace of the back four even fat boy heskey would out pace that need some young pacey cb

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02 Jul 2012 20:50:07
Miroslav Klose to sign on 2 yr deal , watch this space !

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He is a bit special,but wages will be astronomical!! tk73

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And to be honest he's abit too old for the premiership (princey1995)

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To old have you seen the ahe of your defence...?

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02 Jul 2012 17:45:34
MON will try to sign Hugo Rodellaga as a chepaer option if a fee can't be agreed for Fletcher.

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Cheaper? He's a free agent....

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I wouldn't touch him with a s**tty nappy. Scored hardly any goals and brings nothing to a team. I'd rather we played Wickham for every game

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02 Jul 2012 11:45:27
We will bid around 22m in the next 48hours for both Downing and Adam.. Just heard from a very good club insider!

Rick J

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Why downing. Mclean is better

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Very much doubt it will be both and very much doubt they will sign for us I think if we had chance at signing one of them it would be downing as he is out of favour at Liverpool and johnssons wage budget is far too high for us (princey1995)

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Plus Adam is a top centre mid so no chance of signing him aswell got abit mixed up with last post sorry i thought you meant adam johnsson lol (princey1995)

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Hahhahahhhah sorry cant stop laughing ..u might get johnson but i believe you want him on loan and city to pay half his wages due to safc not being able to afford his full wages.........22 million i will be very surprised if you spend that in the full window......

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Can't see this one, would be good but a non starter.

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Not good enough and why would they leave liverpool for sunderland?

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Might have to disagree there. I am highly doubting either will join Sunderland. Maybe Charlie Adam, but not Downing. Even though Downing has worked with O'Neill he is a first team regular with Liverpool, or was. Adam may just relish the chance.

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Would love adam, but we dont need downing

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I would take both, either on loan or signed on a permanant.Both would add to the squad and create competion.

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Couldn't meet fee or wage demands.

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Mclean is better are you having a laugh he,s had one half good season and at the end of last season every one got wise to his style and struggled a bit...johnson and downing have done year in year out for 3 or 4 seasons...

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The Stats so far

2011/2012-James MClean 23 APP 5 Goals 6 Assists
2011/2012 Downing APP 36 0 Goals 0 Assists

The problem is at 27 Downing should really be at his peak and if is peak is no goals or assists then I would pass thanks.

The stats so far in the premier league

Downing- 1 goal per 7.2 games
1 Assisst per 6.3 games

MClean 1 goal per 4.6 games
1 Assisst per 3.8

Obviously you have to look at consistency but if I had to choose one or the other then it's MClean without a doubt. {Ed001's Note - Downing did create the most unconverted chances in the Prem though. He might have had a shedload of assists if Liverpool's strikers weren't having a stinker of a season.}

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Put it this way. According to the geordies we played 11 men behind the ball last season and still 4 of our defenders had a higher goal scoring record than Downing last season.....

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Gotta agree with ed001 downing is a lot better than mclean...k {Ed001's Note - not so sure about that, I haven't seen enough of Mclean to judge him, though what I did see showed more endeavour than ability to me. But he is only a kid, he has time to improve the weaknesses in his game and he shows a willingness to put effort in, which augurs well for his future.}

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I got the same amount of assists and goals as downing for liverpool last season 0 and...0

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Liverpool struggled all season thats a fact and as for mclean i think this season he wont be as good for you not remember the second season of phillips and quinny they where not as good as every one got wise to there tactics....

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02 Jul 2012 10:36:04
Sunderland have confirmed the signing of Carlos cuellar on a two year deal and Louis Saha to the second signing in the next couple of days (princey1995)

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Wow that's putting your average age up again lol top class signings

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Exciting times for the Mackems (teee hee hee)

You get Cuellar and we get Douglas, Debuchy & De Jong.

Sunderland are zzzzzzzzzz

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Another Epic signing, Should be good alongside Titue Bramble

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They are two decent players and bring a lot of experience to the club plus Sunderlands young squad (princey1995)

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Mon just loves pensioners on big contracts ....futures bright but it aint red and white....

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Young squad?

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Since when have spewcastle signed douglas, debuccy and de jong? we sign a 30 year old experienced defender and the geordies come out of there squatting dens and think they funny one word SGBS PATHETIC!

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Bramble doesnt get a game for us goon and you have been told to raise bids for all 3 plus McLaren said it would take silly money to sign de jong. You lot are the most deluded people I know

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Mcclean colback mignolet are young and have done well so experienced players will help the squad

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The mags dont even have as much money as the fans think they have,and they have a wage cap of about 40 grand thats why players will leave,fat ashley wont pay a penny more than he has to,if its good profit he would sell the lot.tk73

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TK73 we will spend the same as you person as you aint got to spend what you think you have to for a wage cap safc,s is about the same as nufc,s thats why according to a sunderland newspaper you had asked man city to pay for half of johnsons wages 40k...finally i,ll keep an eye on all this money your going to spend tk73 and will be back to mock big time along with lots of other people when it does not go your way just like last transfer window and the one before...

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You are probably correct,keano mucked our spending days up big style,giving out stupid contracts to poor short is trying to recoup a lot of losses,but he will provide the funds for oneill make no mistake,if he wants a certain player he will release the money needed,short knows hes not dealing with a keane or bruce anymore.tk73

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De jong debuchy and douglas will cost around 28m you really think ashley will spend that on 3 players?

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Tbh i never thought we would spend 10 million on cisse so who knows

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No chance,he will offload first,hes waiting 4 bids for ba,but will he pass a medical with his dodgy knee, the mags took a chance with him but will another club take that chance.tk73

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02 Jul 2012 09:47:22
Carlos Cuellar signs for sunderland on a two year deal
source: SSN

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Another old man and dodgy fitness record to boot. Hope this is not the way mon going about our transfer biz

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